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The post title is apparently what I look like!  The removalist who dropped Lisa’s bike off on Saturday said “you’re looking fit -must be all the walking up those stairs” … !!!  Well, it’s good to see his eyesight was still working OK after not turning up until 7.3opm hmmm haha 😉

As for what else has been happening – the dining table legs are now firmly wedged onto the table top, but still propped up against the wall until Lisa’s back has strengthened a little bit – it’s still way too heavy for me to manage on my own.  Once that’s up, though, it means I can put the sewing machine up and get a few things finished …

Especially as now I have another needleroll ready for finishing!  Yes, I finally pulled the needle and scissors out and stitched a needleroll for Dragonfly Dreams – this one is Shepherd’s Bush’ Shepherd’s Roll.  It was fun to stitch something ‘easy’ … although I ended up stitching the darning band 3 times due to having a serious blonde moment not once but twice!!

Anyway, here’s my latest finish … don’t expect to see anything else this week haha.


16 thoughts on ““Fit””

  1. Beautiful work Anne. Oh by the way, blogger saw fit to delete my blog without notification, so I’m now on wordpress. If you ever have a spare moment to take a look, I’d love you visit.


  2. I wonder if you could tell me how I can get the pictures on the side bar Anne, when you have a moment to spare.


  3. Your SB needleroll is gorgeous! I have stitched the purse and the fob, but haven’t done the needleroll. I’m going to have to buy that chart one of these days!

  4. I wish someone would say I look fit! Finally weighed myself yesterday and I’m 5 kilos lighter than I was before I got pregnant … but do you think anyone (other than DH) has mentioned it?? No!!

    But that’s a tangent. I mean to say, “GREAT needleroll!” I still need to try one.

  5. Your needleroll is beautiful Anne. BTW your needleroll tutorial on Focus on Finishing is one of the best I’ve ever seen! I shall use it when I get around to making my first one.

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