Humble apologies

The humble apologies in the subject line is for Clare, who sent me an absolutely exceptional package in the mail an entire year ago, and it seems it was never acknowledged.  I feel absolutely mortified about this, as I’m usually really good about sending an email of thanks and posting piccies immediately on the blog.  I do remember around that time that we were having computer problems at home, and I’d been really sick, but somehow I’d managed to convince myself that I’d sent the email etc and all I had to do now was to sit back and look lovingly at my gifts for the next 12 months (the gorgeous little Loon sits pride of place in my bedroom so I can see it every day, and the exquisitely stitched and finished hedgehog ornie sits on top of my basket of smalls in the lounge).  So my sincerest apologies again to Clare, and I can now share the wonderful goodies that she sent me.

Gift from Clare 1

Gift from Clare 2

Gift from Clare 3

Well, it appears Halloween has been and gone, and alas, even with good intentions of lots of Halloween stitching being done this year, my Halloween table display has been pitiful.  Thrown together really quickly late on Saturday night, this is the sum total of my Halloween decorations this year.  One whole pinkeep completed, and what is destined to become a flat-fold on display with just it’s laced section propped up {sigh} (the backing sections all have their spooky cobweb fabric coverings, I just didn’t get as far as gluing or stitching the various sections together!).  Alas I’ve been too tired after work the last week and a half to do much of anything – much less stitching, and even less finishing.  I think I need to take a week off work just to focus on some finishing!!

Do you see my little Halloween tree that is just all bare branches above?  It lights up with teeny tiny dark purple twinkly lights, it’s really cute!  Of course the plan was to have it covered with teeny tiny stitched ornies, but that also didn’t happen!  But hey, there’s another 12 months before Halloween 2011 so I’ve got time to change all that 😛

Even though Halloween is now technically over, I still have the urge to stitch Halloween designs … I don’t have the urge to stitch much at all these days, so I figure I should just stitch what interests me.  Of course, even when I haven’t been stitching, I have been tempted big-time with some new designs out this year, so I’ve been filling my wishlist even higher even though the needles haven’t been flying … here are the latest trifles that are taking my interest and causing a little bit of drool here and there (as you can see Halloween is definitely still high in my sights!) 😛

Blackberry Lane Designs-Rest ye Pins-The Pin Keeper
Blackberry Lane Designs – Rest Ye Pins-The Pinkeeper

Just Nan-Hagatha's Purple Hat
Just Nan – Hagatha’s Purple Hat

Just Nan-Hagatha's Orange Hat
Just Nan – Hagatha’s Orange Hat

Just Nan-Spooky Spirits of Tombstone Hill
Just Nan – Spooky Spirits of Tombstone Hill

Just Nan-Tricky Tweets
Just Nan – Tricky Tweets

Victoria Sampler-Bargello Biscornu
The Victoria Sampler – Bargello Biscornu

Victoria Sampler-Winter Box finishing
The Victoria Sampler – Winter Box Finishing

I have some more stash coming through the mail, thanks to Ann having a de-stash sale containing some to-die-for items, so I’ll be fondling some more stash soon (I know, as if I NEED any more stash!). 

I was also exceptionally lucky enough to win Marnie’s prize draw for a little halloween coffin (Vampire stitching case), which should be arriving shortly.  Even if I don’t manage to get any of my own stitching finished next year, this already shows that my Halloween display is already greatly improved with Marnie’s stitching and finishing, and I just adore it already without even receiving it!  If you haven’t seen it yet, pop over here and check it out – while you’re there make sure you take the time to admire her wonderfully exquisite stumpwork blog header, it’s superb!

And on that note I’d better sign off and get my A into G to get ready for work, then tonight I need to force myself to watch a bit more of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo … loved the book, but I hate subtitled movies so it’s been a real drag for me focusing on it (in all honesty if I’d known it was subtitled I wouldn’t have bothered hiring it from Quickflix) – even though I don’t have any particularly big desire to stitch, the biggest drag with subtitled movies is that you can’t stitch to them! :/

Actually, I forgot, I do have one final thing to share … the sum total of my stitching endeavours for the last two weeks … I started stitching this only to find straightaway that yet again I’m missing two of the key threads (GAST Forest Glade and Kreinik #4 braid in 027) … pfffft 😦  Probably not helping my urge to stitch this week, as I had my heart set on finishing this one quickly … which obviously now isn’t actually going to happen – see ya stitching mojo, please come back soon!

Heartstrings-Bittersweet Season

New to the wishlist & Photo Hunt

Oh boy, I just browsed a blog or two while I was waking up, and found the latest design by Country Cottage Needleworks … I sooooo HAVE to have this one!!!  Hmmm, I wonder if they’ll let me add it to my order from NIAH?? 😀

CCN-Summer at the Shore

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This week’s theme is ”Six” and following on from yesterday’s theme, here are six of us braving the elements on Tukino skifield once again.  Dunno why, but I just love this photo – it’s quite candid, and I love the ‘whiteout’ effect from the falling snow 😀  (I’m the one in the blue jacket in the middle … I adored that jacket, but alas so did the thieves that broke into our home one day boohoo.)

tukino group in the falling snow

Thanks … and stash

First of all, thanks so much for your offers of getting the thread I need for Sapphire Star, it’s greatly appreciated.  I have decided, however, to make a small order with Stitching Bits & Bobs as they are showing the thread in stock (or at least they sell it, can’t say it’s actually in stock really).  As I have a couple of Rainbow Gallery threads that I need, I thought I’d order the others that SB&B stock plus a few bead kits while the Superbowl sale is still on (at least I hope it’s still on!) … and I just might have to fall off The Wagon for this little beauty, compliments of Nashville new releases … OMG, I’m drooling all over my keyboard!!!

This is Snow Queens Slipper with Accessories by Carolina House Designs … {{sigh}} 

I’ve decided that seeing as I’m not really celebrating my birthday this year (although I may decide last minute to go to the movies on my birthday night) I thought I’d make myself a little birthday gift of this little beauty … well, I have to make the postage cost worthwhile right? LOL.  Then it’s back on the stash wagon once again (there really is no hope for me, is there?) 😉

Thanks also for your comments about my fabric cutting experience over the weekend – I had a blast, and have started stitching one of the little freebies already.  With luck I should get it finished in time for Sunday … maybe …  I should show you a list of the other projects that have had their fabric cut up for a while now (when everything went into storage 2 1/2 years ago) – there are some stunning projects in there, and over the last two years with a small number of exceptions that’s what I’ve been pulling my stitching from.  There are still loads in there yet (um, probably twice the number of the list I added over the weekend), but some of the projects are quite huge and time-consuming.  There are also loads of needlerolls, so I really should get back into gear and start stitching some of those up – I have the fabric cut up for pretty much all the Sweetheart Tree needlerolls, and they’d look so pretty in a basket with my others … ah, so much stitching, so little time …

And on that note, I’d better jump in the shower so I can go do that thing that makes an occasional stitching stash enhancement possible … work!

Frog stitching

Well, I finally bit the bullet last night and sat down in front of Dawson’s Creek (over halfway of the whole series now, thank goodness … the end seems so much closer now LOL), and mindlessly frog-stitched Sapphire Star.  This is one of those cases when the “before” and “after” pics seem to be so, so wrong! 😛

BEFORE …………………………………………………… AFTER

Instead of starting my stitching on it again, though, I thought I’d wait until I had a day of concentration available so I didn’t cock it up again, and added just a couple of stitches into my other WIP.  Unfortunately I didn’t really enjoy stitching this one the first time round, and I can’t say why but things haven’t changed much, so it’ll be a long-time WIP I think – even though there isn’t a great deal of stitching, I get fed up with it really quickly … even if I only get an hour’s stitching inbetween other WIPs I think I’ll be happy enough.  I’m also disappointed that the purple thread isn’t as dark as my original one, so the bright turquoise seems to be more overpowering, rather than equal in colour intensity … but hopefully when more gets added it’ll be OK.


Ooh, before I forget though, I have to say I’ve just seen yet ANOTHER chart that has gone STRAIGHT to my wishlist … loving everything “Paris” this one just HAS to come to Mama at some stage:

Jardin Prive-Eiffel Quaker

In fact there have been a few designs over recent months that have appealed and probably need to go officially on my wishlist … I’m not sure if I’ve shared these already, but perhaps I will just to share the love and to spruce up this post?  Here are many more designs that have tickled my fancy recently:

BBD-Summer Iris Cherished Stitches-Tulip Collection Needlebook Scissors Case & Fob JulySings2
Blackbird Designs-Summer Iris; Cherished Stitches-Tulip Collection; Bent Creek-July Sings

Bent Creek-Joyous Noel CW-Noel Natural JBW-Tis the Season
Bent Creek-Joyous Noel; The Cat’s Whiskers-Noel Natural; JBW Designs-Tis the Season

LK-3 Blox DessinsDHC-White Christmas Milady's Needle-Christmas Elegance
Lizzie*Kate-3 Blox kit; Dessins DHC-White Christmas; Milady’s Needle-Christmas Elegance

LK-Jolly Holiday Rosewood Manor-Ring in Christmas The Trilogy-Snow Treat
Lizzie*Kate-Jolly Holiday; Rosewood Manor-Ring in Christmas; The Trilogy-Snow Treats!

Victoria Sampler-Christmas Village Stitching Treasures-Thistle Stitcher's Purse Kit Stitching Treasures-Antebellum Sewing Kit
The Victoria Sampler-Christmas Village; Stitching Treasures-Thistle Stitcher’s Purse Kit; Stitching Treasures-Antebellum Sewing Kit

Chatelaine-Peacock Mandala Mystery XIII Crosseyed cricket Dessins DHC-Laura's Embroideries
Chatelaine-Peacock Mandala Mystery; Cross-Eyed Cricket-A Summer Place; Dessins DHC-Laura’s Embroidery

From Nancy's Needle-Shades of Winter Its Fine-ally Finished-Percy Kit Needles Prayse-English Whitework Sampler
From Nancy’s Needle-Shades of Winter; It’s Fine-ally Finished-Percy kit; Needles Prayse-English Whitework Sampler

Primitive Needle-Witches Hollow Rosewood Manor-Quaker Diamonds Stitchers Hands-Funky Frank
Primitive Needle-Witches Hollow; Rosewood Manor-Quaker Diamonds; Stitcher’s Hands-Funky Frank

Twisted Threads-Mini Gingham-October Boo Trilogy-Halloween Spot SB-We Will Go AHaunting
Twisted Threads-Mini Gingham October Boo; The Trilogy-Halloween Spot; Shepherd’s Bush-We Will Go A-Haunting

SB-Spooky Halloween SB-October Glendon Place-Witching it was Halloween
Shepherd’s Bush-Spooky Halloween; Shepherd’s Bush-October; Glendon Place-Witching it was Halloween

Heart in Hand-Halloween Markings Hinzeit-Peekaboo
Heart in Hand-Halloween Markings; Hinzeit-Charmed Peek-a-Boo

Glendon Place-Monster March Cross Eyed Cricket-Skeleton Crew
Glendon Place-Monster March; Cross Eyed Cricket-Skeleton Crew

Now after sharing a very eclectic mix of designs, I’m off into the HTML code of my blog to yet again fix up the silly sidebars that every so often (after no changes from me, mind you) expand themselves so they drop to the bottom of the page.  I wonder if it’s when they do a new ‘refresh’ of WP?  Anyway, perhaps this time I’ll learn and do a copy and paste into a Word document of my blog code so I can just copy and paste it back again later when it happens again … ‘cos it’s like the Pantene ad, it may not happen overnight but it WILL happen (again … and again … and again).

Gay Ann Rogers – upcoming class

Enabling alert – This one is really really pretty … Check it out, if you dare! 😀

But I think the cheaper price is this week only (it’s for an upcoming class).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I’ve also just been really bad and finally enabled myself, after seeing so many people stitching this first one … but I couldn’t buy one without the other, so these two have just taken a trip through PayPal and should be arriving via email shortly 🙂

Jardin Prive-My Lady's Quaker

Jardin Prive-Gentleman Quaker

You too can buy these from Jardin Privé 😀

This one I haven’t actually bought yet, but it most definitely HAS to go onto the wishlist – love love love this one, don’t know why I haven’t seen it before now!  And now I’m going to stop looking!!! … Back to cleaning out the bedroom 😛

Nora Corbett-Bluebell Pixie

Pinkeep Finish & Eye Candy

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a photo of this finished pinkeep – this is one I’ve finished as a model for Karen to use at her shop, which has been sitting around for months before finally being placed in a bubble envelope today ready to be posted to her:

 Lizzie Kate-Life's a Stitch“Life’s a Stitch” by Lizzie*Kate

Also, I’m not sure if you’ve seen the following designs, but I personally think they’re all wonderful 🙂

Jardin Prive-My Lady's Quaker Chatelaine-Amber Ocean Lights
My Lady’s Quaker by Jardine Prive; Amber Ocean Lights by Chatelaine

Blue Ribbon Designs-Afraid of the Dark Blue Ribbon Designs-Black Cats and Flying Bats
Afraid of the Dark; and Black Cats & Flying Bats by Blue Ribbon Designs

Glory Bee-Born to Stitch Half Moon Handwerks-Hearts and Flowers Casalguidi Needlebook
Born to Stitch by Glory Bee; Hearts & Flowers Casalguidi Needlebook by Half Moon Handwerks

Milady's Needle-Peacocks_Rule Vierlande Samplers-Spirit of Vierlande
Peacocks Rule by Milady’s Needle; Spirit of Vierlande by Vierlande Samplers