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Final finishes for the day

It’s been a very productive day, finishing-wise – I’ve really enjoyed getting a few pieces into a finished state, and look forward to having a few more days like it in upcoming weeks.  Following are the final pieces (except for one ornie which is still drying, after gluing the cording on – I’ll take a photo over the weekend when I can):

First up are a couple more Christmas ornies finished off:

Christmas Peace ornie

Fill With Love ornie

Then another wee pinkeep:

Morning Glory pinkeep 1

Morning Glory pinkeep 2

Morning Glory pinkeep 3

And finally my first attempt at a tin topper – this is FAR from perfect, and there are many things I’d do differently next time, but it’s OK for a first attempt I guess.  It was supposed to be a gift for someone, but I’m not entirely sure it’s good enough for that … I’ll have to think that over, I think … In any case, I need to find my magnetic strips to add to the inside lid, but they have so far eluded me today!  I do like the little ‘bow’ on the front of the lid, made from two loops of velvet ribbon 🙂

Tin Topper 3

Tin Topper 2

14 thoughts on “Final finishes for the day”

  1. Finishing scares me. I’m so afraid I will really mess up my stitching. All your pieces look great. Everything looks so smooth and straight. From the photo, your box looks wonderful. Congratulations on all your finishes.

  2. Oh wow! Beautiful ornies, pinkeep and tin! Your finishes are gorgeous Anne! I’m telling you that tin looks perfect and I really think it’s beyond good enough for giving as a gift! Good job girl!

  3. All your finishing in these last three posts is amazing. Your tin finishing is SO MUCH better than mine. I haven’t dared try it again, to be honest. LOL.

  4. More beautiful finishes!! I love the pinkeep… and your tin looks amazing to me! Love the way you are finishing the ornies!

  5. pooey at you – the tin is gorgeous – I’d be happy to receive it as a gift *chuckle*

    love the beaded pinkeep too by the way!

    COme visit us soon….I need a stitching step up!

  6. Your tin looks perfect to me! I haven’t tried this finish myself yet – I will one day – maybe! 😉

    Love your Mill Hill pinkeep, it’s gorgeous.

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