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Update on Frightful

Slowly but surely my Just Nan Halloween piece is getting stitched … the frog hasn’t reared its little head since I threw him back into the witches’ cauldron where he belongs …


… and I managed to get a few more stitches into block #2 last night.  Fingers crossed I’ll get more chance of getting this closer to finished over the weekend, as I intend being a lazy slob just watching DVD’s and stitching (thanks to Katie who has just loaned me Season 3 of Supernatural to watch – woohoo!!  Although it’s hard to stitch and drool over Jensen Ackles at the same time! LOL).  Anyway, here’s the current update of Frightful as we lead into the weekend (yet again a crappy photo, as it doesn’t show the vibrant colours off very well – will have to take a photo outside on Sunday):

Just Nan-Frightful 23Oct08

And the BEST news is that I’ve heard from Karen at The Stitching Post, and apparently Mirabilia’s new mermaid is probably due to arrive next Tuesday … which means I should have her in my hot little hands in a week’s time – woohoo! 😀

Which reminds me, I haven’t been to the post box for a week – perhaps I’d better do that on the way to work this morning to see what bills are awaiting my attention … oops …

10 thoughts on “Update on Frightful”

  1. I’m like you – I have a Post Office box, but I don’t make very regular trips, especially if I’m not expecting anything exciting (bills don’t count).

    Your Just Nan piece is stitching up nicely!

  2. I knew there was a great reason for getting a postbox!!!!

    Frightful looks cute 🙂 Even from a non-halloween fan like myself!

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