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My 25 Project Challenge is Doomed already!

I have barely got a finish under my belt and I’ve broken my vow of chastity stash dieting … but I couldn’t resist!!  And two of them are rarely available for sale, so it was a case of “now or never” … as for the third one, it is just a case of ordering it quickly before I salivated myself to death in a pile of drool 😉

What am I talking about?  Well, to start with I’d already been drooling BIG time seeing the latest Mirabilia mermaid on a few blogs … this one is just to DIE FOR!  I was happy to add it to my wishlist, then The Stitching Post had a pre-order option in today’s email newsletter … my fingers worked to quickly on the keyboard and before I knew it and time to think, the chart was ordered and paid for … oops … LOL.  Now I just have to wait for a while before I can justify getting the MH Treasures and CC Waterlilies threads.  But I’m also thinking if I don’t end up using my Fathom fabric for Enchanted Mermaid, the colouring of this one could be perfect!


As for the other two splurges – Gay Ann Rogers has an e-merchandise week only once a year, and offers some of her previous class projects for sale.  These two projects are ones that I fell in love with a while ago, but figured they’d be forever out of my grasp, but sure enough I was lucky enough to see them up for sale last week (although my credit card is now feeling very UNlucky, and I guess I’ll be on bread and water rations for the next month … I know I’m going to kick myself for buying them, but I just couldn’t resist!).  Anyway, here are the two canvaswork designs that I fell in love with, and with pages and pages of instructions, it’ll be great to stitch these up at some stage … I was borderline about getting the 2nd design, but it was discounted to buy both together, so I figured “in for a penny, in for a pound …” – I’m totally head over heels for the first design, though (probably more so because I love the colourway chosen for this model!).

Glittering Diamonds photo

Mystery with a little bit of Glitz photo

As for actual stitching, I managed to get another 2 hours stitching done last night … 1 of them spent frogging and re-stitching, then the remaining hour getting some new stitches in.  I’m over halfway through the 2nd corner box, so hopefully tomorrow night I’ll get chance to finish that off … no piccies for now though 🙂

And now it’s time to climb into my thermal undies for bed … the temperatures have totally plummeted today and it’s like being back in the middle of winter again (from 30+C to 15C in the space of two days hmmm) … time to bundle up in those winter PJ’s again!!

14 thoughts on “My 25 Project Challenge is Doomed already!”

  1. LOL! 😀 Luckily mermaids do nothing for me but I do like that first canvaswork design 🙂 And you have to enjoy life – so, well, enjoy!

    Your weather was on our lunchtime news! hail and snow outside Sydney – brrrr. Nice and sunny here 😉

  2. i love all the charts you have purchased i prefer the second in your last stash but then i love lilacs and pinks. the mermaid si gorgeous.. lovely.. enjoy.

  3. …lol….you’re so funny! I have the same problem with my fingers…they love to order charts too! Your purchases are definetly must haves:) Great charts! and the mermaid is beautiful!

  4. I LOVE that new Mermaid. She is just gorgeous. I also have to do a 25 challenge again. I just bought 3 mags so I am set for a while, I hope LOL

  5. I could use some thermal pj’s – we’ve got temperatures dipping into the 40’s these days, and I know it’s going to get much colder before it gets warmer around here!

  6. Well, my Dear, I can certaily understand wayward fingers… mine have a mind of their own more often than not and I end up with all manner of stash in my basket before I realise what has happened it’s winging it’s way to me, and imagine my surprise when it lands in my mailbox! Wow… the stash faery has been again! And then I have a gander at my bank statement and opps… the stash faery is none other than yours truly… Nonetheless… we love it and it makes us happy… and we are creating beautuiful, lasting treasures… So, shop on, my dear… shop on! lol

    Lovely new stash, Hun! Bluebeard’s Mermaid is so gorgeous!

  7. OMG…ANNE!!!! I never know what to say when I see what you ‘ve been doing, or are planning on doing….So that’s the mermaid Sharon has fallen in love with. I’m not surprised – it is absolutely gorgeous.
    The two canvas work designs are stunning too, and I just love your Halloween project! Very colourful and very cute!

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