Photo Hunt – Water

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This week’s theme is “Water” and I’ve some shots from Flynn’s Beach, Port Macquarie last week.  I first chose the first shot capturing the spray off the rocks in mid-flight … then decided to chuck in a couple more ‘for the sake of it’ 😉

PH Water1-Jun08

PH Water2-Jun08

PH Water3-Jun08


16 thoughts on “Photo Hunt – Water

  1. Wow … that’s soooome beautiful country you live in Anne. I’d be taking pictures of EVERYthing! And I surely don’t see how you can get out of bed and *go to work* every day. That’s gotta be tough. :o)

    I love your “Photo Hunters” time of the week, I hope you never stop.

  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the shore….these waves are awesome.

    My ‘water’ theme this week is a road trip along the coastline of South Texas…ending at an historical mansion. Come by for a visit if you can!! Lots of pictures this time…hope you’ll enjoy the history.

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