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DMC on sale for Aussies

Just a quick public announcement in case you’re interested (for my fellow Aussies) … I happened by chance to pop into my local “Riot” art & craft store near work while I killed time in my lunch break, and found they had DMC on sale until the end of July for 59c each – time to drag out the floss bags and see what I’m running short of 🙂

The other news is that as of 10 minutes ago, my latest charity quilt block was finished … I really didn’t enjoy the deadline for this one (my own fault, though) so I’ve decided once the next block is finished (which is due 15 August) I’m not signing up for any more deadlines months in advance. I’ve got a charity block rotation slot, and the week that I come to it, I’ll check the website to see what blocks are required, then I’ll sit and stitch it straightaway … that way I’m not governed by timeframes too much, but I still continue to contribute to the quilts. I’ve decided deadlines just don’t suit me. I may also pull out of the SBEBB for the same reason – I love the whole idea of exchanges etc, but I’ve found the deadlines too stressful … perhaps because I had so many things on the go at the same time. I’ll see how I feel after the redwork exchange is completed …

So, with no further do, here is my racing car block ready to jump in the mail.

9 thoughts on “DMC on sale for Aussies”

  1. GREAT job with those racecars Anne!!!

    If you ever, ever need any DMC, I can typically get it for about 20 cents here… would be happy to send some! I now have the chart you want – will get it out to you this weekend!! 🙂

  2. Your quilt square is lovely Anne, I agree about the deadline stitching sometimes it just kills the enjoyment. I try not to over commit myself but some of those exchanges are just to tempting LOL

  3. I love your quilt square. Those cars are adorable.

    I too am with you on the deadline thing. I want to do those exchanges, but need to be more choosy so I don’t get overwhelmed.

  4. Great job on the quilt square Anne 🙂

    I’ve stopped doing exchanges for the same reason – deadline stitching just doesn’t agree with me! I have one more birthday exchange to stitch and then that’s it, I’m afraid.

  5. That turned out fantastic! You work great under pressure. 😀 Big kudos for getting it out on time. 🙂

    Have fun with the floss shopping, it’s always great to hit a good sale.

  6. My e-mail’s down at the moment, Anne, but wanted to let you know your RR arrived safe and sound. And I can’t wait to get started on it!

    p.s. lovely charity block – my son would love those cars!

  7. Congrats on the finish Anne! Also, if you let me know which DMC colors you need, it is much cheaper here in the U.S. – I’d be happy to stash shop for you! Ha!

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