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Photo Hunt – View

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This week’s theme is “View” and there are so many “views” that blow me away that I can’t narrow the choice down to one photo.

This view of the Three Sisters at Katoomba really takes my breath away.


If that’s not enough, here’s one view that I could sit and look at every single day! This is Santorini, Greece.


Then, sticking to the Greek theme, we have the island of Naxos … I just adore the history and archaeological monuments you see at every turn.  I can sit and look through my Greek photos for hours and not get bored.


And finally, here’s something a bit closer to home … the view from one of the skifields at Wanaka, New Zealand – now if that doesn’t take your breath away, nothing will!!  It’s like a view from the top of the world! 😀

Wanaka skiing

6 thoughts on “Photo Hunt – View”

  1. Oh Anne,

    You have chosen three countries I have visited…I may even have seen the Three Sisters in Australia. lo these many years ago… It was even longer ago that I was in Greece and I was in NZ in 1986, the same year I visited Australia…man getting old sucks! That was sooooo long ago…gotta get back!
    If you even find your way to North America…and to my little stitching group on Thursday, you are not only welcome , but may also sit beside the dogs and can bunk down in the spare room as well…and sleep with them!

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