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Halloween Frogs

Personally I don’t think Frogs should be permitted during Halloween (or any time of the year for that matter) … I noticed last night when I sat and did an hour’s stitching before bed that I’ve miscounted in the border of my Halloween piece by one stitch, so I have to rip all the right-hand side borders out (from the green stitches out) … thankfully I hadn’t managed to stitch too much, so it won’t take long to re-stitch again.  I only noticed last night when stitching the spider and ran out of room for the legs … and when I did notice my face was a really good mimic of the expression on that ghosts face!! LOL.  The photo is dreadful sorry – the colours really ‘pop’ in real life, and are really bright – love it, and just what the doctored ordered, I’m really loving stitching this one! 😀

Just Nan-Frightful 20Oct08

This is what it will look like ‘when it’s all grown up’ 😀


Thanks everyone for helping me out with the mermaid fabric – I have to admit my gut was also leaning towards Waterfall as well … I’ve asked Catherine at Countrystitch to send me a small ‘sample/ornie’ cut of each of the two colours (Waterfall and Ocean Blue) so I can do a true floss toss and see the colours in real life before making the ultimate decision.  I’ll show piccies of the various fabrics when I do so you can see the differences.

Rightio, time to start getting ready for work – it’s been raining cats and dogs so I need to find my umbrella too hmmm.  My intention was to go walking before work this week, but I took one look outside and went “nah” 😉

11 thoughts on “Halloween Frogs”

  1. “and when I did notice my face was a really good mimic of the expression on that ghosts face” – that’s too cute – I can only imagine the look at your face. But like you said, thankfully you don’t have too much to frog. Looks wonderful – I love Just Nan pieces but hate all the color changes, lol.

  2. I’m sorry that you had to frog 😦 – it’s going to look lovely when it’s done.

    Let us know how your floss toss for the mermaid goes!

  3. Oh, I Love it Anne, it’s so lovely and the colours are so cheerful! I’m sorry those ole dastardly frogs were causing you bother… they’ve been plaguing me now and again the last couple of weeks as well! I do declare but I don’t know when I’ve had to frog so much! I do hope they are hopping merrily off back to the swamps where they belong! lol

    Can’t wait to see which fabric you choose for your Enchanted Mermaid! 🙂


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