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Almost at the finishing line

Thanks for all the support while I’m stitching this ‘dratted design’ – especially to sweet Tannia who has offered to finish stitching this for me.  As it’s meant to be a gift for someone, I thought I’d best just knuckle down and get it done … then I can move on to something more fun 🙂

Drawn Thread-Garden Recipe 28Sep08

Unfortunately there was a lot of frogging tonight – I changed the honeysuckle flower colour to show up more on the fabric, but then decided I didn’t like it, so I’ve unpicked and restitched it in the original colour.

I’ve since finished one more green narrow band since taking this photo, which means there is just one more band of wording, one more green narrow band, and one more floral band, so hopefully by next weekend a finish will be in sight 🙂

14 thoughts on “Almost at the finishing line”

  1. Some pieces just won’t behave while as a WiP, will they? But they’re oh so worth it once finish and the satisfaction you get out of it is incomparable. You’re nearly there so keep it up! It’s looking beautiful even halfway done.

  2. It won’t be long now until your misery is over, but Anne it will be so worth it. Just think what pleasure your gift is going to bring.

  3. Anne, It looks beautiful. You can be very proud of yourself for acomplishing as much as you have. And to frog it as well, you really have stick to it power. Kathy from the Blig Blog

  4. Anne, I don’t know how you do it: stitching something that bbores the life out of you! I couldn’t do it. Having said that, I think this design’s a real beauty…. Hope you don’t mind!

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