No stitching to show

And it might be a few days or so before there’s another update after my stitching weekend marathon 🙂

Instead, today I finally contacted the NSW Embroiderers Guild to talk about signing up for membership.  The headquarters is in Concord West, so it’s a wee drive away from here, but they have stitching groups that meet one Saturday or one Sunday a month, which could be nice to join up with.  Even though I’m not currently doing any stitching other than XS, it’s nice to see other techniques being done – and might even spur me back into action to work on some of the EGA class projects I haven’t even started yet!

I’ve also been increasing my wishlist (yet again!!) – here are the latest ones that have taken my fancy (thank goodness I don’t often search for new designs so I only find a few at a time haha)

Here’s My Stitching Treasures Accessories by Jeannette Douglas (I also now might have to add the original My Stitching Treasures to the list too LOL):

Jeannette Douglas-My Stitching Treasures Accessories

New 2008 double flip-its from Lizzie*Kate – I LOVE these big time!!!  I have a funny feeling my Mum might love these too … I don’t normally ‘go for’ Lizzie’s flip-its, but these ones are a given 😉

Lizzie Kate-Christmas flip its

Talking about Lizzie*Kate, this one I have definitely got a soft spot for after seeing it on Dawn’s blog – gotta love those sentiments haha:

lizzie kate-s81-housework never killed anyone

And I’ll finish off with Mirabilia’s Letters from Nora – the letter A is just perfection in itself for moi … what more could I want than a beautiful pretty blue angel? OK, so she doesn’t have a duck by her side, but it’s close enough to perfection for me 😉

Mirabilia-Letters from Nora A

The only thing I had to add is that I finally have a better typing set-up at home for my laptop … just before Mum left I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse, and I just LOVE it – especially the mouse! It’s amazing how much more quickly I’m getting things done on the computer.

I’m also starting to plough through my 3 months backlog of blog reading as from today – I’d love to get to the stage again when I just have ‘new’ feeds to check each day instead of the 1300+ I currently have to wade through! I’m tempted to ‘mark as read’ … sorely tempted … but I know I’ll regret missing out on news and stitching finishes, so I’ll keep going for a few days and see how I go 🙂


11 thoughts on “No stitching to show

  1. Those designs are gorgeous Anne. You could always just add a duck to the Miribilia Letter to make it totally perfect for you ;). Good luck with your blog reading.

  2. I remember my first wireless mouse – I loved it! I have a touchpad now, and could not be happy without it.

    Great new wishes – love that alphabet!

  3. All the things you have added look so great. Hadn’t seen the one ffrom JD yet and I have the big box chart in my stash so well I should be adding this one too.

  4. think i will join you to allthose you have chosen especially the sampler absolutely gorgeous i have a wish list.. i wish i had everything to do with xstitch… lol

  5. Thanks for your sweet comments about Frederick. Now I’m trying to finish a few more WIPs before the ‘Seasonal Chairs’ SAL starts in four days. Won’t get too far in four days will I?(LOL)

    I’ve just been enjoying all the pictures you’ve uploaded this month. Not only are the pictures great I love all those Australian names – so exotic to me.

    How are you enjoying your Egyptian Mandala? I almost bought it last week and then saw that it needs about 3000 beads. Just don’t know if I’m ready to commit to that.

  6. I’m in the same boat as you…I have so many blogs to read that I cringe everytime I open my google reader. But, like you said, I’d hate to miss out on the goodies if I just mark them as read! Love the new charts you’ve added to your wishlist – those L*K Flipits are darling!

  7. You are SO lucky to be at the beginning of the alphabet! I have to wait for a while before Nora makes her way to my initials. Of course, you have a bit to wait for your last initial. Enough time to stitch the first one before it’s released? 😉

  8. Oh, no! Now I’m going to have to stitch the Stitching Treasures accessories, too. Darn that Jeanette Douglas and her gorgeous designs!

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