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ABC Wednesday – A

I’ve been meaning to do this photo meme for the last 3 rounds, and seeing as round 8 started today, I thought I’d make an effort and start doing it for this round … once again, I’ll try to include a stitching photo at the same time, although I can’t guarantee that’ll work for every single letter ūüėČ

And seeing as I don’t have a great deal of progress to show on Baby Bug Ball, this fills the photographic gap (I don’t think a shoulder, hand, face and feet really warrant a new piccie just yet … perhaps once the hat is completed, which I hope to complete tonight).


So, here goes for the letter A … first up is a line-up of Armstrong-Siddeley cars. ¬†I was originally thinking this could be useful for “V” as a vintage car, but seeing as they are actually post-war vintage cars that’d be a load of twaddle, so instead you get them for “A”. ¬†I think I’ve actually used this photo before for something, but what the heck, you get to see it again haha. ¬†Our car used to be the 2nd one in from the left – alas I was never allowed to drive it (and truth be told it was so heavy I don’t know if I would ever have been confident to do so), but we were heavily involved with the Armstrong-Siddeley Car Club in Auckland for many years and met some wonderful people with whom Mum and Dad still keep in contact with … ah, those were the days (and I was the Secretary of the Club for a while).

armstrong siddeleys

Then for the stitching/crafting contribution, we have an “Amitie” freebie that was then turned into my first ever tin-topper.


Tin Topper 3

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Pillows Galore!

The title sounds a little bit like a James Bond girl – however 007 has nothing to do with the title whatsoever … it DOES have to do with a mini finishing frenzy I’ve had this weekend (well, just today really). ¬†This is what part of the sofa looked like earlier today as I was planning out the backing fabrics etc:

And here are the results of my efforts today – not quite everything finished yet, but still a lot closer to that goal than when I started (including three ornies that weren’t in the above photo). ¬†Unfortunately the weather is rainy and revolting today and it was really dark in the lounge, so I couldn’t get really nice crisp light photos. ¬†The first pillow is probably my favourite with the little black buttons – but truth is I’m pretty pleased with them all ūüėÄ

Waxing Moon Designs-Boo Pumpkin freebie

Homespun Elegance-Boo Tyme

The Trilogy-Halloween Spots


Just Nan-Moon Riders

The rest of today was spent doing a mercy run across the road for some serious junk food to stave off my cravings (definite proof of what time it is for this female, as if I hadn’t worked it out already) … and helping my elderly neighbour by climbing up on a chair and lifting her suitcases etc back up into the top of her wardrobe (I got them all down for her yesterday so she could go through them and throw out what she didn’t want – tonight’s job was to put all the cases and bags back up again).

I haven’t done any stitching at all over the last few days – just too tired at the end of the day, I think … which is probably why today was so satisfying to me, as it was proof of still doing something stitchy even without actually stitching.

Anyway, I’ll sign off by saying thanks so much to everyone for sharing their stories and comments from my previous post – it felt really wonderful to hear such positivity and helped me to keep my spirits high this week, higher than they’ve been in months! ¬†Thanks again everyone for your candour and your acceptance ūüėÄ

And on that note I’m skulking back off into the lounge to do a bit of a tidy-up session before Katie comes back from being out of town (which is usually the only time I get into ‘finishing mode’) … and to polish off a bit more of that junk food ūüėõ

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Halloween continues

Thanks to the dreaded lurgy I’ve taken one extra day off work to catch up on some R&R, and catch up on some stitching.¬† I have to admit it was the best thing I could’ve done, as I feel 10 times better already just by relaxing and chilling out in/on my bed.¬† When I haven’t been sleeping, I’ve been stitching, and have managed to get another two small finishes under my belt.

Twisted Threads-October Boo Mini Gingham
“October Boo Mini Gingham” by Twisted Threads
stitched on 28ct beige/cream checked Graziano linen
with recommended GAST threads
(except Black Crow which I substituted with DMC 310)

Homespun Elegance-Boo Tyme

“Boo Tyme” freebie by Homespun Elegance (available here)
stitched on 32ct hand-dyed Lugana by Countrystitch – in colour “Acorn”
with the following thread choices:
Crescent Colours – Cocoa Bean
Crescent Colours – Pumpkin Harvest
GAST – Brandy

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One more little pumpkin

As you can see I have been sat on my backside all afternoon, and have managed to start and finish another wee pumpkin for the Great Pumpkin Challenge ūüėÄ ¬†This will probably get turned into a scissor fob, which is what it’s designed to be … either that or an ornie … I’ll decide when I get home and have my finishing fabrics etc within reach.

Casey Buonaugurio-Jack O Lantern Scissors Fob freebie
“Jack-O-Lantern Scissors Fob”
freebie by Casey Buonaugurio Designs
stitched on 32ct dirty Belfast linen (from my mystery linen bag)
with recommended DMC threads

This was originally suggested to be stitched on light purple fabric … I think I may just have to restitch this one again as I think that would really make the colours pop even more than they do now! ¬†The threads are really bright in real life, so once again my late night photography efforts under the Ott-lite have washed the fabric and thread colours out.

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Still in New Zealand

I wish I could say I was here doing lots of stitching, but I can’t truthfully tell you what I’ve been doing other than sitting in front of the gogglebox and computer and just letting the hours of the day disappear before my very eyes. ¬†I’ve got the car boot filled with boxes of junk to take to the Salvation Army over the next few days, and some not-so-junk to be picked over by family friends – then the leftovers will also get taken to the Salvo’s.

The only stitching I’ve managed has taken place over the last 24 hours or so, and are as follows:

Nathalie-Chatrouille freebie
“Chatrouille” freebie by Nathalie
(the freebie is still available
Stitched on 32ct Merino hand-dyed Belfast linen by
with DMC threads (except I messed up and used 310 instead of 3799
for the cat and lettering … oops)

LizzieKate-Welcome Baby
“Welcome Baby” by Lizzie*Kate
Stitched on 28ct pink/white checked Graziano linen
with DMC threads
(have to say I MUCH prefer the boy’s version of this one!)
I still have to add the little rose button when I get home before framing

Here are a few piccies of Auckland from our first day of driving around after a visit to The Embroiderer … where we were VERY restrained and only bought two copies of this year’s JCS ornie magazine (Mum kindly treated me to my copy, as I’ve bought one for her the last few years). ¬†Rightio, here are some snippets from Auckland:

Auckland skyline from the harbour bridge (north side)
2010 10 02_4437

Kiwi (New Zealand) flag at Ponsonby
2010 10 02_4438

Art sculpture at a city park in Auckland – these ‘buried’ buildings have always intrigued me
2010 10 02_4443

Sidewalk mosaic with Polynesian style
2010 10 02_4451

Rangitoto Island – an Auckland icon that will always make me think of home
2010 10 02_4458

Auckland skyline from Doug Myer Robinson Park
2010 10 02_4470

And a couple of Kiwi foods that we don’t often see in Australia …
first Kumara (Kiwi sweet potato), and then Tamarillos (known as the Kiwi tree tomato)
2010 10 02_4439

2010 10 02_4440

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One more wee pumpkin

Here’s another quickie that I’ve stitched over the last two nights, and which is now sitting in the finishing pile for when I come back from holidays:

Waxing Moon Designs-Boo Pumpkin freebie
“Boo Pumpkin” freebie by Waxing Moon Designs
stitched on 28ct Light Taupe Lugana
with recommended DMC & GAST threads
however, I used 2 strands of DMC for the stars instead of 1
to make them stand out more

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Another wee pumpkin

And this one really IS a wee one!!¬† Unfortunately I don’t have any of the right width ribbon to finish this one off, or I would have managed the finishing today too.¬† I’ve got my heart set on using a ribbon for the hanger, so it’s being put on the side now until I can buy some.¬† This is a really cute, really fast finish!

Drawn Thread-Autumn Scissors Keeper freebie
“Autumn Scissors Keeper” freebie by The Drawn Thread
Stitched on 36ct hand-dyed Edinburgh linen in Pipi by Countrystitch
with WDW Whisky, Silk n’ Colors Autumn Honey, and GAST Dried Thyme

The photo doesn’t do justice to the lovely fabric colour – unfortunately the glare from the daylight bulb tonight has washed out the fabric colour and made the other colours a bit extreme … when I take the next photo I’ll do it in daylight (hopefully then it’ll be an actual fob!).

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NZ Exchange

I have absolutely nothing to show stitching WIP-wise this week, as I’ve been clocking some mental hours at work, with a few 12 hour days.¬†¬†My new all-time record was¬†a 16 1/2¬†hour day yesterday – 12 of them in the office, then I came home and did the remainder at home, finishing at 1.30am this morning.¬† I still have enough work to keep me going for one more entire day, but I thought I’d take a break for a bit – although I have a major deadline looming, so I have to do it over the weekend to get it finished in time for review on Tuesday morning (it’s a long weekend here in Sydney this weekend).

Seeing as I don’t have any WIP updates, I thought I’d go ahead and post the exchange I posted off last week.¬† I haven’t heard that it’s arrived, but it should be there by now ūüôā

You will remember that I shared the ‘back sides” last week, well here are the fronts.¬† I was very sad to see these ones leave home … I think I just may have to repeat this exchange all for myself – love, love, love the colours – I just hope my recipient likes it too!

Exchange for StitchNZ

StitchNZ Exchange scissor fob

Freebie from My Aunt’s Attic
Stitched on 32ct white Belfast linen
with DMC 4030 thread
(homemade tassel & cord also in DMC 4030 thread)

StitchNZ Exchange pincushion

Freebie by Le Petit Monde de Vavi
Stitched on 32ct white Belfast linen
with DMC 4030 thread

And seeing as I have nothing else to share today, I’ll end with this week’s Photo Hunt, as I ran out of pre-published posts last week¬†and have to think of this one from scratch.¬† Alas, no future themes are out yet either, so I guess next week’s will be from scratch too…


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This week‚Äôs theme is ‚ÄĚPublic‚ÄĚ and I went with the following dictionary definition:

“Definition:Open to common or general use; as, a public road; a public house.”

In saying that, here are my choices for this week … Here I am waiting for a bus at the public bus depot in Nadi … during a flood (and no, I have no expectation that a bus will really arrive!).

Nadi bus depot flooded

Or perhaps a public road at Edfu markets, Egypt…

Edfu Markets 1

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A little touch of Love

I didn’t end up getting much stitching done yesterday, and still haven’t finished my little snowflake ornie … I forgot I still had my Love freebie sitting on my bedroom lapframe, so rather than removing it, I decided to put the final stitches into that one instead … and now the snowflake ornie is in its place ready for finishing off this week (in fact I may try and put a few stitches into it tonight). Apologies for the poor piccie, but I threw it on the scanner instead of trying to take a photo in grim evening light.

Plum Pudding Needleart-Love freebie
“Love” freebie by Plum Pudding NeedleArt
Stitched on 32ct cream Belfast linen (I think) with DMC

Yesterday I tried to take some photos of Lizzie*Kate’s Boo Club all finished and in one piece … unfortunately I now notice that my “in one piece” photo is a bit blurry, so I’ve done a bit of a cut-and-paste job in three sections instead.¬† I didn’t have many of the recommended threads, as I don’t have a great stock of WDW or GAST threads to work from, and I wanted to stitch from my stash as much as possible, so I substituted quite a large number of threads in this piece.¬† The details are at the bottom of the photos.

LizzieKate-Boo Club
LizzieKate-Boo Club
LizzieKate-Boo Club
“Boo Club” by Lizzie*Kate
Stitched on 32ct Pipi hand-dyed linen by Countrystitch

Using a mix of recommended and substitute threads as follows:

Recommended ~ My Choice
WDW Mascara ~ WDW Mascara (but DMC 310 in the border)
WDW Whitewash ~ WDW Whitewash (but DMC white in the border)
WDW Taffeta ~ DMC 3740
WDW Guacamole¬†~ Crescent Colours Eve’s Leaves
WDW Purple Majesty ~ Needle Necessities 195 Coronation
WDW Carrot ~ DMC 3853
WDW Havana ~ WDW Havana
WDW Ocean ~ DMC 3809
GAST Tomato ~ GAST Burnt Orange
GAST Butternut Squash¬†~ Crescent Colours Finley’s Gold
GAST Ohio Lemon Pie ~ GAST Ohio Lemon Pie
GAST Forest Glade ~ GAST Forest Glade

The rest of the weekend has been spent helping Katie to set up¬†our new flat electronics, and putting a Beef and Red Wine casserole into the slow cooker – I love winter for ‘slow cooker season’ ūüėÄ

And now I think I’ll sign off, and jump into my PJs ready for an early night – time to catch up on a few taped Cold Case shows, and perhaps a few more stitches into that little snowflake ornie (although it’s very hard to see the holes in the fabric this time of night).

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Where did the weekend go?

Well, I guess I know where … I spent the entire day in my PJ’s on Saturday ‘cos I was just too tired to do anything else – I sat up in bed most of the day and watched DVDs while doing a teeny bit of stitching.¬† After playing in my stash for a little while (dragging out all the kitted up projects in my drawers) I managed to start and finish this little project (but couldn’t face leaving the American spelling of “favorite” so I added a little “U” to¬†Aussie-fy it):

LizzieKate-My Favorite Time
“My Favorite Time” by Lizzie*Kate
stitched on 28ct mystery Cashel linen (probably Clay or something similar)
with recommended GAST threads except Oatmeal where I subbed with DMC B5200

Then I started on a freebie by Plum Pudding Needleart – which will only take one more bedroom stitching session to totally complete it.¬† In fact, I reckon about 2 hours of stitching will likely see it completed … but seeing as it’s now my ‘bedroom project’, and I don’t often stitch in my room, this may not see the finishing pile until next weekend again.

This morning Katie and I wandered over to the restaurant on ‘our’ beach where we had a leisurely brunch – I had the Eggs Benedict with a side of mushrooms, pineapple juice, and¬†two skim cappuccinos … we were in heaven for a wee while.¬† On the way home we picked up a couple of bags each of groceries from the local supermarket, then came in to vege out in front of the gogglebox for a few hours watching Flash Forward and The Amazing Race while I did a bit of stitching.¬† After that Katie deserted me to go to her bedroom to read a book, while I cleaned up another episode of Good News Week, Fringe and Medium.

Thanks to our TV viewing session, the result is that Ghastly Ghostly Ghouls now looks like this:

I have to say I think the colour choices in particular for the two small pumpkins seem rather “odd” … but they’ll be staying as they are …

And now I’m going to open up Audible Manager and pop on an audiobook for an hour or two while I do some tidying up in my room, which is currently like a pigsty! ūüôā