Exhausted … but still here!

I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay away for long … although the last two weeks have really taken it out of me energy-wise.  Aside from working both days last weekend for various times, I’ve managed to have my working days this week range from 12 hours to 17 hours … today was my final 13 hour day for the week, and my intention for the entire weekend is to sit around in my PJ’s, watch DVD’s and stitch to my heart’s content.  I don’t give a monkeys about housework chores (aside from a bit of laundry that I’ll need for next week) or cooking gourmet meals … it’s all about being bone idle and not having to think about anything for a second longer than absolutely necessary.

The product launch went pretty well (my 17 hour day was from flying to Hobart for the day – leaving home at 4.45am and getting home at 10.30pm … not fun!), although it’s been a rush of ongoing work since then due to some problems with the software that has caused some extra workload for my area … but I’m hoping that today will see the last of the long shifts, and next week things will return to normality once again.  I have to admit that tonight arriving home I sang a little ditty to myself and did a bit of a dance coming into my bedroom … so I guess I’m excited that I survived the week and that it’s now the weekend! 😀

Inbetween work last weekend I did manage to fit in a tiny bit of stitching and got one project completed – eagle eyes may have spotted it sitting in my “finished” Flickr display in the sidebar here after last weekend, but I can now unveil it officially.

Fish Collage by Lanarte

“Fish Collage” from Sea Life booklet by Lanarte
stitched on 32ct white Belfast linen with DMC

I also have something else to ‘show and tell’, as I received a wonderful, wonderful gift yesterday from Susan.  Unfortunately, though, I haven’t taken a photo yet, so that will have to wait until I do that this weekend.  In the meantime if you want to see it more quickly you can have a peep over at Susan’s blog.  I absolutely ADORE it, and you’ll understand exactly why when you see it!! 😀

One thing I did do, though, while cleaning up my photo files for half an hour the other night, is find another few designs that had to be put officially onto my wishlist, and I thought I’d share ‘just for the sake of it’ while they’re on the Webshots screen:

AS-203 Golden Lotus by Art-Stitch

Golden Lotus by Art-Stitch

Home by the Sea by Designs by Pamela

Home by the Sea by Designs by Pamela

Victorian Santas by Charlette's Collectibles

I love, love LOVE these fellas!!!!!
Victorian Santas by Charlette’s Collectibles

With thread in hand by Lavender Wings

With thread in hand by Lavender Wings

Rightio, it’s now 10.30pm, and I’m still sitting in my raincoat after just walking in the door, so time to undress and get into those PJ’s I’m gonna be wearing all weekend … I think tonight I’ll fall into bed and be asleep before my head hits the pillow.  It’s such a good feeling to know “it’s all over” (well, the biggest part anyway).

Thanks, too, by the way for all the positive support from the incident last weekend, it was really appreciated – I’ve now moved on and decided not to address the issue further.  It has still left a slightly bitter taste in my mouth, for want of a better description, but it will not stop me from blogging or stitching … after all, that’s part of who I am!  Thanks again for the support everyone {{hugs}}.

Rightio, it’s really time to hit the hay now, as my eyes are starting to close of their own volition haha.


13 thoughts on “Exhausted … but still here!

  1. Definitely pick up Home By the Sea – I’m working on it now and it’s a nice piece to stitch on. It’s not complicated – perfect for stitching without having to think too much about it.

  2. Oh that’s it, I’m not reading your blog anymore – you’re a bad influence!!!!!! I absolutely love that Charlette’s Collectibles one 😉

    Great to hear that, even though you’re tired, you’re much better and plan on having a fun weekend.

    Oh and I love your finish.

  3. I’m so glad to see that you are back and blogging! I hope work settles down soon for you. I still haven’t stitched anything from my Sea Life book – I’ve got something in mind to start, but haven’t done so as yet.

    I’m so glad you liked the fob & scissors 🙂

  4. Anne, your finish is gorgeous. I love those colors. I hope you have a relaxing weekend-you need it after all those hours at work. Glad to see you back! Yay!

  5. hiya god you must be exhausted and i agree i wish i could lounge stitch and watch films all weekend with kids you cant there always in and out.. lol lovley fish sampler its beautiful…well done

  6. Ooh…. I like that Golden Lotus too! Hope you have a relaxing couple of days… no idea how you work long days like that at all.

  7. I do understand about the bitter taste in your mouth. I would feel the same, I am sure.

    It is always great to visit you, so I am really glad that you are back 🙂

  8. Your fish collage looks wonderful, Anne! I think it would make quite a lovely pinkeep. 🙂 You are such an evil enabler!

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