Flat-fold finish

Well, if I thought my hand cramps during the hemstitching of my needlerolls was annoying, the cramps from the ladder stitching of the sides of my flat-fold were downright tortuous … it took me hours just to complete one little flat-fold, and that turned out to be my only finishing completed yesterday.  Now I just need to buy some nice trim for the edges of the front piece and add a nice rich red bow or something on the top.  I’ll take another piccie later when I eventually get around to going shopping.

PS-Santa Ltd Ed 1

PS-Santa Ltd Ed 2

PS-Santa Ltd Ed 3

During my finishing session I watched another couple of movies – the highlight for me was Charlie & Boots, it was a nice lighthearted Aussie movie that I could easily watch again.  On the other end of the scale I watched District 9 … or should I say “started to watch” … that has got to be the biggest waste of celluloid I’ve seen for quite some time!  Thankfully not long afterwards I managed to finish my flat-fold and then sat and finished watching the last half of the Taking of Pelham 123 while I stitched for a short while.  I have to agree with Gina’s comment in my last post that I really enjoyed this one … not enough to stop me from stitching, but then again there isn’t much movie-wise that can manage to do that – it’s one of the reasons I can generally sit and watch movies over and over while I’m stitching 🙂

I must say, though, I was thrilled to see the little ghostie showing up nice and clearly against the slightly darker tea-dyed fabric – definitely worth doing it!  I did start visualising this little piece as a little flat-fold though, so at that point I decided I was getting delirious and had to take myself off to bed … at least it won’t be ready for finishing for a while, so I’m not quite a sucker for punishment just yet 😛

Unfortunately I was woken up at 4.30am to the sound of glass smashing, so I was as nervous as heck sleeping (even though I’m on the 3rd floor of our apartment block!), and I had a very broken sleep – not entirely sure what I’ll finish off today, but it probably won’t be half as productive as Saturday as today is also housekeeping day when I have to tidy everything up as well as doing all the housework in readiness for the working week beginning.

Gifties received

I heard from Becky today that the Postman worked overtime over the weekend, and my little gifties arrived safe and sound.  I’ve had the stitching done on these for 3 whole years (!!!) – the pinkeep has been sitting around finished ever since then, waiting for it’s companion needlebook to be finished.  As soon as they became a matching pair officially (finally!!!), they were parcelled up and sent over to the US to their new Mum.  Becky has a lovely photo on her blog, but here are a couple more from before they were made up into their finished versions (and these show the colours much more accurately):

As you can see, I had all intentions of getting them both finished the year they were stitched, so they still have 2007 stitched on the ‘backsides’ 😉  I have to agree I really love the little backstitched bees, but for the life of me I can’t remember which design I borrowed them from!  And here’s the finished duo together all finished, just before packaging them up:

Needlebook finish … finally!

This has been sitting around since 2007 for it to be turned into a needlebook – how do I know? ‘cos I dated the back!!  I was panicking about doing the finishing, and as you can see from the below photos attaching the lining is FAR from perfect, and well it just doesn’t sit as nicely as I had hoped … but it’s done now, which feels awesome!  I haven’t touched much of my finishing pile since everything got put into storage 2 1/2 years ago, but eventually now I’d like to start building up my finishing confidence once again and get back into the saddle …

Needlebook front

Needlebook inside pages

Needlebook inside lining

I also started doing a quick cushion finish of a few Christmas ornies yesterday, and have been using one of them for a tutorial – that should be completed over the next few days, depending on what time I get home from work this week!

I also started doing a quilted wallhanging of Mum’s Prairie Schooler Santas, but a spool of thread I’d had sitting on the machine fell into the bobbin spooler while I was loading up a new bobbin on the top of the machine, and all of a sudden it started jamming and the entire bobbin spooler popper up … now my machine is just jamming all the time, which is a real bugger … so off to the repair shop it goes, and my quilted wallhanging and all those other finishing jobs that need the machine are once again put on hold, ho-hum.

Oh well, to brighten the day I did unpack my teeny tiny stash splurge from The Ribbon Rose – as you can see I didn’t buy much, just a couple of ribbons, some beads, some size 22 needles (for my canvaswork) and some red fabric for my finishing of Random Hearts into a little cushion – and some hand-dyed pearl cotton for hardanger class I’d like to start this year (for a cushion).  Next time I go I’ll be armed with my wishlist 😉

Ribbon Rose stash 18Feb10

Final finishes for the day

It’s been a very productive day, finishing-wise – I’ve really enjoyed getting a few pieces into a finished state, and look forward to having a few more days like it in upcoming weeks.  Following are the final pieces (except for one ornie which is still drying, after gluing the cording on – I’ll take a photo over the weekend when I can):

First up are a couple more Christmas ornies finished off:

Christmas Peace ornie

Fill With Love ornie

Then another wee pinkeep:

Morning Glory pinkeep 1

Morning Glory pinkeep 2

Morning Glory pinkeep 3

And finally my first attempt at a tin topper – this is FAR from perfect, and there are many things I’d do differently next time, but it’s OK for a first attempt I guess.  It was supposed to be a gift for someone, but I’m not entirely sure it’s good enough for that … I’ll have to think that over, I think … In any case, I need to find my magnetic strips to add to the inside lid, but they have so far eluded me today!  I do like the little ‘bow’ on the front of the lid, made from two loops of velvet ribbon 🙂

Tin Topper 3

Tin Topper 2

Murphy’s Law … and Belated Thanks

Murphy’s Law (or Sod’s Law, whatever you want to call it) happens to fall at the most inopportune times!! I’ve been working my backside off big-time at work, doing some phenomenal hours and basically having no free time to relax and stitch or just vege out and catch up on some personal chores. So, I plan a day off work with a big list of “to-do’s” ready to be completed before day’s end … including my first chore of sending off my belated birthday thank you emails to those generous, kind souls who sent me exquisite and thoughtful gifts … so, what does Murphy’s Law do … ???

That’s right, Murphy (sod him) sends a power cut my way 5 minutes into the start of my day … cross all those things off my list that require power, hmmm. After finding out it wasn’t a general area outage, the real estate agent organised an electrician to come and check the place out – unfortunately he didn’t turn up at any of the three times he gave me, which means I ended up spending the entire day at home waiting for him … and that crossed off the list all those chores that needed me to leave home and go to the shops … {sigh}

At least he finally did show up in the early evening, but alas couldn’t find the culprit that caused the blackout. To make my day even better I called the contents insurance company mid-morning to see if I’d be covered if worst case scenario happened that we lost the food in our big freezer … only to find out that they hadn’t updated my new insured address from 1 year ago – they’d updated the mailing address, but not the insured address! So that was how I spent the first 3 hours of my day … you read that right, 3 HOURS … sorting that debacle out! Aaarghhhhh………. let’s just say my language deteriorated by the time I’d reached the 4th staff member in 3 hours!! 😉

Anyway, aside from a huge power outage that impacted the entire block on Saturday afternoon, touch wood we have had no problems since. I have, however, ended up having some more later than expected hours at work thanks to dramas that have cropped up at the end of the day. Bless my boss, though, she told me I could take a couple of hours off this afternoon to make up for it, which I excitedly used to complete some of those outstanding chores from last week!  Which means I’ve finally managed to send off the oustanding thank you emails!!!

So, on to the awesome gifts that I received while I’ve been offline this last month … (thank heavens for being able to post-date my Photo Hunt posts, or my blog would have been very bare over the last few weeks!!) – in the order they arrived on my ‘doorstep’, here they are in all their glory …

My first gift was a huge surprise from dearest, kind Cindy – I was expecting an envelope with a JCS ornie magazine in it, but when I opened up the envelope there were loads of goodies hiding in there. I have to admit to having a really bad week at work that week, and I had just lost my internet connection at home thanks to our modem dying, so when I opened up the envelope I sat in my car and cried, I was so overcome at Cindy’s generosity. It brightened up a really crappy week! Not only were there some exquisite charts off my wishlist, there was beautiful blue fabrics and not one but three stunning beaded scissor fobs. I have been collecting various scissors over the last few years and a good half of my collection are unadorned, so they will be looking very pretty once they’re all attached. Thanks so much again Cindy for your treasured gifts.  (I’ve included a separate photo of one of the fobs, as I realised I’d missed one out when I took the original photo!)

Cindy gift Feb09

Cindy's birthday gift Feb09 fob

Next to arrive was a gift from another wonderfully kind and beautiful online pal, KarenV – once again I was spoilt rotten, and was gifted with some beautiful threads and fabric, and yet another stunning beaded scissor fobs (have I already told you how exquisite my scissors are going to be looking soon?!!!). Thankfully Karen sent me an email to let me know she had arranged the scissor fob to be sent separately, as there was no note with it so it remained a bit of a mystery there for a while!). Karen, you are a dear, dear friend and I love everything that you sent! And that card is a corker, just look at those little duckies!! 😀

karenV's birthday gift Feb09

KarenV beaded scissor fob Feb09

The final overseas parcel to arrive was from another dear online friend Carol – Carol never fails to amaze me with her generosity to her online pals … and her gift is a real treasure. Once again, incredibly generous with not only some gorgeous fabric, but some awesome duckie buttons (how CUTE are they??), and my very first floss tag! I totally adore this little tag, and think I really must try to make some more of these for myself! I actually kit my projects up onto floss rings, so this will be used every week to hold my flosses as I stitch away. Once again, Carol, thank you so much for your beautiful gifts, I love everything!

CarolS's birthday gift Feb09

CarolS's birthday gift Feb09b

CarolS's birthday gift Feb09a

And last, but by no means least, I received an envelope from closer to home … I received an awesome canvaswork chart from my dear, dear friend Tannia. She knows my tastes so well, and chose the most perfect design, I just love it to death! Once again, you have touched me with your generosity and continued friendship, Tannia – you rock, girlfriend!!

Tannia's birthday gift Feb09

Thanks once again for all my lovely gifts, ladies – I feel truly blessed to know you, and you made my birthday very special indeed! I feel very humbled by your generosity, especially as I have been a missing AWOL for some time now online in many ways. Thank you, thank you, thank you {{hugs}}.  Once again, my humblest apologies for the delay in acknowledging your generous and special gifts!

I also had a little splurge earlier on in February, which I guess you could call a pre-birthday spend … I ordered a bunch of threads (but forgot to take a photo!) and some sale charts from a store that is closing down in the US, and following are the bunch of charts I received.

Stash Feb09 a

Stash Feb09 b

I also have another order coming from Needlecraft Corner, as an actual birthday splurge, seeing as I get a special birthday discount in February … however I have no idea when that’s arriving yet, due to some items being on back-order. Let’s just say I’m very excited about what I decided to buy … thankfully we’ve had some overtime at work (wow, paid work at the weekend for a change, usually I have to do all my weekend work gratis!!), so I’ve got a good outlet for that overtime money!! 😀

I also have some other news as well, but I’ll wait and do a separate post soon!!! 😀

Where does time fly? (photo heavy)

Here we are – Christmas is past and the New Year is almost upon us … blimey, how did that happen?!!!

I spent a wonderful few days with Brenda and Nigel over in the northwest suburbs of Sydney for Christmas.  As usual Nigel did an exceptional job of Christmas dinner and we dined on turkey breast, baked ham, new potatoes, fresh beans and peas, followed by Nigel’s famous pavlova (the best I’ve ever eaten, and that’s saying something as I’ve tried many; it was always my fave dessert growing up).  Nigel doesn’t drink, so Brenda and I made up for his allowance, and we definitely imbibed a fair bit over those few days … including a bottle of Iron Gate Sweet Shiraz that I brought back from the Hunter Valley, and now Brenda is in love with it too 🙂

Santa was very very generous to me this year – my flatmate Lisa spoilt me rotten with some yummy chocolate dessert sauces, whisk and tea-towel set, a little tub of Mango Daiquiri mix (ie just add booze and chill), a Frangipani calendar and a beautiful bottle of Chocolate Port from Flaschengeist in a Christmas tree shape … boy she has a good memory, and Brenda and I had to sample it on Christmas Day to complete our Christmas dinner festivities.  My other friend (who is about to become my new flatmate – see more below) bought me a beautiful blue and gold necklace and earring set, but I forgot to take a photo of it as I’m wearing it today!

Mum bought me a stunning greenstone (NZ Jade)  necklace (I chose it when I was in NZ), with a fish hook shape with a whale’s tale at the end … very pretty 🙂

Greenstone pendant from Mum

I also spend my Christmas money on an exquisite piece of glass sculpture – we hunted for the entire day for one with ‘just the right colourings’, and just as we’d given up we found one in downtown Auckland.  This is a “Koru”, or Silver Fern frond, and I just adore it to death.  Unfortunately the photo was taken without a light shining through it, so you can’t see the beautiful colours … I really must try to get a good photo of it.  Brenda really loved this one too.  Eventually I want to have a glass display cabinet which will house my stitching smalls, and this will sit on the top shelp with a spotlight on it to highlight the colourings 🙂

Koru in art glass

Brenda and Nigel gave me something that I will truly treasure always – Brenda does ceramic classes, and she’s done some incredible pieces … and this year she made me a Christmas keepsake that will bring years and years of happiness while it’s proudly on display.  Handmade gifts are the best, and I feel truly honoured to have one of her pieces to call my own!! 😀

Christmas gift from Brenda

Talking of exquisite hand-made gifts, I also finally remembered to take a photo of the stunning ornie that Katrina gave me for Christmas, and it’s proudly hanging on my hand-made ornie tree.  Thanks again Katrina, I really really love it!

Christmas ornie from Katrina

Today I went shopping after dropping my mobile phone off to be sent off for repair, and unexpectedly picked up a new Christmas tree with 75% off at Myer, which means this year is the final time I will have a teeny tiny wee tree … next year I will have a big 2m tall tree overpowering the lounge space … and I can’t wait!! haha.  Next year that should mean I can combine my bauble ornies with my hand-stitched ornies 😀

I did take a couple of photos of the various Christmas displays in my wee lounge to show Mum, including my set of 3 tables that the removalists tried to demolish (they broke 3 entire legs off of the largest one) – Nigel managed to glue them back together for me over Christmas, bless him, so I’m thrilled to have my tables back on display again yippee 🙂

Set of tables

Mum, this is the centrepiece display I was telling you about on the phone … I really love it!

Christmas coffee table

Christmas corner

Christmas lounge

Christmas trunk

And I finally “finished” another piece and put the ribbon around my flat-fold that I made quite some time ago (probably 2 years ago now!) – I love the bright red of the ribbon.

Snowman pinkeep

While I was shopping today I also scored a couple of cans of English Heinz Tomato Soup … ah, I’m in heaven!  The Aussie version of Heinz soup isn’t quite the same, so I had a wee splurge. Not in the photo is also a bag of lemon sherbet bon-bons and box of Black Knight licorice 😉

Heinz soup

I also picked up a couple of other treats … including a “fish on a stick” … this is also a photo for Mum’s benefit! I made a decision after visiting a shop with a marine/ocean/beach theme months ago that I really want to have that sort of theme for my lounge, and have been buying a couple of pieces every now and then (I think Susan set the seed with all of her dream home decor photos months and months ago, and it must have been sitting at the back of my brain all this time!) … first of all I bought some starfish for my coffee table when I had my girlie weekend away with Brenda and friends, and I’m now thinking of stitching some small shells along the edge of my sheer curtains … but now I have my own blue fish on a stick too! I also bought a wee tub of coral and shells to place in a plain glass bowl, but didn’t take a photo.

fish on a stick

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On a different note, last night I had a right royal treat – Tannia and her OH came to visit and stay the night. Even though it was a whirlwind visit, it was so lovely to see them both again – I miss them here in Sydney! I actually felt a bit flat after they left, and ended up taking the day off work to make up for a day I worked while in Auckland during my annual leave. Hence the reason I spent the day shopping, I think! I did feel really bad, though, ‘cos Tannia was her ever-thoughtful self and brought me some luscious gifts, and I had nothing to give in return … I’m such a bad friend! 😦

Friendship gift from Tannia

Thanks so much again Tannia, I love everything, and I miss you loads! {hugs}

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The final news that I intimated about earlier, is that my flatmate Lisa is heading back to Melbourne at the end of January.  Her secondment is up then and she’s not interested in renewing it for different reasons … some job-related and some personal reasons.  I’m going to miss having her around the place, as we’d become quite close over the last couple of months especially.  All is not lost, however, as Katie is going to be moving in instead – her own living situation isn’t great (her flatmate is a druggie and, although quite good fun, is quite strange!).  At least I won’t have to find someone else that I don’t know, and don’t have to struggle to make the rent on my own, which is great!  Fingers crossed it’ll all work out, and we find living together OK.

Rightio, I think that’s just about all the news for now … I’m a bit scatter-brained at the moment, so I’ve probably forgotten something! I thought I’d better hurry up and make a post, though, as New Year will be here in 2 nights, and it’s unlikely I’ll be back online until we’re already into 2009!

On that note, I’d like to wish you all a prosperous and wonderful 2009!! 😀

WIP’s and UFO’s

This is especially for Kathy of the Blig Blog … here are photos of the current state of all my UFO’s (I could pretend that they were WIP’s but seeing as the majority haven’t seen a stitch put into them in over 12 months, 95% would definitely be deemed as UFO status!):

Macaw by Ross Originals Beaded Fish WIPs
Macaw -&- Beaded Fish

EG-01May07 TW English Garden Sampler
Egyptian Garden Mandala -&- English Garden Sampler

Le Jardin Silk Sampler 21Jan05 Flight of the Bumblebees at 2Jan07
Le Jardin Silk Sampler -&- Flight of the Bumblebees

TW Noahs Ark Winter Queen 01Jun08 1
Noah’s Ark -&- Winter Queen

Designs by Lena Rose-In the Dark needleroll 1 With Love & Affection
In the Dark Needleroll -&- Love & Affection

st-wildflower-needleroll Apricot Elegance
Wildflowers Needleroll -&- Apricot Elegance

Hussif by Monica Hunt XS Bookmark
Monica Hunt Hussif -&- Classical Garden Bookmark

Nature's Resting Place Beehive Needlecase
Nature’s Resting Place -&- Wool Beehive Needlebook

Oriental Poppy & Cornflower Summer Fruits
Oriental Poppy -&- Summer Fruits Pincushion

Pomegranates, Snail & Gold Bug HOCS Hussif
Pomegranates & Beetle – Martha Schmidt Hussif

Thimble Pipkin Thimble Pipkin Thimble Pipkin
Stumpwork Needlework Accessories

Goldwork Pea Pods Wool Embroidery
Goldwork Pea -&- Wool hot water bottle cover

Honesty & Heartsease stumpwork Bullion Roses
Honesty & Heartsease -&- Bullion Rose Facecloth

Frog Longstitch Butterflies & Hearts needleroll
Long stitch frogs -&- Butterflies & Hearts Needleroll

Dragonfly Common Hawker Dragonfly
Stumpwork Dragonfly

Berry Delightful Bag Mediterranean XS
Berry Delightful Bag -&- Mediterranean Village XS

Vicki’s Cot Quilt

Stitching Leporello isn’t included in the photos, as I’ve been stitching a complete section each time, so no individual section is in progress at the moment. And I can’t put my hands to either a photo or the actual project of GCC Ornamental Delights, so I guess that one won’t be getting stitched in a hurry haha.

Very sad that some of these projects are over halfway and never finished, however there are many there that are barely started … I’m sorely tempted to just unpick the bullion rose facecloth, for example, as I don’t know if I truly ever want to finish it, the same with a couple more projects in there … will see how I feel after one more stitching session on them, I guess, before I make the ultimate decision to turf out. It’s funny when you look back through the photos and remember why you stopped working on them … for example the Lorri Birmingham Butterflies & Hearts needleroll, I really hated the colours used, as I felt the wording etc just faded into the background, so no doubt that whole piece will be unpicked and started again from scratch with my choice of threads 🙂

I’ve already gone out and pulled numbers out of the hat for the first round, and highlighted the text in bold in the main list in the previous post … and I’m really looking forward to starting my rotation – I just want to finish my current piece first … although I guess I could just choose to start at the “free choice” slot and start counting my hours, that way I can continue with my current project and be starting my actual rotation at the same time – ooh, I like it when a plan comes together!!! 😀

That means my new current rotation is as follows:

  1. Focus Piece:  CA Wells class projects
  2. Medium/Large:  Lavenderblue Celtic Knot Quilt – From Nancy’s Needle
  3. WIP’s/UFO’s:  Berry Delightful Bag
  4. Focus Piece:  CA Wells class projects
  5. Small/Medium: Jumpin’ Jelly Beans – DKT Originals (freebie)
  6. Large/BAP’s:  Egyptian Garden Mandala
  7. Focus Piece:  CA Wells class projects
  8. Christmas Ornaments
  9. Finishing
  10. Free Choice

Sunflowers galore!!!

I’ve had a lazy day sat in front of the goggle box today – no Christmas ornies completed, but I do have one other very happy dance!  I’ve managed to finish off my Sunflower Sampler – I was surprised how long it’s taken me to get the final bands finished, but finally it’s off the scroll bars … that block roll will have a new resident for a while 🙂

Unfortunately the photos are grotty again, as it’s early evening and I can never get a good shot at night 😦

Drawn Thread-Sunflower Sampler finished
“Sunflower Sampler” by The Drawn Thread
stitched on 32ct Lambswool linen by Wichelt
using recommended threads (DMC and WDW)

Here are a few closer photos of the individual bands:

Drawn Thread-Sunflower Sampler 1

Drawn Thread-Sunflower Sampler 2

Drawn Thread-Sunflower Sampler 3

I think this very last ‘triangular’ band is my absolute favourite of the whole piece … followed by the house and birds.

Drawn Thread-Sunflower Sampler 4

I just love the beading accents on this piece, it really brings it to life a bit more 🙂

Sunflower Sampler detail

Now is the big decision what to stitch next … I have no major urges to start anything in particular, so goodness knows what I’ll come up with …  I’d offer a poll to help make a decision, but WordPress won’t allow polls (one of the very few things that is annoying about WP – everything else I much prefer over Blogger).  Never mind, I’m sure I’ll come up with something to stitch over the next week! 😉

It’s no wonder the weather has changed!

I’ve been little Miss Homemaker on my time off … up early this morning (although still in my PJ’s now at lunchtime haha) I yanked the shower curtain off the rail and chopped about 3″ off the bottom, then turned up and stitched a new hem on the machine.  Our shower curtain has needed a trim since we moved in in January, but 6 months later it is finally done.  That means once Lisa and I have had our showers today it can go in the washing machine, and for once we won’t be tripping up on it in the bottom of the bath!

After finishing the shower curtain, I was all set to put a beef and red wine casserole mix into the slow cooker, but alas the meat still hasn’t defrosted yet, so a change in dinner plans tonight, I guess.  What I did manage to get done, though, is my first ever flanged pillow – I think it’s WAY too over-stuffed, but I guess I’ll know better next time.  All the same, I still think it turned out cute.  If you’re interested in knowing what the design is, you’ll have to look back through previous posts – for obvious reasons I’m not re-posting that information now.  I think I’ll have to re-do the girls’ hair ribbons, though, as they got a bit mutilated while I was turning the pillow inside-out.

Can Can Pillow 1

Can Can Pillow 2

I also managed to take some clearer shots of the Block Roll, including one of it opened up – half a dozen projects are now comfortably residing in the rolls, ready to have some more playmates once my needles get back into action again.  (I’ll go back and replace the photos in the previous post as well.)

Block Roll 2

Block Roll 4

Block Roll 5

Updated to add:  Thanks for the question, Joanne – the centre of the roll is a pool noodle cut into an 18″ length.  I think I might make another longer one so that it’ll cater for my Mirabilia finishes (once I have done!).  The white fabric is actually felt, which grips like glue onto whatever you place on it … not entirely sure how much I like that, but at least they won’t slip and slide while rolling it up!  Each pool noodle will give you enough length for 3 block rolls, so it’s likely you’ll see another one or two popping up on the blog at some stage … especially as the noodles came in a pack of 3 as well! 😀

As for ‘what now?’ … I’m not entirely sure what I feel like doing – I know I have a whole bunch of ornies to be finish-finished, but I think I may have a break from finishing today and do a tiny bit of stitching on my Sunflower Sampler – hmmmm, perhaps I should have my shower and get dressed then decide … I really do need to get those ornies finished … hmmm …

Sunflowers are AWOL

So much for spending my day off today stitching my little heart out … I managed to stitch for just over an hour when I first woke up and almost finished the ‘wording’ band of the Sunflower Sampler – but I haven’t bothered taking a photo of it.  I did, however, have a relatively productive day in other ways.

My day was made special by having an electrician finally turn up after a month of having no kitchen light – we’ve been surviving by using a bedside lamp on the kitchen bench, and swinging my Ott-Lite into the kitchen doorway for an extra special bit of a light.  Now, however, we have a beautiful white glowing bulb that seems bright enough to light up the entire neighbourhood.  That also means that I’ve been able to use the sewing machine after 5pm, as it’s getting dark by then (the dining table is in the kitchen, and that’s the only place available to set up the machine).

Anyway, today (after a trip to Spotlight to pick up some felt) I finally managed to put together a Block Roll – I’ve been wanting to make one of these for what seems like forever, and after receiving one from Katrina as a gift I’ve been in dire need of a larger one … poor Katrina’s one is almost bursting at the seams from all the stitching I have crowded inside it – so now I can split out my ornies etc from the larger pieces. It’s literally taken me all day to make this – partly ‘cos I kept having to find all the supplies, and partly because I’ve hardly touched my sewing machine since buying it last year, and I’m still not comfortable with using it. I’m pretty pleased with the overall result, though – I didn’t take a photo of the whole roll unravelled, but it’s really quite long (about 35″ in length).

The pattern is called “Block Roll” from That Raggedy One (by Kate Hampson, Australia).  Unfortunately taking the photo at night means the colours/photos aren’t fantastic …

Block Roll 2

Block Roll 1

Block Roll 3

Stitchers Roll 4

I remembered after finishing the stitching that I’d actually bought that butterfly fabric to make some summer pyjama pants … oops, I guess that won’t be happening now! 😉

I was originally going to finish my ‘infamous’ piece of stitching from a couple of weeks back into a pillow today, and got my fabric all ironed and ready, but ran out of time … instead, I took a photo of the fabric along with the other items of stash I bought from Berrima when Mum was over visiting last month.  I was thrilled to find the quilt hangers, and even though I didn’t need it, I just couldn’t resist that little duckie tape measure!

Berrima Stash Jun08

And ‘just for the sake of it’ I took a photo of my fabric stash … quite pitiful compared to many people’s, I’m sure, and it never seems to hold that ‘exact’ shade of fabric that I need, and invariably a trip to Spotlight is needed … (which of course always has a truly pitiful selection of fabrics anyway)

Fabric stash

Anyway, it’s time to go clean up the kitchen table from all the fabric scraps before Lisa comes home in the morning (not that she’ll really care!) and then hit the hay for the night – seeing as I only have two whole words left to stitch on the Sunflower Sampler, I may make that my mission before I curl up in bed, and given my electric blanket time to take the chill off of the sheets 🙂