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Photo Hunt – Anniversary

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This week’s theme is ”Anniversary” and my first choice is dedicated to one of the most infamous anniversaries in modern times – that of the World Trade Center terrorist attack. In keeping with the theme, here is the block I stitched for the WTC memorial quilt. The last two photos were not taken by me, but are photos of the finished quilt on display then being presented at the White House.

WTC Quilt

WTC quilt final

wtc quilt 1

And finally, this is in honour of my parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary, which is coming up in 3 weeks time – this photo was taken about 10 years ago on one of our rare family holidays, in the Fijian islands 😀

Mum and Dad Fiji 2002

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Theme Thursday – Palm

Here are my choices for this week’s Theme Thursday, where the theme is “Palm”. First up is Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas, Queensland.

Four Mile Beach 2

In order to keep with the ‘normal’ theme of this blog, I’ll attempt to do some photo memes with a link to stitching where I can …

Therefore this week my next choice is my first designing attempt in cross stitch – this is the song of farewell in Fijian (Isa Lei).  I remember it always used to amaze the Fijian locals at the resorts that I could sing the whole song along with them in their native tongue … it was always my favourite song when I was visiting, even though it was always sad to actually say goodbye to our Fijian friends each time.

I took the top section out of a XS magazine, then designed my own borders that are Fijian in origin (the side ones are stitched over-one yikes) – I charted out the words myself (all in Fijian), then stitched the little shell on the bottom right using a commercial chart but stitched over-one, then designed my very own little kava bowl and coconut shell cups on the bottom left (also stitched over one). I was incredibly proud of this little attempt, and it was given as a gift to the resort owners of the resort we used to go to in Fiji … shame about the quality, but I’m unable to go back and take another photo as it is now missing in action (and this photo was taken way back when digital cameras weren’t ‘the norm’) 😦

Isa Lei (Fijian)


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NZ Exchange

I have absolutely nothing to show stitching WIP-wise this week, as I’ve been clocking some mental hours at work, with a few 12 hour days.  My new all-time record was a 16 1/2 hour day yesterday – 12 of them in the office, then I came home and did the remainder at home, finishing at 1.30am this morning.  I still have enough work to keep me going for one more entire day, but I thought I’d take a break for a bit – although I have a major deadline looming, so I have to do it over the weekend to get it finished in time for review on Tuesday morning (it’s a long weekend here in Sydney this weekend).

Seeing as I don’t have any WIP updates, I thought I’d go ahead and post the exchange I posted off last week.  I haven’t heard that it’s arrived, but it should be there by now 🙂

You will remember that I shared the ‘back sides” last week, well here are the fronts.  I was very sad to see these ones leave home … I think I just may have to repeat this exchange all for myself – love, love, love the colours – I just hope my recipient likes it too!

Exchange for StitchNZ

StitchNZ Exchange scissor fob

Freebie from My Aunt’s Attic
Stitched on 32ct white Belfast linen
with DMC 4030 thread
(homemade tassel & cord also in DMC 4030 thread)

StitchNZ Exchange pincushion

Freebie by Le Petit Monde de Vavi
Stitched on 32ct white Belfast linen
with DMC 4030 thread

And seeing as I have nothing else to share today, I’ll end with this week’s Photo Hunt, as I ran out of pre-published posts last week and have to think of this one from scratch.  Alas, no future themes are out yet either, so I guess next week’s will be from scratch too…


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This week’s theme is ”Public” and I went with the following dictionary definition:

“Definition:Open to common or general use; as, a public road; a public house.”

In saying that, here are my choices for this week … Here I am waiting for a bus at the public bus depot in Nadi … during a flood (and no, I have no expectation that a bus will really arrive!).

Nadi bus depot flooded

Or perhaps a public road at Edfu markets, Egypt…

Edfu Markets 1

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Photo Hunt – Thankful

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This week’s theme is “Thankful” and I have to say I have many things to be thankful for in my lifetime – friends and family that have helped be grow and become the person I am today … opportunities to experience many different adventures along life’s pathway … and the opportunity to travel and broaden my horizons and life experiences. I am thankful for all these things – thankful for the richness of life itself!  Here are some snippets from my life of which I have been thankful to experience…

Indian wedding group QF



swimming with dolphins

tukino group in the falling snow



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Photo Hunt – Aftermath

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This week’s theme is “Aftermath” and I had a couple of choices – the aftermath of volcanic activity on our club skifield and clubhouse, or the aftermath of a drunken night in Fiji with half a moustache missing … but I decided on these photos that show the Aftermath of a bushfire in Fiji.  We used to own a timeshare in the Fijian islands, and our island was consumed in flames one night.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of the fires themselves as I was too busy carrying water to the guys on the front line etc, but it was one hairy night that’s for sure!  As you can see from one of the photos, the fire got awfully close to our buildings!  You can also see that the walking track made a good firebreak – the photo of Mum and Akuila is like a before and after shot!  That’s one aftermath I’m not keen to repeat for a while …





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Photo Hunt – Lazy

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This week’s theme is “Lazy” and these are this week’s choices for me …

We have Dad being Lazy on a quiet beach in Fiji:

Dad at Dokko's

Then we have our old cat Rio (no longer with us) being Lazy in Auckland:

Rio on the path

And this guy just makes me think “Lazy and relaxed” – one of the artworks/sculptures on display at the Enchanted Maze Gardens on the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne:


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A bit of a rant!

After posting a piccie of my stitching finish “Picanini Can Can”, someone ‘kindly’ left a link to Wikipedia in my comments area which essentially states the term “Pickaninny” is offensive and racist.  Am I to interpret that link to insinuate either my stitching or myself is offensive and racist??  Who knows, as the person who left the link has not responded to my personal email to her.  All I can say is, seriously, GET A GRIP!!!!!

Quite frankly it’s picking on one of the least racist ‘white chicks’ you can meet – I used to tell Fraze off all the time for his racist comments and actions against Asian races … and I have always had friends ‘of colour’ – Asian, Indian, Maori and Fijian … not to mention I was apparently the only kid in the street growing up in England who used to play with the ‘coloured children’ (the term I was taught to use growing up) – as far as I was concerned there was no colour difference … as someone once said, “we are the same people in different packaging – we all bleed the same blood”.

I’ll end with a photo of the last relationship I was in … racist?  I think not! (by the way, it’s the guy on the right) 

Akuila and Joe

Mutter mutter mutter … 😦

I can only say one thing, in the form of my latest stitching finish – my Christmas ornie for June … “PEACE”!!! 🙂


“Peace” ornament by Country Cottage Needleworks
from 2007 JCS Christmas Ornament magazine
Stitched on 28ct Water Lily Jobelan
with recommended DMC (except substitute plain white for DMC 3865 which was AWOL)

Yet another crappy photo that doesn’t show the colours up too well – the fabric is a lovely soft green!  Like others before me, I think this is way too big to be an ornie, so I’m keen to finish it as a flanged pillow … with a pastel pink fabric for the flange … yeah, I know, ME … PINK!!!!! 😛