Scissor fobs for a good cause

As I mentioned yesterday, I am now selling some of my scissor fobs via an ArtFire store – I have only managed to load up about half of my stock so far (that took me all the rest of the day yesterday), so not all colours and styles are available yet.

The first ten sales will have the proceeds donated to Coral and her family, in aid of baby Timothy.

Timothy ribbon

Timothy was born on April 16th this year and diagnosed with a rare form of Juvenile Leukemia on the 1st of July. The money will be going towards Timothy’s escalating medical costs.

Please do come and support a good cause, and help me sell those first ten fobs! Just click on the ArtFire link above, or the thumbnail below, and it should take you directly to my storefront 🙂

Alternatively, if you want to make a straight-out donation, I’m happy to take any and all donations and add them to the “bucket” to send to Coral. I can accept funds via PayPal (my email is shakatak @ iinet . net . au – just remember to take the extra spaces out).

Also, if you’re able to advertise on your own blog for this good cause, I’d be really grateful – if there’s enough business generated, I may be able to offer the proceeds of more than ten fobs 🙂

Fob Thumbnail