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A WIP and Car goes to the Dr

Sorry I haven’t been online much but quite frankly I just haven’t felt like posting at all – the move was quite exhausting, both physically and mentally … I can’t believe that even my knuckles felt bruised and aching after all the lifting!!!  Yesterday was the first day I could lift a box up off the floor again without groaning – geez it felt good 😉

Anyway, today I had an early morning start – my car is finally off to the mechanics on the other side of town.  I really need my car, and to finally have a decent and fair mechanic looking at it is a blessing in itself.  Brenda and Nigel have recommended their mechanic to me, and he seems like a really nice bloke so far.  I’ve documented the entire history of what’s been going wrong with my car over the last 2 years, which will hopefully help shed some light on what’s wrong … if nothing else hopefully he can get the car windows to open again, which will be a bonus in the Sydney heat!  And most importantly I hope he can get the dashboard light working again!! I upgraded my RACV membership to the “total care” package, which gives unlimited towing and breakdown assistance … but unfortunately it doesn’t exactly copy over to the NRMA in Sydney (which I didn’t realise) – I only get 8km free towing, and have to pay $4.40 per km over that … considering the mechanic is possibly just over 50km away, that’s gonna be a hefty towing bill!! Supposedly I can claim that money back from the RACV though, so that’d better be true, or I’ll be spewing big time!!

I have to admit I feel quite nauseous and ill thinking of all the money that’s being incurred lately – it’s all going on a credit card, but it’s still extra money I have to fork out every month in repayments.  Our dramas with the removalists haven’t finished either – it turns out they delivered the wrong bike to us (I had no idea, as it was Lisa’s and she didn’t see it until she arrived) … and I’m missing one entire box, so I’m trying to make a list of all the things I can think of that were in it hmmm.  Lisa’s away this weekend, but next week we’re probably going to write down a time line of everything that’s happened and send it to all and sundry, including possibly the TV show Today Tonight!

All this hassle and drama has seriously impacted on my stitching – I looked back at what I’d achieved in January stitching-wise and the only thing was that paltry little Xmas ornie stocking that I finished in one day!  That’s very very unlike me!!  The only other thing I started was Sweetheart Tree’s Wildflower Needleroll … the photo is basically the sum total of 3 days stitching (2 days from when I was sitting in an empty apartment, and 1 from a couple of nights ago) … it’s all quite pathetic really!


I get really enthusiastic and excited about all the designs I could be stitching, then feel exhausted about 5 seconds later and don’t end up doing anything – perhaps once the boxes etc are all entirely unpacked and I can move in my bedroom easily, then I’ll feel more settled and can get into a normal routine again.  The lounge is a bomb site at the moment as well, as Lisa’s things are all piled up there, as well as some of my stuff that needs to be sorted out, so the clutter everywhere is probably affecting me.  Lisa put her back out last weekend, and she’s been in agony all week, so we haven’t been able to do much around the place … but hopefully she’ll be back to normal again by the end of next week and we can make a concerted effort to get the place tidied up and organised.

The main challenge for me this weekend is trying to set up the video to Lisa’s TV … and get the legs onto the dining table, so the dining area can get uncluttered.  I’m going to try and make an effort to take a couple of hours out to do some stitching – and need something quite ‘easy’ to stitch to help get me back into the swing of things (which won’t be the ST needleroll … that backstitching of all the leaves is doing my head in at the moment!! – mind you, once that’s finished there’s not much left before it’s totally stitched). It’s likely that I’ll either choose a small freebie or Xmas ornie, or start a new LHN or CCN design … but I must stitch “something”, or I’m going to kick myself hard!!!

Once the place is fully de-cluttered we need to invite our elderly neighbours up for morning or afternoon tea … I’d guess they’re both in their 70’s to 80’s, and seem really lovely old dears (Norma on the ground floor, and Barbara in the middle of us on the 2nd).  We’re also setting up a calendar in the kitchen where we can keep track of all our house guests that will be coming over the coming year, so we don’t double-book … it’s going to be quite a social year if everyone comes that says they will be! 😀

Anyway, time to sign off for the day as I need to head to the Post Office before it closes … I’ve found out there is a tiny local branch just up the road at the shops, which is open on Saturday mornings – I haven’t been able to get to the PO since my car has been broken down, since moving here, to post some changes of address etc, so it’s great to find I can do all that on Saturdays now!  I can still clear my mail in the mornings at Mascot before work, but the actual shop for postage etc isn’t open then.

Rightio, time to ‘shake a tail feather’ and do the morning duties … with luck Lisa’s bike will be returning this afternoon from Dodgey Brothers R Us, and I need to make sure I’m home all afternoon for their arrival … geez, they’re the last people I want to see today!!

10 thoughts on “A WIP and Car goes to the Dr”

  1. Hope your friend is recovered from her bad back and you can get a good bash at the sorting out and settling in more ! It is no wonder you have got no stitching time with all that has gone/is going on. I find it very difficult to fit stitching into my day/week/month but have given up being frustrated by that or I would feel continually cross and that would be no good for anybody LOL and sometimes when I actually have the time, like you are just now, I feel much too tired.
    Hope you have a good weekend that is productive with some relaxing time too, now wouldn’t that be nice :))
    P.S. Good luck with the Dodgy Brothers R Us and the bike

  2. Well it sounds like you need a new stitching start on something cheery and easy and soothing. That’ll help! And I’m sure your car will be fixed now you’ve got a recommended mechanic on the case. And I’d definitely send stuff to a TV company about Dodgy Bros.

    By the way, I’ve given you a ‘You make my day’ award! Hope it brightens up your day 🙂

  3. I can’t believe they delivered the wrong bike – well, considering everything else they did, maybe I *can* believe it. What an awful company you’ve had to deal with!

    I hope you can get your car problems resolved with little expense. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  4. Just as I was thinking the Dodgy Bros couldn’t do any more…. they really deserve to be exposed on national TV. I imagine no-one from your work will be thinking about using them again.

    It sounds as though you have good neighbours, I also have elderly ones, and like them very much.

  5. Anyone would be totally done in, for awhile, after that misadventure with the movers. Good grief, what an ordeal!! I’m so glad to read that you’re starting to feel a bit more yourself after all the trials & tribulations, and I really hope that things will be smooth sailing from here on in!!

  6. Wow, more car troubles?? You need to go find a man with great luck and kiss him… steal his luck! Your NR is off to a lovely start!

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