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Blue Monday – Santorini and Lover Eternal

It’s been a long time since I’ve participated in the various photo memes, so here’s a blast from the past.  Blue Monday … a favourite blue photo, and a new book to read (book #2 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series) … guess what I’m off to do now? 😛

I managed to finish off the skirt of Mirabilia’s Halloween Fairy tonight, but can’t be bothered taking a progress piccie … I’ll take one during the week some time, as I may not get chance this weekend seeing as I’m off craft fairing then off to the other side of Sydney for dinner and an overnight stay 🙂

Anyway, without further ado, here is my choice for this week’s Blue Monday – Santorini.


Blue Monday

2 thoughts on “Blue Monday – Santorini and Lover Eternal”

  1. Is this volcano Santorini? Wow! Sorry, I’m a volcano fanatic and love to watch tv shows (documentaries) and read about volcanoes although I’ve never been and do not intend to get close to one in real life. My intuition says with the way my life goes, any volcano I got close to would erupt. My lifelong stitching ambition is to find a wonderful chart of an erupting volcanoe with glorious lava colors ( no gry pyroclatic flows) to work on. As ever, Dot

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