Pinkeep Finish & Eye Candy

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a photo of this finished pinkeep – this is one I’ve finished as a model for Karen to use at her shop, which has been sitting around for months before finally being placed in a bubble envelope today ready to be posted to her:

 Lizzie Kate-Life's a Stitch“Life’s a Stitch” by Lizzie*Kate

Also, I’m not sure if you’ve seen the following designs, but I personally think they’re all wonderful 🙂

Jardin Prive-My Lady's Quaker Chatelaine-Amber Ocean Lights
My Lady’s Quaker by Jardine Prive; Amber Ocean Lights by Chatelaine

Blue Ribbon Designs-Afraid of the Dark Blue Ribbon Designs-Black Cats and Flying Bats
Afraid of the Dark; and Black Cats & Flying Bats by Blue Ribbon Designs

Glory Bee-Born to Stitch Half Moon Handwerks-Hearts and Flowers Casalguidi Needlebook
Born to Stitch by Glory Bee; Hearts & Flowers Casalguidi Needlebook by Half Moon Handwerks

Milady's Needle-Peacocks_Rule Vierlande Samplers-Spirit of Vierlande
Peacocks Rule by Milady’s Needle; Spirit of Vierlande by Vierlande Samplers

9 thoughts on “Pinkeep Finish & Eye Candy

  1. I just bought the two Blue Ribbon Designs, but don’t know when I will start stitching them. There are so many wonderful patterns in my stash and not enough time to stitch them all.

  2. Your pinkeep is so pretty. Congratulations on your finish.

    I’ve seen “My Lady’s Quaker” in a couple of blogs, but haven’t purchased it as yet. I can see that being added to my stash real soon!

  3. Great job on the pinkeep! It turned out beautifully.

    I love all the charts that have been coming out lately. I purchased both the “My Lady’s Quaker” and the accompanying “Gentleman Quaker” a couple of weeks ago.

    I may “need” that Glory Bee chart, too. 😉 I’ve been using “Born to stitch; forced to work” as the tagline on my blog for a while now. Clearly that chart is meant to be mine. 😉

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