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A little touch of Love

I didn’t end up getting much stitching done yesterday, and still haven’t finished my little snowflake ornie … I forgot I still had my Love freebie sitting on my bedroom lapframe, so rather than removing it, I decided to put the final stitches into that one instead … and now the snowflake ornie is in its place ready for finishing off this week (in fact I may try and put a few stitches into it tonight). Apologies for the poor piccie, but I threw it on the scanner instead of trying to take a photo in grim evening light.

Plum Pudding Needleart-Love freebie
“Love” freebie by Plum Pudding NeedleArt
Stitched on 32ct cream Belfast linen (I think) with DMC

Yesterday I tried to take some photos of Lizzie*Kate’s Boo Club all finished and in one piece … unfortunately I now notice that my “in one piece” photo is a bit blurry, so I’ve done a bit of a cut-and-paste job in three sections instead.  I didn’t have many of the recommended threads, as I don’t have a great stock of WDW or GAST threads to work from, and I wanted to stitch from my stash as much as possible, so I substituted quite a large number of threads in this piece.  The details are at the bottom of the photos.

LizzieKate-Boo Club
LizzieKate-Boo Club
LizzieKate-Boo Club
“Boo Club” by Lizzie*Kate
Stitched on 32ct Pipi hand-dyed linen by Countrystitch

Using a mix of recommended and substitute threads as follows:

Recommended ~ My Choice
WDW Mascara ~ WDW Mascara (but DMC 310 in the border)
WDW Whitewash ~ WDW Whitewash (but DMC white in the border)
WDW Taffeta ~ DMC 3740
WDW Guacamole ~ Crescent Colours Eve’s Leaves
WDW Purple Majesty ~ Needle Necessities 195 Coronation
WDW Carrot ~ DMC 3853
WDW Havana ~ WDW Havana
WDW Ocean ~ DMC 3809
GAST Tomato ~ GAST Burnt Orange
GAST Butternut Squash ~ Crescent Colours Finley’s Gold
GAST Ohio Lemon Pie ~ GAST Ohio Lemon Pie
GAST Forest Glade ~ GAST Forest Glade

The rest of the weekend has been spent helping Katie to set up our new flat electronics, and putting a Beef and Red Wine casserole into the slow cooker – I love winter for ‘slow cooker season’ 😀

And now I think I’ll sign off, and jump into my PJs ready for an early night – time to catch up on a few taped Cold Case shows, and perhaps a few more stitches into that little snowflake ornie (although it’s very hard to see the holes in the fabric this time of night).

8 thoughts on “A little touch of Love”

  1. Very cute, Anne! If you hadn’t said anything about the colours, I’m sure nobody would have noticed you didn’t use the recommended ones! Who cares anyway? It looks great. But I guess if someone else is looking at it and like you, didn’t have all the recommended threads, they would get a good idea from yours what substitutes they could use.
    The ‘Love Freebie’ is pretty – will you use it for something else? Where do you get all these freebies from – magazines or online? Just curious. I have looked at the freebies on various online sites, but don’t find much to appeal. I don’t buy many cross stitch magazines, so I probably miss out on some good stuff there. Never mind, I’ve got heaps to keep me busy 😉

  2. That little freebie is just SO cute! 😀

    We used to watch Cold Case religiously, till they introduced a boyfriend for the main character – it just seemed too unbelievable and we stopped watching it.

  3. I agree with everyone else very gorgeous… But where are you???? I have logged in everyday and you aren’t here… Is everything ok in anneland???

    Sharon – Melbourne

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