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Aug/Sep WIPocalypse (late as normal!)


Only 2 days to go before the September WIPocalypse post is due … oops … life sure has a way to interfere with plans, and my memory is shocking, so yet again I’ve missed the deadline.Β  That doesn’t mean I haven’t been stitched, although I have to admit I haven’t been stitching as much as I normally do.Β  Work pressures have yet again put a hold of any mid-week stitching, although each weekend I’ve made sure I’ve had one day dedicated to stitching my little heart out.

So, here goes … here is what I’ve managed to get up to stitching-wise over the last two months.Β  I figure I may as well just have this as my September WIPocalypse post as well, as I can’t see me doing any further stitching between now and two days time that will be worth shouting from the rooftops πŸ˜‰

First up I decided to just keep on stitching on my Eiffel Quaker until it was finished – I just love this one!

Jardin Prive - Eiffel Quaker
“Eiffel Quaker” by Jardin PrivΓ©
Started 11 January 2013 – Finished 28 July 2014
Stitched on 36ct antique white evenweave from Sewitall
with French Au Ver A Soie Soie d’Alger silk threads
Stitch count 150 wide x 143 high

I then decided to be responsible (unusual for me!) with my stitching and get a charity quilt block out of the way that I had committed to – I absolutely adore this one, and I’ve left the DMC threads etc all sitting with the chart in readiness to stitch this one again for myself … I love, love, love it! πŸ™‚

Green Apple Co-Chambered Nautilus
“Chambered Nautilus” by Green Apple Co (artwork by Janet Powers)
Stitched for Love Quilts Australia
Stitched on 14ct white Aida with DMC threads

Then last weekend I started back loosely with my rotation, and picked up my pastel needleroll to finish off:

M Designs-Thistle Needleroll pastels
“Thistle Needleroll – Pale Colorway” by M Designs
Started 26 January 2014 – Finished 31 August 2014
Stitched on 32ct Lambswool linen by Wichelt
with a mix of Olde Willow, Crescent Colours and DMC threads
(I had to substitute some threads and mix the colours as my Olde Willow threads
had faded so much over the years they were almost white!)

And then my final finish took place yesterday – I only had about 3 hours of stitching left in my ‘small/medium projects’ slot, but I opted to just keep stitching until I finished it (hence my comment about ‘loosely’ following my rotation!). This was a real joy to stitch, with some good challenges, and it just needs to be made into a little pincushion now.

Periwinkle Promises-Blue Bell Sampler Accent
“Blue Bell Sampler Accent” by Periwinkle Promises
Started 31 August 2014 – Finished 6 September 2014
Stitched using kit threads (AVAS silks) and linen fabric

Inbetween working on my rotation slots, I have opted to leave my current focus piece project sitting in the lounge on my floor frame. Every 2nd weekend I spend one day stitching my little heart out on her while catching up on recorded TV … which means I’ve sort of taken her out of my rotation, and I just stitch on her when I feel like sitting in the lounge. The rest of my rotation stitching is done in my bedroom sat up in bed stitching (my most common stitching location these days – I got into the habit of that with my last flatmate as I hated spending any time in the lounge when he was home). Anyhoo, here she is in her current glory (well almost anyway, I’ve actually done a bit more since this photo was taken – she’ll definitely be finished by the end of this year, which is awesome). Angel of Love by Lavender & Lace:


After I’d finished my Victoria Sampler’s Crimson Fire Sampler, I needed to find another old UFO to take its place, and I chose this piece stitched on Congress Cloth. I managed to finally finish the darned bees on the left-hand side of the fabric, but my thread snapped while I was stitching the 2nd side of the hemstitching rows so I decided to give it a miss for a while and started stitching over on the main pain of the stitching. I hadn’t realised just how much metallic thread is used on this project, and it was a relief to finally get to the bee’s head and have something lovely and soft to stitch with. I opted to stop, though, at the end of the 10 hours rotation slot, but look forward to seeing that slot come around again in the future πŸ™‚


And next up in my rotation is Quaker Christmas II – this hasn’t seen the light since I did one rotation slot on it back in February, so it will be nice to add a few more stitches to this one … and that’ll give me something to show for my October WIPocalypse post πŸ™‚

Talking of which, I guess I also need to answer the WIPocalypse questions for these two months as well, so here goes:

10 August:

“Tell us about your oldest and newest WIPs.”
Well, I guess my oldest one now is probably Stoney Creek’s Natures Rest. This is possibly one that will never ever be finished – aside from making a massive blue on the tree stump and the need to frog a huge section, because I can’t work out what was wrong and what was right, it was also using some older threads that I no longer have so there’s every likelihood that I will have mis-matched dyelots and this will show, especially with the greys. I don’t have too much love for this old project (my first ever on evenweave fabric, and I didn’t follow the instructions properly so I used 2 strands of thread in the background instead of 1 strand …). Whatever could go wrong with this piece, it certainly did – and it remains relatively unloved because of it!

My newest WIP according to my rotation records is a canvaswork piece called Sand and Surf by Northern Pine Designs.Β  My canvaswork rotation is coming up soon, so I can’t wait to get back into working on this one again.Β  I have a feeling I won’t stop until this one is finished, as canvaswork tends to go quite quickly with some of the big chunky stitches.

Surf and Sand

9 September:

“Who is your favourite person to stitch for, or do you prefer to keep your stitching yourself?”
I have to admit over the years I’ve given most of my stitching away – over the last 10 years, though, I tend to stitch more for myself with the odd gift given out. I like to stitch gifts for people, but as soon as I make a commitment to do something my brain goes into meltdown and it removes the enjoyment of stitching for me – I’d much rather stitch something then decide after it’s finished to gift it to someone.

Charity, Charity Stitching

Scissor fobs for a good cause

As I mentioned yesterday, I am now selling some of my scissor fobs via an ArtFire store – I have only managed to load up about half of my stock so far (that took me all the rest of the day yesterday), so not all colours and styles are available yet.

The first ten sales will have the proceeds donated to Coral and her family, in aid of baby Timothy.

Timothy ribbon

Timothy was born on April 16th this year and diagnosed with a rare form of Juvenile Leukemia on the 1st of July. The money will be going towards Timothy’s escalating medical costs.

Please do come and support a good cause, and help me sell those first ten fobs! Just click on the ArtFire link above, or the thumbnail below, and it should take you directly to my storefront πŸ™‚

Alternatively, if you want to make a straight-out donation, I’m happy to take any and all donations and add them to the “bucket” to send to Coral. I can accept funds via PayPal (my email is shakatak @ iinet . net . au – just remember to take the extra spaces out).

Also, if you’re able to advertise on your own blog for this good cause, I’d be really grateful – if there’s enough business generated, I may be able to offer the proceeds of more than ten fobs πŸ™‚

Fob Thumbnail

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Week of the Dragon! (2nd post)

Nope, I didn’t get that wrong in the title … it’s not the “Year of the Dragon” – for us it’s been the Week of the Dragon!

While we were in Hong Kong I made Mum pose in front of the Nine Dragon Wall in the temple gardens, and laughed saying it was now a Ten Dragon Wall hahaha …

Dragon #1 (ie 10th Dragon)
Then tonight it was a true dragon-fest … I put the final backstitches into my dragon quilt square, while watching Dragonheart on TV, with my own mother dragon stitching away opposite me … an absolute plethora of Dragons!!! LOLOLOLOL.

Dragon #2

Charity Stitching, Finishes

DMC on sale for Aussies

Just a quick public announcement in case you’re interested (for my fellow Aussies) … I happened by chance to pop into my local “Riot” art & craft store near work while I killed time in my lunch break, and found they had DMC on sale until the end of July for 59c each – time to drag out the floss bags and see what I’m running short of πŸ™‚

The other news is that as of 10 minutes ago, my latest charity quilt block was finished … I really didn’t enjoy the deadline for this one (my own fault, though) so I’ve decided once the next block is finished (which is due 15 August) I’m not signing up for any more deadlines months in advance. I’ve got a charity block rotation slot, and the week that I come to it, I’ll check the website to see what blocks are required, then I’ll sit and stitch it straightaway … that way I’m not governed by timeframes too much, but I still continue to contribute to the quilts. I’ve decided deadlines just don’t suit me. I may also pull out of the SBEBB for the same reason – I love the whole idea of exchanges etc, but I’ve found the deadlines too stressful … perhaps because I had so many things on the go at the same time. I’ll see how I feel after the redwork exchange is completed …

So, with no further do, here is my racing car block ready to jump in the mail.

Charity Stitching, Finishes

Nearly there … (updated)

Managed to get a reasonable amount of my Batman square stitched last night, and more tonight, so I think my deadline will easily be reached to have it in the mail on Wednesday … I’m starting to get a bit goggle-eyed tonight, after my early shift (it’s amazing how quickly you get out of the habit!!), so I don’t know how much more I’ll get done tonight – I was originally hoping to finish it off, but I don’t think my energy levels are going to stand up to the pressure LOL.

Tomorrow after work I intend to find a button or something to finish off my biscornu, then it can get posted on Wednesday too – it feels sooooo0 good to have those commitments off my shoulders. I still feel really bad about not reading blogs, but I’m glad I made that decision, or I’d still be struggling with the first deadline! Hopefully by the end of the week, I’ll be back to normal again, and my deadline stitching will be easily fitted around my normal routine πŸ™‚ I look forward to seeing what you’ve all been up to while I’ve been “M.I.A.” πŸ˜€

UPDATED!!! OK, I don’t know what happened, but I got a second wind and managed to find the energy to finish my Batman logo – woohoo!! What a relief to finally get that out of the way … I think I’ll be sleeping soundly tonight! LOL. Now I just have my scissor fob exchange and mail art exchange pieces to get done … πŸ˜€

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Echidna happy dance

Woohoo, managed to get my little Echidna square finished … but it took me all day, literally!! I was exceptionally lazy today, and didn’t even get out of my PJ’s all day … and spend the day superglued to my recliner and my needle πŸ™‚ I just have my Batman logo to chart up and stitch, then all my current charity blocks are all finished. I’ll stitch some more later, but I really need to get back into my rotation again. It’s gonna be hard to give this little guy away … he’s so cute! πŸ™‚

Thanks everyone for your supportive comments, as always πŸ™‚

Charity Stitching, Finishes, Home & Family TO BE FIXED

A day of mixed blessings

Today started off quite sadly – by saying goodbye to Mum at the airport. I felt fine until she said goodbye at the departure gate, and I was teary-eyed all the way home. As much as it’s nice to get back to my routines, the flat feels very very quiet after having her company here for 2 months. Love you loads, Ma – and miss you already! Miss You

I was originally going to attend the Guild’s general meeting today after going to the airport, but I didn’t feel in the mood. Instead I came home and finished my second quilt block for Quilts4Kids – this is my second block for wee Emily T, stitched in its recommended colours, except I replaced the gold metallic thread with a plain yellow DMC … the next one will be the Batman theme for Jordan B.

I also finally managed to put together (well, it’s almost finished anyway) my first ever scrapbook page for Doreen (my best friend’s Mum). I don’t think it turned out too badly, but I still have one more page to complete. I cut up 3 different colours of paper to make up an alpine setting reminiscent of the Desert Road and Mt Ruapehu in the North Island of NZ – I have so many happy memories of our skiing days there, so I thought that would be an appropriate theme for me. I just need to add some words to the page, which I’m going to add along the snowline at the top of the ‘mountain’.

Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on blogs this weekend – last time I looked I had over 200 unread posts again … you guys have been busy!! LOL. Look forward to seeing what you’ve all been up to while I’ve been ‘away’ :))

Charity Stitching, Finishes

First charity square finished!

I was quite surprised how quickly this one stitched up last night, but I settled in front of Sleepless in Seattle and S.W.A.T. (nothing like a bit of variety LOL) last night on DVD and stitched my little heart out … the end result was to finish my first quilt square for little Emily T. I’ll send a separate email to the organisers and hopefully generate some response that way (thanks Barbara for the heads-up on that one!). Excuse the basting thread – but I wasn’t sure how big the piece would be, and left them in just in case I needed to add a border of some sort …

This morning I’ve been looking at spending more money again (yikes) – but once again it’s for a good cause. I signed up a couple of days ago to stitch a block for the World Trade Center quilt – I have my list of names all charted up in my software program, and just have to wait for my black aida to arrive (hence the online spending) … and in the meantime I’ve just signed up for another quilt block for Jordan B on Quilts4Kids who has a superhero theme. As charts are few and far between for these, I found a Batman logo (one of Jordan’s favourites) online and thought I’d try charting it up myself.

So much for my rotation continuing this year … it’s been out the window since Christmas, but it feels good to be doing something for others at the moment. I’m sure I’ll get back into a more regular routine again soon πŸ™‚

Thanks for all your comments – greatly appreciated. And funnily enough, Nicki, I was just commenting to Mum on the drive home yesterday that I was wondering if I should try and catch up with some Auckland stitchers in May … you read my mind! πŸ™‚ I’ll let you know closer to the time what days I’ll be over there, but Mum’s birthday is the 25th so it will either be the week before or the week after πŸ™‚

Charity Stitching

Charity stitching

OK, I finally bit the bullet today, after seeing a post a wee while ago by Barbara about charity stitching. I followed her link to Quilts4Kids, and realised they’re based here in Australia, and thought I’d try hard to get some charity squares stitched this year. I have to admit to having no real maternal instinct, and not being greatly ‘kid-orientated’ (although in saying that I enjoy time spent with the kids of my close friends), but the stories of what these poor wee mites have gone through in such a short life-span is heart wrenching. So, it’s time to finally put my needles to good use – my first charity squares (if they’re accepted) will be for wee Emily T, who loves butterflies. I’ve chosen to stitch two different flowers and butterflies from the World of XSing magazine, and will change one of the flower colours to purples as Emily loves pinks and purples. The squares are due by 15 April, so I should have plenty of time to get them stitched up and posted out. Then I hope to continue stitching one square a month, or at the least every 2 months. Unfortunately a lot of my stash that would be useful for this sort of stitching is still sitting at my parents home in Auckland, so Mum’s task when she gets home is to plough through all the folders to pick out some that would be useful, and see how much it would be to post some over (otherwise my suitcase will be getting jammed full of stitching charts when I go over for her 70th birthday in May!).

Aside from that, yet another non-stitching day … still hideously hot, and I have no real desire to pick up a needle – hence all the stitching planning instead πŸ˜‰ It’s ‘Friday’ for me today, and I have the next two days off, and very very grateful – people on the phone were extremely cranky and outrageous with their demands today … I think the heat’s getting to everyone! With any luck, though, the temperatures are due to drop a bit next week, and I’ll get back into my stitching routine πŸ™‚

Hope everyone’s been enjoying their weekends. Thanks for all your supportive comments as always – they’re wonderful to come home to πŸ™‚