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Photo Hunt – Aftermath

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This week’s theme is “Aftermath” and I had a couple of choices – the aftermath of volcanic activity on our club skifield and clubhouse, or the aftermath of a drunken night in Fiji with half a moustache missing … but I decided on these photos that show the Aftermath of a bushfire in Fiji.  We used to own a timeshare in the Fijian islands, and our island was consumed in flames one night.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of the fires themselves as I was too busy carrying water to the guys on the front line etc, but it was one hairy night that’s for sure!  As you can see from one of the photos, the fire got awfully close to our buildings!  You can also see that the walking track made a good firebreak – the photo of Mum and Akuila is like a before and after shot!  That’s one aftermath I’m not keen to repeat for a while …





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  1. Fires can be scary things. I know they can keep us warm, be beautiful, etc. but when large and in the wild… Glad you all survived, etc.

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