Blue Drooling

As a blue lover, how could one resist Laura J Perin’s latest design?  This is “Blue Butterfly” and I think I’m in love … 😀

Laura J Perin-Blue Butterfly

7 thoughts on “Blue Drooling

  1. That is most definitely drool worthy!
    But alas the repetitiveness of it, and amount of repetition (in terms of size) would drive me nuts 😛

    I think I’d probably do that, but without the internal blue criss cross border.

  2. Anne…where do you find these incredible projects?? This is to die for – being a lover of Blue in all shades and tones, I can relate to your serious attraction here!
    Glad to read that you are feeling better, AND that you are doing some serious gym work to improve your health. Further to our mutual neck problems, my doc. told me about a neuro surgeon who has ten rules for people with neck problems. One of them is to walk every day, and to do exercises specific to your neck problem. When I find out the rest, I’ll email you!
    Roll on Blue Butterfly..

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