Charity Stitching

Charity stitching

OK, I finally bit the bullet today, after seeing a post a wee while ago by Barbara about charity stitching. I followed her link to Quilts4Kids, and realised they’re based here in Australia, and thought I’d try hard to get some charity squares stitched this year. I have to admit to having no real maternal instinct, and not being greatly ‘kid-orientated’ (although in saying that I enjoy time spent with the kids of my close friends), but the stories of what these poor wee mites have gone through in such a short life-span is heart wrenching. So, it’s time to finally put my needles to good use – my first charity squares (if they’re accepted) will be for wee Emily T, who loves butterflies. I’ve chosen to stitch two different flowers and butterflies from the World of XSing magazine, and will change one of the flower colours to purples as Emily loves pinks and purples. The squares are due by 15 April, so I should have plenty of time to get them stitched up and posted out. Then I hope to continue stitching one square a month, or at the least every 2 months. Unfortunately a lot of my stash that would be useful for this sort of stitching is still sitting at my parents home in Auckland, so Mum’s task when she gets home is to plough through all the folders to pick out some that would be useful, and see how much it would be to post some over (otherwise my suitcase will be getting jammed full of stitching charts when I go over for her 70th birthday in May!).

Aside from that, yet another non-stitching day … still hideously hot, and I have no real desire to pick up a needle – hence all the stitching planning instead 😉 It’s ‘Friday’ for me today, and I have the next two days off, and very very grateful – people on the phone were extremely cranky and outrageous with their demands today … I think the heat’s getting to everyone! With any luck, though, the temperatures are due to drop a bit next week, and I’ll get back into my stitching routine 🙂

Hope everyone’s been enjoying their weekends. Thanks for all your supportive comments as always – they’re wonderful to come home to 🙂

13 thoughts on “Charity stitching”

  1. Hooray, Anne! Linde, at Quilts4Kids, is super. And I see that they’ve changed their rules so they now accept any light color squares – which means I can get busy on a new one for them.

    I have to admit that I can only read the histories of the children after my own have gone to bed because I get very emotional about it. How the children and their parents get through each day … well, they’re heroes.

    I hope your heatwave will break soon. I’d be total wreck.

  2. Glad you are going to join in on some charity stitching, Anne!
    Hope you get some heat relief soon. The crime rates go up when we have heatwaves and just about everyone gets very irritable. Sorry some have taken out their irritation on you!

  3. Anne, I’m happy to send you some of our winter weather! 🙂 Kudos on the charity stitching – I’m sure it will be greatly enjoyed.

  4. Thats really great of you to stitch those blocks for a good cause. I applaud you!

    As for the Notebook – I cried too!

  5. Hi Anne:-)
    we have something similar to Quilts4Kids in Germany as well. And I must admit that I only stitched once for it….
    Emily will love your butterflies 🙂

  6. Yeah Anne! I know about that group but haven’t stitched for them yet. You surely don’t have to get really fancy with the squares (I’ve tried to be too fancy and had to rush at the end). The kids absolutely love the finished quilts.

  7. I hope the temps cool down a bit soon! I understand, as during the summers our heat gets pretty bad. Well, hopefully you will be stitching again soon! And I have thought about stitching for charity too, let me know how it goes! I love the designs you picked out! VERY pretty!

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