Still no stitching to show …

Well, I could show you some, but it’s a bit pitiful … so there’s no point, you see?

So what have I been doing instead of stitching?  Catching up on a few blogs, building up my wishlist (even though I’ve only just whittled it down a bit hmmm), and just generally being lazy and unmotivated 😉

Just to spice up this post with some piccies, here are the latest designs I’m drooling over on my wishlist:

Indigo Rose-Beads Buttons and Bows Just Nan-Pretty Wicked
Indigo Rose – Beads Buttons and Bows; and Just Nan – Pretty Wicked (I’m on a HUGE Halloween kick right now and can’t wait to stitch something up in those scrummy bright colours)

JBW-English Plum Pudding JBW-Tis the Season
JBW Designs: English Plum Pudding, and Tis the Season

Lizzie Kate-Don't get your tinsel in a tangle Lizzie Kate-Tiny Tidings XIII
Lizzie*Kate: Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle, and Tiny Tidings XIII

Romy-Austrian-Spot-Sampler GPA-Santa's Ride
Romy – Austrian Spot Sampler; and GPA – Santa’s Ride

Charland Designs-Beach Needle House Complete Kit C Mon Monde-Trousse Fleurs Bleues
Charland Designs – Beach Needle House; and C Mon Monde – Trosse Fleurs Bleues

Blue Ribbon Designs-Creepy Crawly Set Bird Sampler by Pelin Tezer
Blue Ribbon Designs – Creepy Crawly Set; and Pelin Tezer – Bird Sampler (sorry, don’t know what happened to that picture!!)

sampler cove-rhapsody in red part 3
Sampler Cove: Part 3 and Part 4 of the Rhapsody in Red stitching smalls series (you’ll have to check out Deb’s blog for the Part 4 photos!)

And to add insult to injury, after drooling over all these luvverly designs, I’m tossing up whether to go back on my 50 Project Challenge (but reducing it down a step to the 25 Project Challenge) … hmmm, decisions decisions …  I’m still waiting for an order to be filled locally that I placed a few months ago, so technically that was all ordered before the challenge would be starting … and I have an order in place from SB&B for Mum, so I just HAD to chuck in a couple of extra things to make the most of the postage … so I still have plenty of stash to come … (that was ordered a month ago, but hopefully it will arrive this side of Christmas!!)

Rightio, that’s it … my decision is made!!  I am now officially on the 25 Project Challenge – no more stashing for me until I have completed 25 projects!!!  I’m pretty motivated already to stitch through my stash (in fact “obsessed” is perhaps more the word to use!), so it should be pretty easy, truth be told … it’s not as if I don’t have hundreds and hundreds of scrummy designs already calling my name to be stitched – in fact the hardest part will be choosing which ones first!! 😀

That means I can buy no new charts from now on (excluding those already on back order) until I have stitched 25 projects.  Once I get my stitching mojo back again, that shouldn’t be too difficult … maybe … 😉  I also need to stitch as much as possible from my existing stash for threads etc – but will not limit myself to buy threads if needed to complete a design.  My main exception is for a FOTM I still have with Countrystitch (although I’ve been seriously considering cancelling anyway), and a Monthly Bits order from SB&B for Crescent Colours threads (I’ve had some colours on back order for months and months, and finally decided to just get the whole set and be done with it so no more waiting until I need more than one skein!).

Not much chance for stitching this long weekend – we’re off to a party tonight at which I intend to have a few bevvies … which means I probably won’t get much stitching one tomorrow LOL, then on Monday I’m heading out to the other side of the world to visit with Brenda and Nigel as a belated get-together for Nigel’s birthday, which will be lovely, but which means no stitching again!  Surely I must get some chance of getting this dratted sampler finished this weekend???? 😉

Ooh, I just realised I received some stash this week that I haven’t mentioned yet … see, I soooo need to do this project challenge!!  As this is such a lengthy waffly post, I’ll leave the piccies until another day, but I’ll run over and take on now 🙂

Exhausted … but still here!

I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay away for long … although the last two weeks have really taken it out of me energy-wise.  Aside from working both days last weekend for various times, I’ve managed to have my working days this week range from 12 hours to 17 hours … today was my final 13 hour day for the week, and my intention for the entire weekend is to sit around in my PJ’s, watch DVD’s and stitch to my heart’s content.  I don’t give a monkeys about housework chores (aside from a bit of laundry that I’ll need for next week) or cooking gourmet meals … it’s all about being bone idle and not having to think about anything for a second longer than absolutely necessary.

The product launch went pretty well (my 17 hour day was from flying to Hobart for the day – leaving home at 4.45am and getting home at 10.30pm … not fun!), although it’s been a rush of ongoing work since then due to some problems with the software that has caused some extra workload for my area … but I’m hoping that today will see the last of the long shifts, and next week things will return to normality once again.  I have to admit that tonight arriving home I sang a little ditty to myself and did a bit of a dance coming into my bedroom … so I guess I’m excited that I survived the week and that it’s now the weekend! 😀

Inbetween work last weekend I did manage to fit in a tiny bit of stitching and got one project completed – eagle eyes may have spotted it sitting in my “finished” Flickr display in the sidebar here after last weekend, but I can now unveil it officially.

Fish Collage by Lanarte

“Fish Collage” from Sea Life booklet by Lanarte
stitched on 32ct white Belfast linen with DMC

I also have something else to ‘show and tell’, as I received a wonderful, wonderful gift yesterday from Susan.  Unfortunately, though, I haven’t taken a photo yet, so that will have to wait until I do that this weekend.  In the meantime if you want to see it more quickly you can have a peep over at Susan’s blog.  I absolutely ADORE it, and you’ll understand exactly why when you see it!! 😀

One thing I did do, though, while cleaning up my photo files for half an hour the other night, is find another few designs that had to be put officially onto my wishlist, and I thought I’d share ‘just for the sake of it’ while they’re on the Webshots screen:

AS-203 Golden Lotus by Art-Stitch

Golden Lotus by Art-Stitch

Home by the Sea by Designs by Pamela

Home by the Sea by Designs by Pamela

Victorian Santas by Charlette's Collectibles

I love, love LOVE these fellas!!!!!
Victorian Santas by Charlette’s Collectibles

With thread in hand by Lavender Wings

With thread in hand by Lavender Wings

Rightio, it’s now 10.30pm, and I’m still sitting in my raincoat after just walking in the door, so time to undress and get into those PJ’s I’m gonna be wearing all weekend … I think tonight I’ll fall into bed and be asleep before my head hits the pillow.  It’s such a good feeling to know “it’s all over” (well, the biggest part anyway).

Thanks, too, by the way for all the positive support from the incident last weekend, it was really appreciated – I’ve now moved on and decided not to address the issue further.  It has still left a slightly bitter taste in my mouth, for want of a better description, but it will not stop me from blogging or stitching … after all, that’s part of who I am!  Thanks again for the support everyone {{hugs}}.

Rightio, it’s really time to hit the hay now, as my eyes are starting to close of their own volition haha.

It’s all Susan’s fault!!

After seeing a preview piccie on Susan’s blog, I’ve now HAD to add this chart to my wishlist!!  Geez she’s a great enabler!!!  This is LHN’s newest release, “Little House Neighbourhood” – I’d heard about this chart before it was released but didn’t think it would appeal to me … um, I was wrong … 😉

LHN-Little House Neighbourhood

No stitching to show

And it might be a few days or so before there’s another update after my stitching weekend marathon 🙂

Instead, today I finally contacted the NSW Embroiderers Guild to talk about signing up for membership.  The headquarters is in Concord West, so it’s a wee drive away from here, but they have stitching groups that meet one Saturday or one Sunday a month, which could be nice to join up with.  Even though I’m not currently doing any stitching other than XS, it’s nice to see other techniques being done – and might even spur me back into action to work on some of the EGA class projects I haven’t even started yet!

I’ve also been increasing my wishlist (yet again!!) – here are the latest ones that have taken my fancy (thank goodness I don’t often search for new designs so I only find a few at a time haha)

Here’s My Stitching Treasures Accessories by Jeannette Douglas (I also now might have to add the original My Stitching Treasures to the list too LOL):

Jeannette Douglas-My Stitching Treasures Accessories

New 2008 double flip-its from Lizzie*Kate – I LOVE these big time!!!  I have a funny feeling my Mum might love these too … I don’t normally ‘go for’ Lizzie’s flip-its, but these ones are a given 😉

Lizzie Kate-Christmas flip its

Talking about Lizzie*Kate, this one I have definitely got a soft spot for after seeing it on Dawn’s blog – gotta love those sentiments haha:

lizzie kate-s81-housework never killed anyone

And I’ll finish off with Mirabilia’s Letters from Nora – the letter A is just perfection in itself for moi … what more could I want than a beautiful pretty blue angel? OK, so she doesn’t have a duck by her side, but it’s close enough to perfection for me 😉

Mirabilia-Letters from Nora A

The only thing I had to add is that I finally have a better typing set-up at home for my laptop … just before Mum left I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse, and I just LOVE it – especially the mouse! It’s amazing how much more quickly I’m getting things done on the computer.

I’m also starting to plough through my 3 months backlog of blog reading as from today – I’d love to get to the stage again when I just have ‘new’ feeds to check each day instead of the 1300+ I currently have to wade through! I’m tempted to ‘mark as read’ … sorely tempted … but I know I’ll regret missing out on news and stitching finishes, so I’ll keep going for a few days and see how I go 🙂