Another round of Boo Club

My little needles have been turbo-charged over the last couple of days – and today is the first day that I’ve woken up and actually thought through all the housework that needs to be done etc … signs of this blasted bug finally getting out of my system.  While I’m still quite wheezy and trundling through the tissues, I feel much brighter within myself, and ready to start getting out of my stitching chair for more than 5 minutes at a time – yippee 😀

In the meantime I’ll leave you with a latest photo of my progress on Lizzie*Kate’s Boo Club – here are parts 1-4, which leaves me with just 9-12 to go (although in honesty I’ve almost finished part 9, with the exception of the broom handle).

LizzieKate-Boo Club 1-4

Time to put my rotation to one side briefly, though, as the final round of our Friendship Quaker RR has arrived on my doorstep so I really need to get cracking and get that one finished soon!  Mind you, I also have two little gifts that are well overdue being stitched, so those will have to be slotted in as well – oh so many things to stitch, so little time 😛

I’ll finish up with photos of a beaded fish that I made once at a class in Melbourne. I’ve never been able to take a good photo of it, but now my Panasonic Lumix has a fantastic macro setting, I thought I’d give it another shot while it was just sitting there! You probably can’t tell, but it’s hollow all the way through to the tail – I just adore this little fella …

Beaded Fish 1

Beaded Fish 2

Beaded Fish 3

I really need to get the instructions out again and brush up my beading skills so I can get these little guys out of the ‘filleted’ stage and into the finished stage, which will knock off another two UFOs! (UnFinished Objects for those of you who are searching for actual UFOs in this post) In this photo you can clearly see how the little fishies are constructed … I only hope I can work out how to do the beaded stitch once again, as it’s been quite some time since I took the class! 😀

Beaded Fish WIPs

Prize Draw offering

4th Blogaversary

Prize Draw !!!

As I briefly mentioned earlier, I am offering a (slightly belated) prize draw for my home-made beaded scissor fobs to celebrate four years of blogging and waffling online. 

I’m offering four prize fobs – one for every year I’ve been blogging.  The way it will work is that winner #1 gets first choice from the below selections, winner #2 gets the next choice, winner #3 gets the 3rd choice, with winner #4 getting the final choice.  Of course if winner #4 really hates the remaining choices, I may be able to whip something up in a preferred colour scheme, depending on what beads I have to hand at that time 🙂

How do you enter for the prize draw? 

Simply leave a comment in this post only, stating that you would like to be entered into the draw.  Please ensure that your email address is provided, along with the fobs that you prefer, in order of preference, eg 1st choice = #1, 2nd = #5, 3rd = #2.  If you only like 1 of the fobs, feel free to just put your name down for that one – if you are one of the winners and your preferred choice has already been taken, I might be able to whip one up in your preferred colour choice if I have suitable beads available at the time – no guarantees though! 🙂

I will leave the draw open until the end of the month – so you can leave a comment throughout the month of October – at the start of November I’ll draw four lucky winners out of the proverbial hat and get them out in the mail to you.

So, which fobs can you choose from?  I’ve tried to have a reasonable selection of colours, so fingers crossed you’ll find something you’d like to win.  Here goes (all are numbered to make it easier to request a specific selection in your preferences):

Note:  The prize is NOT for the scissors in the photos, it is ONLY for the beaded scissor fob 😀

If you are having difficulties viewing the fobs due to the high number of piccies, please go to my Webshots folder and view them all there 😀

 1. Fob 0014

 2. Fob 0023

 3. Fob 0045

 4. Fob 0052

 5. fob 04

 6. P1020780

 7. P1020790

 8. P1020802

 9. P1020826

10. P1020842

Updated pic of Acorn Needlebook

Here’s a better view of the finished section of Periwinkle Promises’ Acorn Needlebook:


You may/may not be able to tell, but the different green is in the final leaf on the top right of the centre acorn section, along with the backstitching on the top half of the same stem.

So far no more stitching done tonight as I ended up taking photos of my scissors fobs (I’d actually made more over the weekend than I remembered) – and I made another two identical copies of one of them tonight as I love the blend of the beads together … unfortunately I’ve now run out of those beads, which is a shame 😦

And I’ve also run out of camera battery … now all I have to do is find my battery charger … LOL – I feel like I’m living in the Bermuda Triangle right about now!!! 😛

Before my battery ran out, though, I did manage to grab a really quick of two pairs of earrings I made for myself recently too … there just may be a few more pairs in the making soon too – I’d forgotten just how much fun making jewellery can be! 😀


Gift for Tessa

Just a really quick post to show a scissor fob that I sent to Tessa last week – I’ve just heard that it’s been received in one piece, so I can show it now.  Tessa loves ladybirds, so when I saw these ladybird beads a while ago, I just had to get them – and then decided to make one into a fob for Tessa … I was lucky enough to find a ladybird charm to finish it all off 😀 

Glad you like it Tessa 😀

Scissor fob gift H

HUGE mail day coming up! and a Giveaway

I don’t know what has been wrong with me this last year – I’ve been exceptionally terrible at fulfilling promises, and have a HUGE pile of items and gifts that need to be posted to people – I have a massive desire to get rid of the backlog, as it is cluttering my brain (not to mention my bedroom!), so I’ve been making a large effort today to get a few things parcelled up ready to go into the mail next weekend.

Along with that, I’ve realised that I will never stitch with the following threads – I apologise to the kind-hearted soul who sent me these as part of a “summer” theme exchange years ago, but I’m just not a pastels girl, and I just can’t see me using them.  To that end, I have a card already filled out, and the threads are sitting in an envelope, ready to join the rest of the pile to be posted out next Saturday morning (the only chance I can usually get to the Post Office) – and I’m offering a prize draw for these to go to a more fitting home.

Seaside Treasures threads up for grabs

Soooooo, if anyone would like these threads, please leave a comment on this post only stating that you would like to go into the draw (if there is more than one comment – if only one person enters then they get the threads automatically).  The closing date is this coming Thursday 1 October – that way I can draw the name out of the proverbial hat on Friday morning and it will give me chance to chase a mailing address on the Friday if I don’t already have it, so I can meet my mailing deadline.

As for the other parcels, there are a number of threads and scissor fobs heading around the world on Saturday … here is the only one I can show you so far, as I’m pretty sure Karen doesn’t read my blog.  I just had to choose a dragonfly charm for her fob in honour of her old shop name of Dragonfly Dreams – I made this one this morning just in time to get in the mail today, along with the Lizzie*Kate pinkeep from a few blog posts ago 😀

Scissor fob gift G
This one has gone to Karen at The Stitching Post

I’ll post piccies of the others that have been posted out once I hear that they’ve been received … I don’t want to spoil the surprise in the meantime.

First fob gift received

I just heard word that Dawn received the fob I recently sent her – this is the first fob to be posted on to my blogging friends, and I’m so glad she likes it 🙂

Gift for Dawn 07Sep09

Apologies for the poor quality, but I’ve mislaid my digital camera, so it had to go on the scanner before it went into the post! 

Still no stitching done here, so no stitchy updates to offer you – at the moment I’m spending all my spare time trying to set up a new computer (HP Desktop), and it’s driving me totally NUTS!!!  Fun things like CD programs that no longer want to upload, including Microsoft Office 2007 (after I found the ever-elusive disks!!) … and of course then there’s the fun part of downloading other files and copying existing files from the laptop and hard drive … I think it’s going to be a long, long road … but then again, it’s a great journey and the end destination is going to be awesome!! 😀

Beading – More Fobs

Now I’m off to investigate the creation of my soon-to-be Etsy store. Here are the latest ones that I put together yesterday while Katie and I sat watching Supernatural series 4 (again), along with a couple of my favourite ones from the last two beading sessions (actually I just realised I hadn’t published those ones yet, so I’ll add the ‘group shots’ of those ones too at the bottom).

fobs 01aug09

Fob 01

fob 04a

fob 21a

fob 26a

fob 01a

fob 05a

fob 08a

fob 09a

fob 10a

fob 11a

More fobs 1

More fobs 2