Feeling homesick

Blimey, I’ve lasted 5 years in Aussie (I actually can’t believe I’ve been here that long!!!), and tonight is the first night I’ve actually felt homesick … on TV tonight is a travel programme called “Getaway”, and they’ve nominated New Zealand as their “Country of the Year”, so the entire programme is devoted to NZ and the best it has to offer … and it’s bringing back so many memories for me. Perhaps the glass of Chardonnay I just drunk that has gone to my head is assisting the melancholy, and perhaps by tomorrow the yearning will be gone … but it’s been about 3 years since I’ve been home, and I think it’s time I made a visit … hmmm …

As for other news, there is none haha … my stitching is non-existent this week – I keep looking at my Drawn Thread piece and my heart sinks. I’m worried if I start working on something else I won’t get my DT piece finished, but in the meantime I’m not stitching at all ‘cos I don’t want to work on DT … ah it’s a vicious cycle! LOL. I think this weekend I’m just going to have to ‘suck it up’ and pull my finger out and get this thing stitched up!

And on that note, I’m going to take my wine-riddled head to bed and attempt to put one strand of thread into it … maybe 😉

18 thoughts on “Feeling homesick”

  1. Hi Anne, It does sound like you’re due a trip home. I hope you manage to organise one.

    Oh I know that feeling with certain projects. This new one I’ve started for hubby is a nightmare – and it’s huge too grrrr.

  2. Try alternating one strand on that with one strand on something you really do want to stitch. It might help – it’s worth a try anyway.

    You definitely sound like you’re due a trip home – could you go for Christmas?

  3. We all have a project (or three) which causes stitcher’s block, probably: I know I’m going to have trouble finishing the border in The Sanctuary, it looks so boring. I hope you can muster the will to get it done – just think of the relief afterwards!

  4. Oh my….I know how that feels, even though I still live in the state in the same country, just 2 hours away from my hometown…I still know the feeling…take care :o)

  5. Well, New Zealand is a wonderful country…. not that I am at all biased. LOL. I think Australia is an awesome country too though, and sometimes OH and I talk about moving there.

    My Nanna lived in New Zealand for over 50 years, and she still missed England. I guess sometimes, no matter how happy you are, you still yearn for “home”. I hope the homesickness passes.

  6. I watched that special last night on Getaway. New Zealand is such a magnificent country. My husband and I have vowed that we would love to visit for an extended holiday. Perhaps when the children are a little older.

  7. Anne, Sorry you are in a slump. A holiday might be just what the doctor would order for you. If i really do not like something I am stitching, i give it away. There are too many other patterns to stitch and live is to short. Happy Stitching, Kathy from the Blig Blog. http://akinaustralia.wordpress.com/

  8. Oh, Anne, I so sympathize with your homesickness!! I hope it goes back to being a background thing soon. AND I hope you get your stitching bug back!!

  9. Oh, Anne – sympathetic homesick hugs! 🙂 New Zealand is so amazing, it’s no wonder you long for it now and then!

  10. Anne!! Geez, you can’t pull me out of a “no comments” slump and slip into one yourself!! :{ I get homesick, too, sometimes and I’ve found the best solution is to go outside in the sunshine and daydream or nap on a quilt/blanket someplace quiet. It sounds sort of funny, but it really helps. Once you stay there a while something kicks in and it just restarts you! You can visit your home and your memories that way…take a vacation in your mind. Please try it, Anne. It helps to take along something that smells of home…. Hugs, Deb

  11. {{{hugs}}}. Tomorrow will mark the 16th anniversary of me moving to the US. I miss my parents more than Australia itself.

    You should go and visit your mum in NZ!

  12. Anne, I encourage you to plan that trip home and keep planning for it every year until you can make it happen. Also Cross stitch is your leasure activity it is suppose to be enjoyable, if it is not, move on to something that is. You may actually want to return to the DT after having fun and success with something new. CJ(ok;-)

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