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Attack of the Frogs

I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to stitch up this little piece – mainly due to numerous attacks of the frogs!  If it was my own piece I’d probably have left two of the errors in it, as the larger blue flowers were one stitch out in their placement (I was quite impressed I managed to do that same error in both of them!) … and the border was unpicked three times as I’d managed to get loops and knots in the pearl cotton and not realised … mutter mutter mutter.

Barnabee’s Bride by Just Nan (kit)
(once again apologies for the bad photo – I’ll take a better one
once it’s all finished into the needleroll)

Anyway the stitching is finally all done, and all I have to do now is the finishing, which I hope to attempt tomorrow.  Then this will be driven back home to The Stitching Post where it will live happily with its owner (I’m stitching this as a model for Karen).

As for the rest of today, it will be spent making a beef stew in the crockpot, along with a big pan full of pumpkin soup ready for the freezer.

12 thoughts on “Attack of the Frogs”

  1. It’s beautiful Anne. Shame you are parting with it!

    I think the frogs are doing the rounds – I just can’t get it right, so I’ve given up on my stitching for tonight.

  2. Pumpkin soup sounds yummy! I haven’t had any since I lived in Australia – my mum makes the best pumpkin soup.

    I’m sorry that there were more frogs than bees in Barnabee’s Bridge, but it looks wonderful anyway!

  3. Pretty finish! Hmmm… looks as though you could stitch again and use for a bookmark?

  4. Good idea from Monique. It would look great as a bookmark and if I hadn’t recognized it as Barnabee’s Bride, I would have thought that’s what it was. 🙂 I hope you will buy this one and stitch it again for yourself one day. I’m making myself wait until I finish Barnabee’s Quest and then this will be my reward. 😉

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