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ABC Wednesday – A

I’ve been meaning to do this photo meme for the last 3 rounds, and seeing as round 8 started today, I thought I’d make an effort and start doing it for this round … once again, I’ll try to include a stitching photo at the same time, although I can’t guarantee that’ll work for every single letter 😉

And seeing as I don’t have a great deal of progress to show on Baby Bug Ball, this fills the photographic gap (I don’t think a shoulder, hand, face and feet really warrant a new piccie just yet … perhaps once the hat is completed, which I hope to complete tonight).


So, here goes for the letter A … first up is a line-up of Armstrong-Siddeley cars.  I was originally thinking this could be useful for “V” as a vintage car, but seeing as they are actually post-war vintage cars that’d be a load of twaddle, so instead you get them for “A”.  I think I’ve actually used this photo before for something, but what the heck, you get to see it again haha.  Our car used to be the 2nd one in from the left – alas I was never allowed to drive it (and truth be told it was so heavy I don’t know if I would ever have been confident to do so), but we were heavily involved with the Armstrong-Siddeley Car Club in Auckland for many years and met some wonderful people with whom Mum and Dad still keep in contact with … ah, those were the days (and I was the Secretary of the Club for a while).

armstrong siddeleys

Then for the stitching/crafting contribution, we have an “Amitie” freebie that was then turned into my first ever tin-topper.


Tin Topper 3

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  1. Anne, has your package from the UK arrived yet? Sorry I have lost your email address and the link won’t work on my computer. Sandra

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