It’s a woman’s prerogative…

No sooner had I set out my stitching plans for 2012 that I started to realise I really don’t know how in the hell I’m going to achieve all of those finishes/goals when I really only get to stitch on the weekends (and not every weekend at that) … so I’m seriously thinking of throwing those previous plans out the window, and just going back to a rotation instead.  That means I’ll also be able to focus more on my existing WIPs which are actually starting to bother me, rather than trying to cram in those same WIPs (at a lot slower pace than I’d like) as well as meeting all the SAL and commitment deadlines at the same time … and probably not getting any of them done by the year’s end (but not stressing about it).

Perhaps it’s just that my head is in the wrong space at the start of the year with Dad’s health and some work issues that are still really bothering me.  Both of these issues are slowly getting resolved, with Dad seeing his surgeon this Friday, and I’ve started having dummy spits in the office to voice my frustrations at issues I’m facing (including telling a team member they’re doing my head in and they’re not helping my stress levels … yep, there have definitely been a few dummy spits lately in that respect, and probably a couple of months well overdue at that!!).  Anyway, maybe removing the pressure of having to finish all these projects will help to restore some sanity to my stitching – most of the projects in my list will still remain there as part of the rotation, I will just have no expectation to actually complete them by the year’s end … plus I’ll have the opportunity to change my mind at a moment’s notice, as I’ve also come across some other projects that I really wanted to stitch, but that didn’t make the cut for my initial 15 projects …  I think the stress of only limiting my stitching to a set group of projects also inhibits my sense of freedom, and as soon as that sort of pressure starts mounting I find I don’t end up stitching at all … so perhaps it’s for the betterment of my stitching this year to just ‘let it all hang out’ so to speak 😉

Tomorrow I’m off to the local GP to try and get some antibiotics for my bugs, which will also help to bring me back to a state of equilibrium (and probably less likely to have dummy spits at work LOL) … and perhaps feel more like stitching … but in the meantime I’m going to start my rotation guilt-free just as soon as I’ve finished my Round Robin piece that’s due out for mailing at the end of January … but not before I have fun by adding a few more rotation projects to the pipeline 🙂

And I’m not stressing if I change my mind a million times throughout the year … as the title of this post says, “it’s a woman’s prerogative” … as long as I enjoy my stitching this year I’m happy 😀

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Ooh, before I forget, I heard from Cindy that my little gift arrived safe and sound when she returned from holidays – so I can now share the full goodies … just as soon as I find the photos!!!  I think I’ve shown the finished biscornu before, but I’ve never shown the finished fob that matched it.  It feels good that this is now finished and living in its new home 🙂

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While I’m at it, I think there are also a number of framing jobs that I completed in November last year that I haven’t shared on here yet … the Tiger and Summer Snapperland are both for me, whereas the bears and the Letter S are both for gifts.  I did most of the framing of the Tiger 2 years ago, but couldn’t finish-finish it as the backing board was too high … he’s one of my first ever finishes (stitched on aida) and I love, love, love him!






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Finally here are a couple of yummy things I brought back from New Zealand with me on my last trip – the scrumptious blug electric kettle was compliments of Mum and Dad’s Fly Buys points in NZ, while the bowls are from my ‘glory box’ still in storage over there.  Both have already been christened, and I’m totally in love with the jug in particular!!  And I can’t WAIT to try out the new Orange Truffle Baileys over a bucket of ice … hmmm, in fact I just may choose that for dessert tonight, the ice will help soothe my throat and the alcohol will help to lull me into sleepy submission … hmmm …




The final photos are of my frangipani plants on my balcony to show Mum – now both plants have finally flowered, although I’m disappointed to see the 2nd plant which has flowered for the first time has the pink frangipani … it’s still very pretty, but I do have to admit to preferring the white frangipani on the whole.




And I think that will do me for another post … I still have some other things to post yet, but think I’m a bit photo heavy already … and it’ll give me something to write about later (if I get over the shock of having so many blog posts in one month!!!).

Planned projects in pictures & health issues

It seems that Mum and managed to pick up some nasty bug from the hospital while visiting with Dad last week – Mum managed to get away with just a handful of grotty days, but I seem to have picked up the full brunt of it … after struggling with just a head cold and a head like a tap for a few days, I started getting chills and a slight fever at the end of the week … thankfully I’m just starting to come through the tail end of it and just have blocked sinuses and feeling a bit run-down.  It wasn’t the most pleasant trip home this morning because of it, but because I hadn’t slept much the last 3 nights I managed to nap through half of the flight, which was great!

We finally saw the surgical intern at the hospital on Thursday … after waiting for 2 hours we were finally told she had been taken into emergency surgery and could we come back again in 2 hours time, only to wait for yet another 2 hours before she was ready to see us!  Anyway they are saying that his surgery may not take place now until late January/early February, depending on the surgeon who’s going to be doing the operation.  He’s supposed to send Dad a letter with his new appointment, with the surgery to follow approx one week after that appointment … but we don’t know when the letter will be coming (some time over the next 2 weeks).  As it was too uncertain when the surgery was going to take place, and Dad seems quite stable with the diet he’s been following over the last week, I decided to fly home and go back to work for the next couple of weeks … then I’ll return to Auckland again once we know the surgery date.  In the meantime, though, I need to pull my finger out and get a new passport issued, as it runs out on 7 February!

So all-in-all it’s been a really crappy visit, truth be told … I have to admit it’s been a little bit stressful, as Mum and I haven’t been able to leave home and get a bit of a break and 1o0% relax, especially with all the uncertainty with Dad – he started to feel like a Jack-in-box in and out of hospital for the entire two weeks.  While I’ve managed to get an awful lot of stitching done, it has been more as stress relief than enjoyment, and a way to fill in time at home – unfortunately all the things Mum and I had planned to do haven’t got done … so hopefully when I fly over the next time we may get an opportunity to do some of those planned fun things, and to catch up with people I had planned to see this time …  It also means that my heart wasn’t really in my stitching either, and I managed to totally stuff up my colour choices for a Lizzie*Kate commitment piece I needed to do (a travelling pattern that I’d been holding on to for way too long).  I might try to put the final stitches into this one tonight if I get chance, but I’m not entirely sure whether I’ll be keeping it or not.  I want to re-do it entirely in blues, so I may see if I can quickly kit it up again and get cracking on it, as I want to get the chart into the mail by the end of the week at the latest.

To finish off this post I’ve decided to upload piccies of all the upcoming projects I have for 2013 as part of my new rotation … plus other commitments I have to complete that aren’t in the rotation officially.  Mind you, I’ve already replaced one of the rotation pieces with another one I just remembered I wanted to complete, so you’ll now see Eiffel Quaker added to the list instead of the Periwinkle Promises one – I’d originally wanted to stitch this while in Paris but we were out and about so much during the day we didn’t get any stitching time!  Rightio, without further ado, here come the piccies … you may also see more blogging again from me this year as I try to wean myself off Facebook, but I know I’ve said that before so I wouldn’t hold my breath 😉

Crazy January Stitching Challenge:

2013 part 2

2013 part 1


WIPs and UFOs 2013

SALs & other Commitment pieces:

2013 SALs and Others


January 1 and feeling good!

I feel really good that I stuck to my guns and didn’t go out last night among the thousands of people celebrating New Year’s in Sydney – I woke up this morning at 6am and feel fantastic!  Those who know me well know that that’s a minor miracle in itself, as I don’t “do” 6am’s or any early mornings particularly well … but today I just feel, well, kinda “good” about the world and everything in it 🙂

My only resolution this year is to get my health on track – I signed up for Weight Watchers (again) a couple of weeks ago just so I would have the tools to start properly again, and have been improving my diet since my return to work last Wednesday.  I’m constantly amazed at how quickly you can put a healthy meal together during the week with the help of quickly steamed veges done in the microwave with a piece of fish, chicken or steak.  My dinner last night, for example, was just a bed of mixed lettuce leaves, sliced capsicum and mini roma tomatoes, with some steamed snow peas, fresh asparagus and lightly sautéed mushrooms, topped with half a dozen sautéed scallops and a balsamic dressing … perfect and light and beautifully healthy.  I felt very virtuous just tucking my fork into it’s richly nutrient and healthy goodness! 🙂

The other good thing is that I finally have a diagnosis I can work with that is causing my leg and back pains – I am showing some degeneration and arthrosis in my lower back (I’m obviously going to look forward to some decent arthritis there in my upcoming years darn it) … that’s causing inflammation, which is causing swelling to constrict the nerves, and causing my problems elsewhere.  And because of the pains I haven’t been walking regularly etc, which means the muscle has weakened badly, so it’s a catch 22.  It means that I now need to build up the strength in my lower back and get more exercise to loosen up the discs – I have some physio sessions to book in for to help with the loosening up, then I need to get back into the gym for some gentle sessions on the bike for a while (and my return was always in the cards for early this year).  With any luck getting rid of the constant pain and stiffness will really help with my overall demeanour – but at the moment it just feels good knowing what I’m dealing with 🙂

Which brings me on to the fun part of the year … on 1-1-11 (love that date!) I guess I should be setting stitching/crafty goals for the year, so here goes … I hereby declare I will complete the following by the end of the year … hopefully … 😉

  1. Complete the Crazy January 2011 Challenge (15 new starts and finishes) – the list is up in my sidebar, along with progress bars
  2. Complete at least 24 Christmas ornaments (this might be a challenge, seeing as I didn’t even get 12 finished last year LOL)
  3. Complete another 5 projects over and above those completed in the Crazy January Challenge (can be WIPs from 2010 or new starts)
  4. Make a full-sized quilt for my bed (yikes, that will be a challenge in itself!!)
  5. Complete at least one of my UFOs
  6. Complete a non-cross stitch project (eg stumpwork, hardanger, schwalmwork)
  7. Finish-finish a minimum of 12 items (including framing, but excluding Christmas ornaments)

And that’s pretty much it for the year – it’ll be interesting to see how much got completed when I look back on 31 Dec 2011! 😀

And on that note, I think it’s time to crack open the Crazy January project bag, and pull the first project out for stitching.  I’m thinking of starting one of the smaller ones first, so that I can have an early finish … also the great thing about starting the challenge on a long weekend means I have 3 days of perfect stitching time to make a decent dent into 3 of the projects … all I have to do is work out which ones to start first!

Actually, I forgot I do have one other thing to share, which is for my Mum … here’s a comparison of my frangipani plants sitting on the balcony – please excuse the dead plants and empty pots in the bottom photo! haha.  Believe it or not these were bought at about the same time, from the same shop, and both get fed and watered at the same time … what a huge difference between the two!  I think the larger plant is getting more sun hours during the late afternoon, and seems to be thriving on it!  I do absolutely ADORE frangipani flowers, and have my fingers crossed the bigger plant will provide a few more this year (I got one whole flower last year) – I also really adore my geranium there, that was a recent addition to my plant family 🙂

Now, where’s Season 2 of Fringe to keep me entertained while I’m stitching??? 😀

Happy New Year everyone!!!

My eyelids are drooping, so I’ll be seeing the New Year in by looking at the back of my eyelids very soon – but I wanted to quickly jump on and wish everyone a very happy New Year.  Thanks for your friendship and support throughout 2010 – here’s hoping 2011 is the year where all your hopes and dreams come true (all those that are legal, anyway!).  I look forward to spending 2011 with you once again 😀

As for stitching, I don’t think I got anywhere near reaching my 2010 stitching goals, and haven’t even thought about 2011 goals yet – there’s plenty of time for that tomorrow.  Here’s how I went with my 2010 goals:

  • Complete at least 3 of my existing WIP/UFO projects (Works in Progress/UnFinished Objects) (4 WIPs and 0 UFOs completed – technically I met this goal, but really wanted to include at least 1 UFO in there) smiley: embarassed
  • Complete at least 10 projects in the kits/charts stash pile (21 completed)
  • Complete at least 12 Christmas ornaments (minor fail with only 11 completed) smiley: embarassed
  • Complete the finishing of at least 12 items – either framing or actual finishing (excludes Christmas ornaments)  (12 completed from my ‘old’ finishing pile, plus 4 pillows with new Halloween/pumpkin finishes) 
  • Start at least one EGA correspondence class project (please note I didn’t say “finish” here LOL) (started “Gracie” stumpwork GCC) 

In hindsight, I actually did well with my goals, and met all of them except for the Christmas ornaments.  And to finish off the year, here’s a pictorial sampling of all those 2010 finishes 😀

2008 Finishes and 2009 Goals

Even though 36 finishes is a reasonable amount, it’s not as good as previous years, and I’ve had weeks when I’ve barely touched a needle.  One of my 2009 goals is to rectify that by having some good old-fashioned “me” time at the end of each day where possible.  As I’m about to delete my 2008 Finishes page, and rename it to 2009 Finishes, I thought I’d recap here what my finishes were:

  1. Cathy Jean Designs – Fill With Love ornament
  2. Shepherd’sBush – Shepherd’s Roll
  3. Lizzie*Kate – Joy ornament
  4. Little House Needleworks – Winter Wonderland
  5. Little House Needleworks – Blueberries
  6. Brittercup Designs – Poinsettia ornament
  7. Shepherd’s Bush – Bee Fob
  8. Just Nan – Another Girls Night Out
  9. Lanarte – Seahorse Collage (Sea Life booklet)
  10. Little House Needleworks – The Sampler Lady
  11. Dragon Dreams – Checking It Twice ornament
  12. Just Nan – Barnabee’s Bride
  13. Twisted Oaks Designs – French Monogram III Tuffet
  14. Just Nan – Beach Roses
  15. Sue Hillis Designs – Spool Ornament
  16. Twisted Oaks Designs – Christmas Tree ornament
  17. Prairie Schooler – Duck (from In the Woods)
  18. Freebie – Amitie/Friendship (
  19. Melissa Dunajski – Waves (Gift of Stitching magazine)
  20. Pauline’s Needlecraft – Picanini Can Can
  21. Country Cottage Needleworks – Peace ornament
  22. Lanarte – Fish Collage (from Sea Life booklet)
  23. Sunflower Sampler – The Drawn Thread
  24. The Cat’s Whiskers – Alyssum Scissor Pocket
  25. Full Circle Designs – The Decorator ornament
  26. Lanarte – Small Sea Life #2
  27. Lanarte – Small Sea Life #1
  28. Heart in Hand Needleart – Christmas Peace ornament
  29. Val’s Stuff – A Merry Kitty Klaus ornament
  30. Lizzie*Kate – Life’s a Stitch
  31. Just Nan – Evening Star
  32. The Drawn Thread – Garden Recipe
  33. Country Cottage Needleworks – Home Sweet Home
  34. Just Nan – Frightful
  35. The Drawn Thread – Autumn Arbor
  36. Calico Crossroads – Summer Grace

Unfortunately my monthly ornie stitching went out the door (along with all other stitching) when I reached the Garden Recipe project hurdle, and I never got my momentum back again.  This year, though, I hope to pick up my monthly ornie stitching again, as they’re great for some relatively instant gratification.  So, on to my goals for 2009 – not all of them stitching-related …


  • Complete some outstanding tutorials for Focus on Finishing Blog (try to complete one every 2 months)
  • Finish Mirabilia’s Winter Queen
  • Start Mirabilia’s Bluebeard’s Princess (Mirabella)
  • Start Mirabilia’s Enchanted Mermaid
  • Start and finish Mirabilia’s Halloween Fairy (magazine issue)
  • Finish at least two UFO’s
  • Complete a Quaker Friendship RR with some awesome online friends
  • Complete at least one Christmas ornie every month
  • Do the actual finishing of an item at least once every 2 months
  • Stitch at least 8-10 hours every week (trying to stitch for a minimum of 1/2 hour every week night if possible)
  • Continue with my rotation set up in 2008 (but do much better with it in 2009!!)


  • Make a tote bag
  • Make some pyjama pants
  • Start my BOTM patchwork/applique quilt (please note I didn’t say “finish”! LOL)


  • Be more active with my favourite blogs in both reading and commenting more regularly again
  • Be more active with the Focus on Finishing blog
  • Continue with the 2009 Photo Hunt
  • Read the camera manuals for both my point-and-shoot and SLR cameras
  • Read my mobile phone manual and learn how to utilise its functions better
  • Learn how to use my coffee machine (ie cappuccinos etc)
  • Try one new recipe from my recipe/cocktail books every week
  • Lose at least 10-15kg in weight
  • Go walking for an hour a day 3-4 days a week
  • Visit Melbourne and catch up with friends not seen for over a year
  • Be a better friend by remembering birthdays and sending cards and gifts ON TIME (hanging head in shame)
  • Print off these goals and display at my computer desk to keep me on track!
  • Overall, HAVE FUN and enjoy whatever life throws at me this year 😀 

Project Listings for Rotation

OK, here goes the first draft, with more to be added later after I unpack two more boxes … plus I have a number of newer projects that I want to add to the list, although they’re not actually kitted up yet (such as the soon-to-arrive Prairie Schooler charts, and various LHN kits and charts).  Perhaps I should wait until I actually stitch a few things before I add more … hmmm …


  1. January Sampler Accent – Periwinkle Promises
  2. 20 Flowers – Just Nan
  3. Angel Collector – Dimensions kit
  4. * Jumpin’ Jelly Beans – DKT Originals *
  5. High Hopes – Just Nan
  6. Mermaid Heart – Just Nan
  7. Ghastly Ghostly Ghouls – Just Nan
  8. Petit Ange (freebie:
  9. Poissons Bleus (freebie: silepointcompte)
  10. Aegean Twilight Small Sampler (freebie)
  11. French Garden – Drawn Thread
  12. Alphabet Tree (freebie) – Blue Ribbon Designs
  13. Snowflakes in Abundance – Sweetheart Tree
  14. Quaker Heart (freebie) – Janice Wood
  15. Quaker Hedgehog (freebie) – The Workbasket
  16. Treasured Holidays Sampler – Mill Hill
  17. Teenie Hardanger III – Sweetheart Tree
  18. Friendship in all Seasons – The Trilogy
  19. Proud Peacock (freebie: Stitching Parlour)
  20. Raphael’s Raspberries – FMNIS
  21. Winter in the Square – Just Nan
  22. Autumn in the Square – Just Nan
  23. Quaker Swan Case – Fancy Work
  24. Minute Spot – Drawn Thread
  25. Sweet Valentines – Sweetheart Tree
  26. Schwalm Whitework Pinkeep – Moss Creek
  27. Lavender Sachet – The Victoria Sampler
  28. Exercice de Flora (freebie: Couleur d’Etoile)
  29. Tiny Little Quaker (freebie) – Papillon Creations
  30. Boo Scissors Keeper & Purse – Drawn Thread
  31. Summer Grace – Calico Crossroads
  32. Wildflowers Needleroll – Sweetheart Tree
  33. In the Dark Needleroll – Designs by Lena Rose
  34. Topiary tree garden Bookmark
  35. Star Spangled Scissor Finder – Calico Crossroads
  36. Seashore Fob – Sweetheart Tree
  37. Just Ducky Fob – Sweetheart Tree
  38. Bee Keeper – Cindy Valentine
  39. Sunflower Sampler – CCN
  40. What a Hoot! – The Cat’s Whiskers
  41. Cherry Hill – CCN
  42. Rainbow Lorikeet (baby) – DMC
  43. Dragonfly Scissor Purse – Just Nan
  44. Is it too late? – Lizzie*Kate
  45. A Good Night – Lizzie*Kate
  46. Here Comes Santa Claus – Lizzie*Kate
  47. My Favourite Time – Lizzie*Kate
  48. Ready or Not – Lizzie*Kate
  49. Wanted! – Lizzie*Kate
  50. International Hearts – NZ – Victoria Sampler
  51. International Hearts – Ireland – Victoria Sampler
  52. Ladybug, Ladybug – LHN
  53. Quaker Flowers emery – Anita Diamond
  54. Merry Little Christmas – Drawn Thread
  55. Joyeux Noel – Drawn Thread


  1. Blessed with Happiness Box – Cat’s Whiskers
  2. Christmas Workshop – Just Nan
  3. Quaker Huswif – Sampler Cove
  4. Acorn Sampler learning band – Drawn Thread
  5. Here Comes Santa Claus (2005 Ltd Ed) – Prairie Schooler
  6. Sapphire Star – Laura J Perin
  7. Autumn Arbor – Drawn Thread
  8. My Treasures Workstation – Judy Odell
  9. Lisianthus Accessory Pocket – Periwinkle Promises
  10. Acorn Needle Book – Periwinkle Promises
  11. Silk Pulled Thread Stitchery – Moss Creek
  12. Tiger Reflection – Dimensions
  13. A Secret Garden Needlebook – FMNIS
  14. * Lavenderblue Celtic Knot Quilt – From Nancy’s Needle *
  15. Treasured Christmas Trees – Mill Hill
  16. Strawberries & Cream – FMNIS
  17. Lavender Rose Sewing Case – Fancy Work
  18. Three Friends – Drawn Thread
  19. Summer Arbor – Drawn Thread
  20. Folding Cross Needlebook – Indigo Rose
  21. Trick or Treat Box – Just Nan
  22. Strawberries So Faire – With My Needle
  23. Onyx (Blackwork Blessings) – Paw Printings
  24. Red Lace Sewing Case – Drawn Thread
  25. Crimson Fire Sampler – The Victoria Sampler
  26. Apricot Elegance – Cindy Valentine
  27. Nature’s Resting Place – Stoney Creek
  28. Summer Snapperland – Bent Creek
  29. Winter Snapperland – Bent Creek
  30. Ete en Grece – Cousines et Compagnie
  31. Max’s Moon – Cross My Heart
  32. Walk the Gentle Path – Cross ‘n Patch
  33. A Little Blackwork – Drawn Thread
  34. Spot of Autumn, Winter, Summer & Spring – Drawn Thread
  35. Revival – Inspirations magazine
  36. Nine Lives – Inspirations magazine
  37. GCC Beginners Hardanger class
  38. GCC Gracie Stumpwork class
  39. Lily Pond – Just Nan
  40. When Barnabee Met Bella – Just Nan
  41. Needle Nick – Lizzie*Kate
  42. Terri’s Needlecase – Lorri Birmingham
  43. Renaissance Lace – Victoria Sampler
  44. Frightful – Just Nan
  45. Witchy Way – Just Nan
  46. Be Scary – Just Nan
  47. Dear Diary Hannah Purington – LHN
  48. Halloween Fairy – Mirabilia
  49. A is for Annabelle – Mirabilia
  50. Dragonfly Jewels – The Cat’s Whiskers


  1. Angel of Love – L&L
  2. Barnabee’s Quest – Just Nan
  3. Golden Garden Sweet Bag – FMNIS
  4. Macaw – Ross Originals
  5. 4 Wishes – Just Nan
  6. Rainbow Lorikeets – Ross Originals
  7. Moonlight Guardian – Dragon Dreams
  8. Koi Pond – Laura J Perin
  9. Stitching Leporello – Chatelaine
  10. * Egyptian Garden Mandala – Chatelaine *
  11. Le Jardin Silk Sampler – JCS
  12. Flight of the Bumblebees – Ruth Schmuff
  13. English Garden Sampler – Teresa Wentzler
  14. Noah’s Ark – Teresa Wentzler
  15. Winter Queen – Mirabilia
  16. Mermaid Bag – CA Wells
  17. Acorn Etui – CA Wells
  18. Pyramid Etui – CA Wells
  19. Cottage Etui – CA Wells
  20. Sailor’s Valentine – CA Wells
  21. Enchanted Mermaid – Mirabilia
  22. Crystal Christmas – Mirabilia
  23. Green Tree Frogs – Country Threads
  24. Rainbow Lorikeets – Country Threads
  25. Great Cats – Dimensions Gold
  26. Rex – Dimples Designs
  27. Snickerdoodle – Dimples Designs
  28. Wee Beasties – Dimples Designs
  29. Polynesian Paradise – Jen’s Jems
  30. Frangipani – Just Jude
  31. Hibiscus – Just Jude
  32. Siberian Tiger – Kustom Krafts
  33. Water Tiger – Kustom Krafts
  34. Celtic Spring – L&L
  35. Angel Proclamation – Mirabilia
  36. Magical Night – Teresa Wentzler
  37. Egyptian Sampler – Teresa Wentzler
  38. Lady of Shalott – Teresa Wentzler
  39. Frankincense – Victoria Sampler
  40. Myrrh – Victoria Sampler
  41. Quaker Samplings – With My Needle

WIP’s & UFO’s:

  1. Macaw – Ross Originals
  2. Beaded fish (class project)
  3. Stitching Leporello – Chatelaine
  4. Egyptian Garden Mandala – Chatelaine
  5. Le Jardin Silk Sampler – JCS
  6. Flight of the Bumblebees – Ruth Schmuff
  7. English Garden Sampler – Teresa Wentzler
  8. Noah’s Ark – Teresa Wentzler
  9. Winter Queen – Mirabilia
  10. Pyramid Etui – CA Wells
  11. Cottage Etui – CA Wells
  12. Sailor’s Valentine – CA Wells
  13. In the Dark Needleroll – Designs by Lena Rose
  14. Wildflowers Needleroll – Sweetheart Tree
  15. Apricot Elegance – Cindy Valentine
  16. Cream hearts square – JBW Designs
  17. Monica Hunt hussif
  18. Topiary tree garden Bookmark
  19. Nature’s Resting Place – Stoney Creek
  20. Oriental Poppy – Jane Nicholas
  21. Summer fruits pincushion – Inspirations magazine
  22. Wool beehive needlebook – E&XS magazine
  23. Stumpwork needlework accessory – pincushion wheel
  24. Pomegranates & Beetle – Jane Nicholas
  25. Martha Schmidt hussif
  26. Stumpwork needlework accessory – scissor keeper
  27. GCC Ornamental Delights
  28. Mediterranean village scene XS
  29. Dragonfly – Jane Nicholas
  30. Stumpwork needlework accessory – needlebook
  31. Goldwork Pea (class project)
  32. Stumpwork needlework accessory – bag
  33. Stumpwork needlework accessory – thimble pip
  34. Wool hot water bottle cover
  35. Honesty and Heartsease – Jane Nicholas
  36. Long stitch frogs
  37. Butterflies & Hearts needleroll – Lorri Birmingham
  38. Bullion rose facecloth
  39. * Berry Delightful Bag *
  40. Vicki’s Cot Quilt

Let the fun begin … 😀