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Stash arriving any day now …

I received my receipt in the mail today from Needlecraft Corner, which means my parcel should be arriving any day now!  Sorry Mum it was too late to add some Floss-away bags for you 😦

Here’s the list of goodies coming to Australia very very soon from my personal birthday splurge (from left to right, top to bottom):

  1. January Box & finishing Kit – Cherished Stitches
  2. Cirque des Carreaux – Ink Circles
  3. Scissors By Any Other Name – The Cat’s Whiskers
  4. Victorian Memories Chaise Lounge – The Cat’s Whiskers
  5. Rhapsody in Red part 3 – Sampler Cove
  6. Rhapsody in Red part 4 – Sampler Cove
  7. Rhapsody in Red part 2 – Sampler Cove
  8. Quaker Motif Sewing Kit – Fancy Work

Cherished Stitches-January Box Ink Circles-cirque des carreaux The Cat's Whiskers-Scissors by any other name The Cats Whiskers-Victorian Memories Chaise Lounge sampler cove-rhapsody in red part 3 Sampler Cove-Rhapsody in Red 4 Sampler Cove-Rhapsody in Red 2 Fancy Work-Quaker_Motif_Sewing_Kit 

Along with the charts, I also have the following on their way:

  1. 1 skein of Gloriana silk (Grannie Smith Green)
  2. 1 spool of Kreinik #4 Braid (684)
  3. 8 packets of Mill Hill beads
  4. 3 packets of Mill Hill treasures
  5. Juniper WDW Felt (for WMN’s Quaker Turtles)
  6. 1 skein of WDW #5 perle cotton
    Phew!! 😀

Of course there’s still plenty more still on the wishlist – and just to prove a stitcher can never truly have enough stash, I’ve recently added the following beauties to the list.  Thank goodness there wasn’t too much to tempt me at Nashville this year!!  And those things that did tempt me are already on their way here (The Cat’s Whiskers and Cherished Stitches pieces above) … although I wish I’d known about the latest two LHN designs below when I’d placed my order, or they would have been smack bang on the order list too! … oh well, the year is young ;P

Once again from left to right, top to bottom, the details are:

  1. Travelling Stitcher – LHN
  2. Sunflower Inn – LHN (I ADORE this one!)
  3. It’s Cold Outside – Blue Ribbon Designs
  4. She Sells Seashells – CCN
  5. Lavender Blossoms Biscornu – Sweetheart Tree
  6. Lavender Blossoms Fob – Sweetheart Tree
  7. Cupcakes Glorious Cupcakes – The Cat’s Whiskers
  8. Simply Christmas Tree – Whispered by the Wind
  9. Beach Cottage – CCN
  10. Bayside Bungalows – CCN
  11. Fruits of the Harvest – The Cat’s Whiskers

LHN-Traveling Stitcher LHN-Sunflower Inn Blue Ribbon Designs-It's Cold Outside CCN-She Sells Seashells Sweetheart Tree-Lavender Blossoms Biscornu Sweetheart Tree-Lavender Blossoms Fob The Cats Whiskers-Cupcakes Glorious Cupcakes Whispered by the Wind-Simply Christmas Tree CCN-Beach Cottage CCN-Bayside Bungalows The Cat's Whiskers-Fruits of the Harvest

Yep, there’s no hope for me!! 😛

And seeing as I have no new stitching to show off yet (although I’m about halfway through my March ornie for the Xmas ornie challenge), I thought you might enjoy the eye candy as much as I did 😀

10 thoughts on “Stash arriving any day now …”

  1. Wow – great minds – of the pictures in the second grouping, I have five of them in my stash already – they’ve been my most recent purchases! I’m working on Traveling Stitcher now, and then I’m planning to start Beach Cottage, followed closely by Bayside Bungalows, or should it be She Sells Seashells. Decisions, decisions!

    I like what you did order – holy cow! Did you get a bonus, or is it just a little celebration for signing the contract to remain in Sydney? Whatever the reason – enjoy your new stash!

  2. OMG – I nearly threw up all over my keyboard in excitement!!
    First time I have seen the Red Rhapsody’s – I have been so ‘good’ this year but what do you know, I just had to have them NOW!!
    Secondary thought – what is a blue girl like you ordering so much red stuff, are you planning to stitch it in blue?
    Well done on your job too – Sydney is such a beautiful place to live 🙂

  3. Oh Anne…you are so bad! Now we all know where your overtime money went. LOL. I’m also in love with that Blue Ribbon Designs piece. Gorgeous. Peppermint Twist is sitting here calling to me right now.

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