Beading, scissor fobs

Beading – More Fobs

Now I’m off to investigate the creation of my soon-to-be Etsy store. Here are the latest ones that I put together yesterday while Katie and I sat watching Supernatural series 4 (again), along with a couple of my favourite ones from the last two beading sessions (actually I just realised I hadn’t published those ones yet, so I’ll add the ‘group shots’ of those ones too at the bottom).

fobs 01aug09

Fob 01

fob 04a

fob 21a

fob 26a

fob 01a

fob 05a

fob 08a

fob 09a

fob 10a

fob 11a

More fobs 1

More fobs 2

8 thoughts on “Beading – More Fobs”

  1. Struth Anne, I don’t know how you find time to do ANYTHING!!!! Is there anything you can’t turn your hand to? These are just gorgeous, and I’ll be in line to buy one when you open your Etsy shop!
    Sorry to hear about the sinus problem. It has been such a shit year for so many people, and you’ve suffered as much if not more than most, with your neck, the flu/colds, and sinus problems. Hope your doctors can sort this out. My chiro has put me on a natural anti-inflammatory capsule for my neck, and it has worked wonders. After two weeks, the tingling and paralysis had subsided, and I’m just about free of pain and numbness now. The pharmaceutical version didn’t work, but this one did…so much for modern medicine!

  2. Wonderful, waiting with baited breath for your shop to open, I have my eye on one or two already. I am a real pink girl, (don’t pull that face)! so can you make more pink ones?


  3. Holy cow, Anne, these are AWESOME! I would love to have an Anne original once you open your Etsy store, so I may place a special order. 🙂 Way to go, girlfriend!

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