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Frog stitching

Well, I finally bit the bullet last night and sat down in front of Dawson’s Creek (over halfway of the whole series now, thank goodness … the end seems so much closer now LOL), and mindlessly frog-stitched Sapphire Star.  This is one of those cases when the “before” and “after” pics seem to be so, so wrong! 😛

BEFORE …………………………………………………… AFTER

Instead of starting my stitching on it again, though, I thought I’d wait until I had a day of concentration available so I didn’t cock it up again, and added just a couple of stitches into my other WIP.  Unfortunately I didn’t really enjoy stitching this one the first time round, and I can’t say why but things haven’t changed much, so it’ll be a long-time WIP I think – even though there isn’t a great deal of stitching, I get fed up with it really quickly … even if I only get an hour’s stitching inbetween other WIPs I think I’ll be happy enough.  I’m also disappointed that the purple thread isn’t as dark as my original one, so the bright turquoise seems to be more overpowering, rather than equal in colour intensity … but hopefully when more gets added it’ll be OK.


Ooh, before I forget though, I have to say I’ve just seen yet ANOTHER chart that has gone STRAIGHT to my wishlist … loving everything “Paris” this one just HAS to come to Mama at some stage:

Jardin Prive-Eiffel Quaker

In fact there have been a few designs over recent months that have appealed and probably need to go officially on my wishlist … I’m not sure if I’ve shared these already, but perhaps I will just to share the love and to spruce up this post?  Here are many more designs that have tickled my fancy recently:

BBD-Summer Iris Cherished Stitches-Tulip Collection Needlebook Scissors Case & Fob JulySings2
Blackbird Designs-Summer Iris; Cherished Stitches-Tulip Collection; Bent Creek-July Sings

Bent Creek-Joyous Noel CW-Noel Natural JBW-Tis the Season
Bent Creek-Joyous Noel; The Cat’s Whiskers-Noel Natural; JBW Designs-Tis the Season

LK-3 Blox DessinsDHC-White Christmas Milady's Needle-Christmas Elegance
Lizzie*Kate-3 Blox kit; Dessins DHC-White Christmas; Milady’s Needle-Christmas Elegance

LK-Jolly Holiday Rosewood Manor-Ring in Christmas The Trilogy-Snow Treat
Lizzie*Kate-Jolly Holiday; Rosewood Manor-Ring in Christmas; The Trilogy-Snow Treats!

Victoria Sampler-Christmas Village Stitching Treasures-Thistle Stitcher's Purse Kit Stitching Treasures-Antebellum Sewing Kit
The Victoria Sampler-Christmas Village; Stitching Treasures-Thistle Stitcher’s Purse Kit; Stitching Treasures-Antebellum Sewing Kit

Chatelaine-Peacock Mandala Mystery XIII Crosseyed cricket Dessins DHC-Laura's Embroideries
Chatelaine-Peacock Mandala Mystery; Cross-Eyed Cricket-A Summer Place; Dessins DHC-Laura’s Embroidery

From Nancy's Needle-Shades of Winter Its Fine-ally Finished-Percy Kit Needles Prayse-English Whitework Sampler
From Nancy’s Needle-Shades of Winter; It’s Fine-ally Finished-Percy kit; Needles Prayse-English Whitework Sampler

Primitive Needle-Witches Hollow Rosewood Manor-Quaker Diamonds Stitchers Hands-Funky Frank
Primitive Needle-Witches Hollow; Rosewood Manor-Quaker Diamonds; Stitcher’s Hands-Funky Frank

Twisted Threads-Mini Gingham-October Boo Trilogy-Halloween Spot SB-We Will Go AHaunting
Twisted Threads-Mini Gingham October Boo; The Trilogy-Halloween Spot; Shepherd’s Bush-We Will Go A-Haunting

SB-Spooky Halloween SB-October Glendon Place-Witching it was Halloween
Shepherd’s Bush-Spooky Halloween; Shepherd’s Bush-October; Glendon Place-Witching it was Halloween

Heart in Hand-Halloween Markings Hinzeit-Peekaboo
Heart in Hand-Halloween Markings; Hinzeit-Charmed Peek-a-Boo

Glendon Place-Monster March Cross Eyed Cricket-Skeleton Crew
Glendon Place-Monster March; Cross Eyed Cricket-Skeleton Crew

Now after sharing a very eclectic mix of designs, I’m off into the HTML code of my blog to yet again fix up the silly sidebars that every so often (after no changes from me, mind you) expand themselves so they drop to the bottom of the page.  I wonder if it’s when they do a new ‘refresh’ of WP?  Anyway, perhaps this time I’ll learn and do a copy and paste into a Word document of my blog code so I can just copy and paste it back again later when it happens again … ‘cos it’s like the Pantene ad, it may not happen overnight but it WILL happen (again … and again … and again).

15 thoughts on “Frog stitching”

  1. Ooh, lots of great charts on your wishlist. My favourite is definitely the Paris Quaker, I’m so glad you brought that one to my attention!! 🙂

  2. The Eiffel Tower goes quite nicely into a Quaker! I may have to get that one and do it in the authentic rusty pink of the real thing. I like Jardin Prive because you can buy them as PDF from the website – instant gratification!

  3. I’m glad that you decided to stick with Sapphire Star. Probably a very wise choice to hold off a day on starting to stitch on it again 🙂

    I think the turquoise looks nice. If you don’t like it, maybe a dark shade of purple would make a good monochromatic look?

  4. Sorry about all that frogging. But when you have restitched the section you will be very glad that you did it instead of putting the piece away.
    I *love* your wish list. Wonderful designs of all styles. Perfect to me.

  5. Oh my, I love the Paris Quaker! I will have to get that immediately! I also love all things Paris, especially the Eiffel Tower. My DH and I were there in 2006 and I can’t wait to go back some day. My plan is to decorate our front room with a Parisian theme and this design will go perfectly with the print I have showing the Eiffel Tower in various stages of construction. Thanks for posting about it!!

  6. Your taste is both varied and excellent! Congratulations for going ahead with the necessary frogging. It is SO hard to do that, isn’t it?

  7. I’m disappointed there is not a lot on your list!! LOL. Some great choices. Sorry about all of the frogging, it will all be worth it.

  8. Oh Anne you make me feel so much better when I see your wish list… I feel quite guilty when I even think about other designs ’cause I never seem to stitch the ones I already have… All of them look very lovely… My eldest daughter and her hubby are in Paris as we speak – about a 10 minute walk from the Tower she said…I love the ‘birdy’ ones too…
    Going to be horribly hot here today so I am going to just ‘veg’… You take care now…

    1. I figure the day when I stop getting motivated and don’t find joy in looking at new designs is the day I should hang my needle up! Anything that keeps the joy in stitching alive is worth every second in my eyes 😀 I know I’ll never ever stitch all the designs I own, just like I’ll never cook every recipe in the cookbooks that I own – but I just almost as much enjoyment from browsing as I do from the stitching itself 🙂

  9. I love that Paris quaker piece! I’ve never seen it before. I like some of the other pieces you have on your wish list – I have that Cricket Collection “Summer Place” on in my stash already. I might actually get around to stitching it one of these days! LOL

  10. Sorry you had all that frogging to do. At least it is done and so next time you pick up that piece it will be all ready to stitch.

    You have some really nice charts on your wishlist.

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