A bit of a rant!

After posting a piccie of my stitching finish “Picanini Can Can”, someone ‘kindly’ left a link to Wikipedia in my comments area which essentially states the term “Pickaninny” is offensive and racist.  Am I to interpret that link to insinuate either my stitching or myself is offensive and racist??  Who knows, as the person who left the link has not responded to my personal email to her.  All I can say is, seriously, GET A GRIP!!!!!

Quite frankly it’s picking on one of the least racist ‘white chicks’ you can meet – I used to tell Fraze off all the time for his racist comments and actions against Asian races … and I have always had friends ‘of colour’ – Asian, Indian, Maori and Fijian … not to mention I was apparently the only kid in the street growing up in England who used to play with the ‘coloured children’ (the term I was taught to use growing up) – as far as I was concerned there was no colour difference … as someone once said, “we are the same people in different packaging – we all bleed the same blood”.

I’ll end with a photo of the last relationship I was in … racist?  I think not! (by the way, it’s the guy on the right) 

Akuila and Joe

Mutter mutter mutter … 😦

I can only say one thing, in the form of my latest stitching finish – my Christmas ornie for June … “PEACE”!!! 🙂


“Peace” ornament by Country Cottage Needleworks
from 2007 JCS Christmas Ornament magazine
Stitched on 28ct Water Lily Jobelan
with recommended DMC (except substitute plain white for DMC 3865 which was AWOL)

Yet another crappy photo that doesn’t show the colours up too well – the fabric is a lovely soft green!  Like others before me, I think this is way too big to be an ornie, so I’m keen to finish it as a flanged pillow … with a pastel pink fabric for the flange … yeah, I know, ME … PINK!!!!! 😛


21 thoughts on “A bit of a rant!

  1. Hey Anne, as someone of Pakistany descent I have to admit, I may understand why your poster may have left that link. Whether intentional or not, stitching (especially cross stitch) these days is very much a “white” craft/interest. So many designs reflect this and it’s very difficult finding things that touch base with one’s own interests and culture.
    That and trying to become friends with stitchers online is somewhat difficult simply because I just don’t “fit in.” Your poster may have automatically assumed that the design was racist in nature?

    Either way, I hope they see (like I do) that you are no where near racist, and it re-affirms my interest in YOU, your blog and your stitching. So thank YOU 🙂

  2. I really don’t think that posting the name of a design is racist. But that’s just my opinion.

    Love your Peace design, even if it IS pink. LOL

  3. Oh dear. It is a cute little design, and even if the term is offensive to some, it’s not as if you named it yourself. Don’t take the ‘comment’ to heart Anne, we know you’re ace! (And your last bloke was a bit of a hottie, too!!)

  4. As a “coloured” (The mere use of this term is offensive by the way) person myself the pattern and the name are offensive, and while I realize you didn’t come up with the name or the design, you did chose to do it and therefore should be aware of the emotions and or feelings it can evoke. Simply because you find it “cute” doesn’t mean it’s not hurtful to others or demonstrative of years of hurt and dehumanization forced upon an entire race of people. The term itself is racist. The design itself is racist. You are entitled to enjoy and stitch what you want, but others are entitled to feel about it how they want.

    Sidenote: Posting a picture of your black boyfriend to back up your “I’m not a racist” claim really doesn’t bode well…that’s what all the racist say!

  5. OMG Anne, you seem to have stirred up a hornet’s nest here. It wasn’t you who named the design, so why should you be blamed. The next thing will be we can’t have black or white threads, they’ll have to called a different colour – oops sorry, I’m not allowed to say ‘colour’.

  6. I’ve stitched Picanini Can Can too, it’s a gorgeous design. I wonder if that makes me racist too? LOL. We know you’re not Anne, so I wouldn’t let one commenter upset you.

    Your last boyfriend is gorgeous! What a smile.

  7. Okay, calm down, Sally! Pikannin is in use daily in Africa, it just means child. And Coloured, ha, ask any ‘Coloured’ in Cape Town if they are proud to be coloured, and they will answer yes!! BTW, it is an official classification in SA, and is NOT offensive in the least.

    Anne, I loved the pattern, I will not do it myself – I have too little time, but I think it is sweet.

  8. I have just asked a black guy at work if he finds the picture offensive and he says he sees absolutely nothing wrong with it. He thinks it is cute and would not be offended if I had stitched it and offered it to him.

    I think this is a difference of opinion between American and other country’s perceptions.

  9. I think just leaving a link like that is rude…. better to say “I find that word offensive”, if that is her view. Having said that, I like the design, and you didn’t name it. I’m sure you’re not racist, nothing you’ve ever written here could lead anyone to that conclusion, as far as I can see, quite the opposite, in fact.

    Interesting that stitching is perceived as a “white interest”, because I have to say that in the groups I’ve participated in, and these include groups in Australia and France, also six months at a craft school in Denmark, that I’ve met people from all over the world. For example, it’s hugely popular in Japan, those lovely Japanese stitching books are mostly written by women who went to the same school as I did in Denmark.

    I love the “Peace” ornament as well – I’m definitely a pink and green girl, and I think you are being converted to pink now 🙂 . It strikes me as a great choice at the moment, and I can also think of a few offices where I’ve worked where it would be highly appropriate.

  10. Oh dear. As an American – where relations between people of different skin colors and backgrounds and everything just seems to constantly be at a fever pitch – I was a little worried someone might have a less happy opinion of the chart’s name. I really am terribly sorry people have lashed out. Sending you big hugs. Oh, and thanks again for those gorgeous pins – I’ve just used them in a great gift for Annemarie. 😀

  11. Hi Anne – you can’t help other people’s perceptions. It is probably a little bit of “change the things you can. and rise above the things you can’t change”.

    The link below might take your mind off other matters – as soon as I saw it I thought of you.

    By the way both my CA Wells pieces are finished!

    Joanne in Perth

  12. I think this was totally unnecessary… you’re one of the nicest people in the blogging world… {{hugs}} Your Peace ornament is so pretty!

  13. You didn’t name the design; you didn’t stitch it with the intention of provoking some kind of racist outburst, so don’t stress about it.

    If the person who sent you the link won’t respond to your e-mails, she/he isn’t worth bothering about. Just ignore him/her.

  14. Lovely ornament, congrats!

    Sorry to see all the controversy – to me it was just a cute picture of kids dancing, what can be wrong about that?

  15. Anne, I’m sorry for all the flack you’ve had over this picture, some people just like to criticise without really knowing anything about you. To *assume* that you’re racist after viewing that picture ???

  16. Anne, when I saw your ex-I thought “dang, he’s cute”!;) Such a gorgeous smile. I think if the poster had added a little more to the post other than the link it would not have seemed to be critical. Lovely ornament too!

  17. Well, I certainly didn’t know the word had an offensive meaning to it. I know you’re not a racist, besides the fact that Joe (I think that was his name?) was a totally hottie! I’m sure it will all blow over soon. Sorry that such a cute little design had to cause such angst! *hug*

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