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Final piccies of Elwood

When I was cleaning out the last remaining boxes of ‘stuff’ for storage, I came across the following on a CD – which is great ‘cos I had to format my compact flashcard and thought I’d lost them all!  These were my final shots of my apartment in Elwood before I moved out … I miss the flat just a tiny bit, but I sure don’t miss those cracks or the window that wouldn’t close!  I wonder if they’ve manged to get new tenants into it yet or done the work on the building?  Oh well, all power to them …  Here goes with the photos:

elwood 1
You probably can’t tell from this photo, but the window sill is actually buckled – the left hand side tilts upwards, and the right hand side tilts down … just goes to show how much the building is moving I guess …

elwood 2
This is what we found behind the bookcase – all of these cracks were much more impressive (and scary) in real life … this one explains the vertical crack all along the wall, we could finally see the source!

elwood 3

elwood 4

elwood 5

Talking of photos, I thought I’d share my storage space with you, so you can see how packed to the gunnels it is … I still have one more box, plus my sewing machine, plus a small suitcase to go in there tomorrow … miracles still DO happen, don’t they? LOL.


On a slightly ‘down’ note, I’ve had the disappointing news a few weeks ago that the housesitting agency I was going to be doing housesitting jobs for has closed their doors for at least the next year … ho-hum.  I’ve heard bad things about some other agencies where you just don’t get work, so I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do now …  The guy I was going to housesit for has a daughter who runs an online agency, so I’ll probably sign up for that one – not sure how much business it’ll generate, though.  If not, I guess I’ll have to start thinking about moving into a new place again closer to Christmas.  At this stage I have jobs pretty much right up until the start of November – after that I’m up in the air quite a bit.  I’m going to put an ad up on the noticeboard at work to see if that generates any more business (at this stage all my housesitting jobs have come from my fellow colleagues on the Hotline).  I guess my first job now, though, will be to get $3,000 in a kitty behind me just in case I need to move into somewhere new … at least I still have housesitting until my laptop’s paid off phew! 🙂

Rightio, time to get up and start the official house cleaning … and packing my suitcase etc.  The food bags are already packed with leftover groceries (I’ve been very lax about cooking while I’ve been here, so there’s plenty of tins etc left) – and my stitching is pretty much packed up … just one more bag of ‘stuff’ to finish sorting out and everything’s ready.  It will be nice to have a free night tonight to just kick back and relax knowing all the housework is already done. 

I have to admit I had a slight panic yesterday when I came home from the storage unit to find one of the cars missing from the driveway – thankfully I called Sal’s Mum and found out her Dad had come to pick up the car for picking them up from the airport … phew!  I’m sure they’ve got the days wrong, though, as I’ve got it in my diary that they’re coming home tomorrow, not today … I guess if they’re not home by lunchtime today I’ll know I’m right.  I’ve got the table in the kitchen already laid out ready for them with their piles of mail and the bills I’ve paid for them, plus a vase of flowers, bread and milk, and a bottle of red wine sitting ready with two wine glasses and the corkscrew, plus a welcome home note – hopefully they’ll appreciate it when they arrive … I just hope all my housesitting jobs won’t expect it haha 😛

Anyway, time to start the day … I’m not sure after tomorrow what sort of reception I’ll have for my internet connection – I’m moving to Seaford on the fringe of Melbourne’s outer suburbs, and unsure whether Unwired’s coverage reaches out there or not … if not I’ll be out of action for just under two weeks until I move out to Ringwood (where I’ll be for 4 weeks).  Mind you this week the reception here has been appalling, so an improvement would be fantastic! I’ve been trying to post this for well over an hour now, but the stupid reception keeps dropping out hmmm.

In the meantime, have a great week everyone! 😀

I’ll leave you with my latest WIP – the photo is appalling, and half the wording has to be frogged due to  stupid mistake, but I’m over halfway with this needleroll …


17 thoughts on “Final piccies of Elwood”

  1. My goodness, Anne. You should be very pleased to be out of there. It looks like it needs a good demolishing.

    You have a pretty needleroll happening there. 🙂

  2. OMG, those photos really bring home how bad that flat was! Furniture hides a multitude of sins!

  3. Oh my gosh, you’re busy, Anne!

    I can’t believe those pictures of your old apartment. The landlord should be sued! Good luck with the upcoming house-sitting gigs!!

  4. Those pictures are awful! I can’t believe you lived there, and the roof didn’t fall down on you! I’m so glad you’re not living there anymore. On that note, good luck with your house-sitting jobs!

  5. Those are amazing pictures! I can’t believe you stayed there so long!

    Good luck with getting some more housesitting jobs!

  6. Anne, you must have been freezing in Winter! Those cracks are just huge. Here’s hoping for more house-sitting jobs!

  7. Once the curtains were down and the furniture out, the enormity of those cracks is obvious. I, too, am so glad you’re out of there and will be hoping for lots of housesitting opportunities for you while you bank balance grows! Hugs! 😀

  8. Those cracks are huge, I bet the land lord has problems re-letting. I am sure that something will turn up for you with regards to house sitting, and if you do need to find somewhere more permanent at least you will have some money behind you.

  9. Anne – I wasn’t sure if I sent a thank you e-mail to the right address, but I received your package in the mail yesterday. I was totally overwhelmed – everything was just what I needed! Thank you so much for thinking of me, especially when you have so much going on in your own life! Big {{{hugs}}}

  10. Your needleroll is looking great Anne. I think you moved out just in time looking at those humunguos cracks in the walls.

  11. Oh, goodness gracious, Anne! I am SO GLAD that you aren’t there anymore. Those pictures are really disturbing.

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