Scissor fobs galore (picture heavy)

Here are the latest collection of beaded fobs for the collection – some of these will be winging their way to friends home soon, but some may end up in an Etsy shop … maybe …

Scissor Fobs

fob 1

fob 10a

fob 11a

fob 12a

fob 13a

fob 14a

fob 15a

fob 16a

fob 17a

fob 18a

The next group will go into a separate post.

8 thoughts on “Scissor fobs galore (picture heavy)

  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! You have some very lucky friends. Hope some of them go on Etsy!


  2. Oh! Oh! Oh!
    Etsy some of them, please, and post a link to your shop! I’d love to have one as gorgeous. I always mean to make myself one, and you know where that leads… 🙂 Really beautiful.

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