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Blue Monday – Santorini and Lover Eternal

It’s been a long time since I’ve participated in the various photo memes, so here’s a blast from the past.  Blue Monday … a favourite blue photo, and a new book to read (book #2 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series) … guess what I’m off to do now? 😛

I managed to finish off the skirt of Mirabilia’s Halloween Fairy tonight, but can’t be bothered taking a progress piccie … I’ll take one during the week some time, as I may not get chance this weekend seeing as I’m off craft fairing then off to the other side of Sydney for dinner and an overnight stay 🙂

Anyway, without further ado, here is my choice for this week’s Blue Monday – Santorini.


Blue Monday

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Photo Hunt – View

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This week’s theme is “View” and there are so many “views” that blow me away that I can’t narrow the choice down to one photo.

This view of the Three Sisters at Katoomba really takes my breath away.


If that’s not enough, here’s one view that I could sit and look at every single day! This is Santorini, Greece.


Then, sticking to the Greek theme, we have the island of Naxos … I just adore the history and archaeological monuments you see at every turn.  I can sit and look through my Greek photos for hours and not get bored.


And finally, here’s something a bit closer to home … the view from one of the skifields at Wanaka, New Zealand – now if that doesn’t take your breath away, nothing will!!  It’s like a view from the top of the world! 😀

Wanaka skiing