Scissor fobs (part 2)

Here are the next group of fobs that have been completed – I’m just in the middle of creating a few more then the bead boxes will be going away for a while and it’ll back to stitching again:

fob 19

fob 20a

fob 2a

fob 3a

fob 4a

fob 5a

fob 6a

fob 7a

fob 9a

fob 8a

12 thoughts on “Scissor fobs (part 2)

  1. Your fobs look great Anne, well done. You have certainly had your fair share of virus’, hope you can kick their butts’ and send them packing.

  2. WoW! Such scrumptious fobs. Fantastic wourk – you must have had out your turbo fingers to have made so many so fast. Please, please, let me know when they get onto your ETSY – wouldn’t mind giving a couple of them a loving home in Perth 🙂

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