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Barnabee’s Bride is complete

I managed to get all the finishing done on Barnabee’s Bride in time to drive her over to The Stitching Post tomorrow morning.  She looks very cute (although I have a bit of wrinkling of the green wool when she’s rolled up, if I had more fabric I might have unpicked it and cut it a bit smaller, but it’s OK I guess), and I couldn’t resist taking a quick photo in the sunlight to show off her wee sparklies 🙂




Barnabee’s Bride (kit) by Just Nan

I forgot to take a photo of the needleroll opened out – I’ll take one later … if I remember … but I’ve run out of time to take one this morning, as I’ve now got to race off to work (I’m on the late shift today ‘cos I’m “on call” for the next 7 days in case of emergencies, which gave me time to quickly take these photos this morning).

10 thoughts on “Barnabee’s Bride is complete”

  1. Did you make the beautiful bee? I missed something. How did you make it?

  2. Interesting new look for the comments – like little quilt blocks in the piccie ID area 🙂

    For Susan – no, I didn’t make the bee itself, it comes as a kit with the bee all finished then you stitch the inside accessories like the little button bouquet and the tiny needleroll 🙂

  3. Oh my, she’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to get my cc cleared so I can get her, hopefully before she sells out!

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