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Photo Hunt – Anniversary

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This week’s theme is ”Anniversary” and my first choice is dedicated to one of the most infamous anniversaries in modern times – that of the World Trade Center terrorist attack. In keeping with the theme, here is the block I stitched for the WTC memorial quilt. The last two photos were not taken by me, but are photos of the finished quilt on display then being presented at the White House.

WTC Quilt

WTC quilt final

wtc quilt 1

And finally, this is in honour of my parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary, which is coming up in 3 weeks time – this photo was taken about 10 years ago on one of our rare family holidays, in the Fijian islands 😀

Mum and Dad Fiji 2002

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  1. I didn’t know that you had stitched for that quilt, as well. I charted and stitched a couple of panels for that one and I stitched one for the Flight 93 quilt organized by the same woman. I never saw the photo of the quilt being presented at the White House. Impressive!

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