It’s all Susan’s fault!!

After seeing a preview piccie on Susan’s blog, I’ve now HAD to add this chart to my wishlist!!  Geez she’s a great enabler!!!  This is LHN’s newest release, “Little House Neighbourhood” – I’d heard about this chart before it was released but didn’t think it would appeal to me … um, I was wrong … 😉

LHN-Little House Neighbourhood


9 thoughts on “It’s all Susan’s fault!!

  1. Glad to be of assistance! Isn’t it lovely? I’m calling my LNS today to get it put aside for me when it comes in!

    BTW – you need to start stalking the mailman!

  2. That IS a great chart, isn’t it? I think I’ll be placing an order with Hoffman to get it for One Star’s Light, if it’s available.

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