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Flat-fold finish

Well, if I thought my hand cramps during the hemstitching of my needlerolls was annoying, the cramps from the ladder stitching of the sides of my flat-fold were downright tortuous … it took me hours just to complete one little flat-fold, and that turned out to be my only finishing completed yesterday.  Now I just need to buy some nice trim for the edges of the front piece and add a nice rich red bow or something on the top.  I’ll take another piccie later when I eventually get around to going shopping.

PS-Santa Ltd Ed 1

PS-Santa Ltd Ed 2

PS-Santa Ltd Ed 3

During my finishing session I watched another couple of movies – the highlight for me was Charlie & Boots, it was a nice lighthearted Aussie movie that I could easily watch again.  On the other end of the scale I watched District 9 … or should I say “started to watch” … that has got to be the biggest waste of celluloid I’ve seen for quite some time!  Thankfully not long afterwards I managed to finish my flat-fold and then sat and finished watching the last half of the Taking of Pelham 123 while I stitched for a short while.  I have to agree with Gina’s comment in my last post that I really enjoyed this one … not enough to stop me from stitching, but then again there isn’t much movie-wise that can manage to do that – it’s one of the reasons I can generally sit and watch movies over and over while I’m stitching 🙂

I must say, though, I was thrilled to see the little ghostie showing up nice and clearly against the slightly darker tea-dyed fabric – definitely worth doing it!  I did start visualising this little piece as a little flat-fold though, so at that point I decided I was getting delirious and had to take myself off to bed … at least it won’t be ready for finishing for a while, so I’m not quite a sucker for punishment just yet 😛

Unfortunately I was woken up at 4.30am to the sound of glass smashing, so I was as nervous as heck sleeping (even though I’m on the 3rd floor of our apartment block!), and I had a very broken sleep – not entirely sure what I’ll finish off today, but it probably won’t be half as productive as Saturday as today is also housekeeping day when I have to tidy everything up as well as doing all the housework in readiness for the working week beginning.

7 thoughts on “Flat-fold finish”

  1. All of your projects look great as usual! I’d recommend giving District 9 another try…I thought it was fantastic movie! It’s a bit weird at first but I found I was hooked right away.

  2. My goodness, you’ve been so productive! Beautiful stuff, all of it!

    Sorry to read about the cramping (hope your hand is better), and about the scary noise. I have an idea how it feels, as I once had that with a woman (probably a hooker)’s blood-curdling screams for help outside our block of flats: very creepy – called the police, but never heard about it again.

  3. Your flatfold is perfect! And I love the PS santa…let me tell you something…I went to a Mary Kay makeup party around Christmastide last year and the lady’s daughter must cross stitch…well on her mantle were the Prairie Schooler Santas (the Limited Editions one like these – ALL OF THEM!) all stitched and finished like flatfolds. She had holly and berry garland around them and stockings hanging and I fell in love instantly. Didn’t buy make-up, but I came home and ordered every Limited Edition Prairie Schooler Santa kit. 🙂

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