It’s no wonder the weather has changed!

I’ve been little Miss Homemaker on my time off … up early this morning (although still in my PJ’s now at lunchtime haha) I yanked the shower curtain off the rail and chopped about 3″ off the bottom, then turned up and stitched a new hem on the machine.  Our shower curtain has needed a trim since we moved in in January, but 6 months later it is finally done.  That means once Lisa and I have had our showers today it can go in the washing machine, and for once we won’t be tripping up on it in the bottom of the bath!

After finishing the shower curtain, I was all set to put a beef and red wine casserole mix into the slow cooker, but alas the meat still hasn’t defrosted yet, so a change in dinner plans tonight, I guess.  What I did manage to get done, though, is my first ever flanged pillow – I think it’s WAY too over-stuffed, but I guess I’ll know better next time.  All the same, I still think it turned out cute.  If you’re interested in knowing what the design is, you’ll have to look back through previous posts – for obvious reasons I’m not re-posting that information now.  I think I’ll have to re-do the girls’ hair ribbons, though, as they got a bit mutilated while I was turning the pillow inside-out.

Can Can Pillow 1

Can Can Pillow 2

I also managed to take some clearer shots of the Block Roll, including one of it opened up – half a dozen projects are now comfortably residing in the rolls, ready to have some more playmates once my needles get back into action again.  (I’ll go back and replace the photos in the previous post as well.)

Block Roll 2

Block Roll 4

Block Roll 5

Updated to add:  Thanks for the question, Joanne – the centre of the roll is a pool noodle cut into an 18″ length.  I think I might make another longer one so that it’ll cater for my Mirabilia finishes (once I have done!).  The white fabric is actually felt, which grips like glue onto whatever you place on it … not entirely sure how much I like that, but at least they won’t slip and slide while rolling it up!  Each pool noodle will give you enough length for 3 block rolls, so it’s likely you’ll see another one or two popping up on the blog at some stage … especially as the noodles came in a pack of 3 as well! 😀

As for ‘what now?’ … I’m not entirely sure what I feel like doing – I know I have a whole bunch of ornies to be finish-finished, but I think I may have a break from finishing today and do a tiny bit of stitching on my Sunflower Sampler – hmmmm, perhaps I should have my shower and get dressed then decide … I really do need to get those ornies finished … hmmm …