Needleroll mania

As mentioned in my previous post, I spent pretty much the entire day yesterday finish-finishing 4 Shepherd’s Bush needlerolls.  Following are the fruits of my labour (including improved photos of my latest two needleroll finishes, as previously I could only scan them and the quality was dreadful).

Shepherd's Bush Needlerolls

Folk Heart Needleroll
Shepherd's Bush-Folk Heart Needleroll

Millennium Roll
Shepherd's Bush-Millennium Roll

Halloween Roll
Shepherd's Bush-Halloween Roll

Pine Needle Roll
Shepherd's Bush-Pine Needle Roll

During my needleroll ‘frenzy’ yesterday I decided to sit down in front of the TV and downloaded a couple of free TV episodes on TiVo, and watched Episode 1 of Season 1 of The Tudors and the same of The Guardian.  After my finishing session I also decided to blob out in front of the gogglebox and did a teeny tiny bit of stitching on a new start … I’m thinking of starting a bit of a mini-rotation of all the projects that I currently have kitted up with DMC, as I’m constantly having to keep raiding them for new projects (although I’ve made it easier now by having all my kitted up projects with all their contents on a spreadsheet, so at least I know which project has which DMC now!).  This was the result of my bit of TV viewing – while watching The Ugly Truth (a truly stupid movie I have to say!) and half of the Taking of Pelham 123.  As you can see, I did a LOT! haha.  (Sorry for the crappy photo!)

This will eventually be Just Nan’s Ghastly Ghostly Ghouls.  I’ve been meaning to start this one for weeks, but I needed to tea-dye the fabric to give it a slightly darker look and it’s taken me this long to finally drag the tea bags out of the cupboard!  The last time I stitched ghosts on Lambswool linen they disappeared into the background, so fingers crossed this time the slightly darker colouration will see them showing up more (I’ll find out soon enough, as they’re getting stitched next).

While I was tea-dyeing, I also threw in a piece of cotton lace that I needed to dye so I can complete my first PIF ready to be sent off to its new home.  I’ve still dickering over what to stitch for my next two ‘victims’, but I do have some ideas brewing in my little mind and have some designs pulled out into a separate pile ready to start work.  I also need to decide on which design to use for my Scissor Pocket exchange, as I need to start working on that very very soon.

As for the rest of my finishing weekend, the question I’m asking myself is “what now?” – I still have a large pile of finishing to do, I just have to decide what to concentrate on first. I have the following to choose from:

  • Christmas flat-fold
  • Tie-on pillow for (next) Easter
  • Bunnies in my Garden set
  • Chatelaine’s Stitching Leporello
  • 3 x Scissor fobs
  • Hocus Pocus pinkeep
  • 2 x picture frames – then the mats cut and projects laced
  • Hardanger needlebook
  • Numerous Christmas ornies
  • Lavender bag (Victoria Sampler)
  • 2 more needlerolls
  • 2 x bellpulls
  • Santa quilted wallhanging (halfway through when sewing machine broke down last time)
  • Canvaswork pincushion
  • Quilt for my best friend’s first born (who’s now at school, and she’s since had two more kids!! ahem …)
  • Quilting bag – pretty much stitched, but needs to be put together
  • and a whole heap more that I can’t remember right now!

I did want to finish off a scissor fob tutorial with one of my pieces, so perhaps I’ll throw that into the mix this weekend, plus finishing off my Christmas ornie tutorial which is almost finished.  If nothing else, I’m certainly not short of finishing items to be done!!  Of course the sooner I get off this PC the quicker I’ll get to make a start as well … so perhaps I’d better leave it at that and go make a start! 😉

Needlerolls galore & Pin Pillow exchange

Before I continue, let me apologise for the dreadful quality of all of these photos – I have mislaid my little Lumix camera, and have had to rely on my scanner to show my latest finishes … and because of the beads etc lifting the fabric off of the glass, the focus is terrible.  As soon as I find my camera, I’ll upload a cleaner photo.

Millennium Roll-Shepherd's Bush
“Millennium Roll” by Shepherd’s Bush
stitched with kit contents

Pine Needle Roll-Shepherd's Bush
“Pine Needle Roll” by Shepherd’s Bush
stitched with kit contents

On Friday I received my Pin Pillow Exchange from Sandra – I absolutely ADORE it.  She chose one of the designs from my wishlist, and turned into the most gorgeous pincushion … I love everything about it, and will definitely treasure it always!  Alas the scanner really didn’t like scanning something ‘puffy’ so this is even worse photography – once again, I’ll take better photos just as soon as I can.  Thanks again Sandra for a wonderful exchange experience! 😀

Halloween Roll

I managed to complete some stitching today – here is my latest finish (my photography tonight was appalling, so I placed this one on the scanner):

Shepherd's Bush-Halloween needleroll
“Halloween Roll” by Shepherd’s Bush
using kit fabric and threads (Tobacco linen and DMC)

Then I made a start on a Christmas ornament by The Victoria Sampler – with any luck this one won’t take too long to finish.

Stitching has been very cathartic for me today! 🙂

Anne, the UFO Slayer

Thanks to my dearest flatmate leaving me her entire collection of Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD’s to watch, my eyes are now square, and I think I have almost OD’ed on Buffy over the last few days (I’m now up to Season 5 – not bad going in two weeks!).  For someone who’s lasted 40+ years without having Buffy in her life, I have to say I’ve rather enjoyed it! I’ve shed tears over the ‘Angel-thing’, and laughed out loud at poor old Spike, and slobbered a bit at good ol’ Giles (who I’ve always adored as the Prime Minister in Little Britain – had I known he was in Buffy, I would have started watching years ago haha). Anyway, watching all this slaying has been good for the soul, and good for the stitching – I’ve been doing a bit of slaying of my own today, and managed to finish two old UFO’s – I’m not quite feeling up to tackling the sewing machine just yet, so the needleroll will get finish-finished later.

Sweetheart Tree-Wildflower Needleroll
“Wildflower Needleroll” by The Sweetheart Tree
stitched on 32ct Lambswool linen by Wichelt
using recommended DMC threads and Mill Hill beads

This really, really old one just needed to have one heart bead attached for it to be finished (after unpicking and restitching some of the beads in the outer border), so within 1/2 an hour today this one is also finished.  Unfortunately it’s really hard to get a good photo of it, as it’s all pretty much monochrome.  I’m going to attempt to frame this one myself, I think 😀

JBW Designs-Love & Affection 1
“Love and Affection” by JBW Designs
stitched on 32ct antique white Lugana (I think)
using recommended threads and beads

JBW Designs-Love & Affection 2

JBW Designs-Love & Affection 3

JBW Designs-Love & Affection 4

JBW Designs-Love & Affection 5

This “rotation” business is really helping me to keep focused on my stitching goals – no more dithering between stitching sessions, I know exactly what I need to be stitching next … although right now I can’t decide whether to tackle the start of yet another UFO, as I have a few hours of my rotation left, or whether to just move on to my next slot, which is my Boo Club focus piece … ah, decisions decisions … 😀

Still not feeling 100% today, I asked my boss if I could reinstate the two days leave I’d just cancelled last week, so I have the next few days off to recuperate more fully … which means more stitching, yippee 😀

Couple of small finishes

After having one whole half week of feeling fantastic and over my viral bugs, on Saturday morning I woke up with a sore throat, and have been a snot factory for the last 48 hours yet again … too much information, I know … fingers crossed this round won’t hang around for quite so long!  Having a ‘cold’ for the last 6 whole weeks was just a teensy tiny bit too much, especially when two of those ended up being without pay 😦

Anyway, over the last week or two I’ve been sitting and stitching a few tiny projects, and here are the results:

First up a freebie from IHLE-Design, stitched in a DMC variegated floss:

Scissor fob 2

Then a wee freebie from My Aunt’s Attic, stitched in a Carrie’s Threads floss:

Scissor Fob 1

Afterwards, in need to something else to stitch, I decided to finish off a Christmas ornament that I started when visiting Mum in Auckland back in April:

Christmas Cheer ornie
“Christmas Cheer” by Heart in Hand Needleart

Next up this weekend was Folk Heart Needleroll by Shepherd’s Bush:

Folk Heart needleroll 1
“Folk Heart Needleroll” by Shepherd’s Bush

Folk Heart needleroll 2

Folk Heart needleroll 3

And lucky last, Ice Blue Snowflake ornament by Mill Hill:

Ice Blue Snowflake 1
“Ice Blue Snowflake” by Mill Hill

Ice Blue Snowflake 2

Long weekends are great, especially when you sit up in bed all day with the sniffles!! 😀

Barnabee’s Bride is complete

I managed to get all the finishing done on Barnabee’s Bride in time to drive her over to The Stitching Post tomorrow morning.  She looks very cute (although I have a bit of wrinkling of the green wool when she’s rolled up, if I had more fabric I might have unpicked it and cut it a bit smaller, but it’s OK I guess), and I couldn’t resist taking a quick photo in the sunlight to show off her wee sparklies 🙂




Barnabee’s Bride (kit) by Just Nan

I forgot to take a photo of the needleroll opened out – I’ll take one later … if I remember … but I’ve run out of time to take one this morning, as I’ve now got to race off to work (I’m on the late shift today ‘cos I’m “on call” for the next 7 days in case of emergencies, which gave me time to quickly take these photos this morning).

Attack of the Frogs

I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to stitch up this little piece – mainly due to numerous attacks of the frogs!  If it was my own piece I’d probably have left two of the errors in it, as the larger blue flowers were one stitch out in their placement (I was quite impressed I managed to do that same error in both of them!) … and the border was unpicked three times as I’d managed to get loops and knots in the pearl cotton and not realised … mutter mutter mutter.

Barnabee’s Bride by Just Nan (kit)
(once again apologies for the bad photo – I’ll take a better one
once it’s all finished into the needleroll)

Anyway the stitching is finally all done, and all I have to do now is the finishing, which I hope to attempt tomorrow.  Then this will be driven back home to The Stitching Post where it will live happily with its owner (I’m stitching this as a model for Karen).

As for the rest of today, it will be spent making a beef stew in the crockpot, along with a big pan full of pumpkin soup ready for the freezer.