January 1 and feeling good!

I feel really good that I stuck to my guns and didn’t go out last night among the thousands of people celebrating New Year’s in Sydney – I woke up this morning at 6am and feel fantastic!  Those who know me well know that that’s a minor miracle in itself, as I don’t “do” 6am’s or any early mornings particularly well … but today I just feel, well, kinda “good” about the world and everything in it 🙂

My only resolution this year is to get my health on track – I signed up for Weight Watchers (again) a couple of weeks ago just so I would have the tools to start properly again, and have been improving my diet since my return to work last Wednesday.  I’m constantly amazed at how quickly you can put a healthy meal together during the week with the help of quickly steamed veges done in the microwave with a piece of fish, chicken or steak.  My dinner last night, for example, was just a bed of mixed lettuce leaves, sliced capsicum and mini roma tomatoes, with some steamed snow peas, fresh asparagus and lightly sautéed mushrooms, topped with half a dozen sautéed scallops and a balsamic dressing … perfect and light and beautifully healthy.  I felt very virtuous just tucking my fork into it’s richly nutrient and healthy goodness! 🙂

The other good thing is that I finally have a diagnosis I can work with that is causing my leg and back pains – I am showing some degeneration and arthrosis in my lower back (I’m obviously going to look forward to some decent arthritis there in my upcoming years darn it) … that’s causing inflammation, which is causing swelling to constrict the nerves, and causing my problems elsewhere.  And because of the pains I haven’t been walking regularly etc, which means the muscle has weakened badly, so it’s a catch 22.  It means that I now need to build up the strength in my lower back and get more exercise to loosen up the discs – I have some physio sessions to book in for to help with the loosening up, then I need to get back into the gym for some gentle sessions on the bike for a while (and my return was always in the cards for early this year).  With any luck getting rid of the constant pain and stiffness will really help with my overall demeanour – but at the moment it just feels good knowing what I’m dealing with 🙂

Which brings me on to the fun part of the year … on 1-1-11 (love that date!) I guess I should be setting stitching/crafty goals for the year, so here goes … I hereby declare I will complete the following by the end of the year … hopefully … 😉

  1. Complete the Crazy January 2011 Challenge (15 new starts and finishes) – the list is up in my sidebar, along with progress bars
  2. Complete at least 24 Christmas ornaments (this might be a challenge, seeing as I didn’t even get 12 finished last year LOL)
  3. Complete another 5 projects over and above those completed in the Crazy January Challenge (can be WIPs from 2010 or new starts)
  4. Make a full-sized quilt for my bed (yikes, that will be a challenge in itself!!)
  5. Complete at least one of my UFOs
  6. Complete a non-cross stitch project (eg stumpwork, hardanger, schwalmwork)
  7. Finish-finish a minimum of 12 items (including framing, but excluding Christmas ornaments)

And that’s pretty much it for the year – it’ll be interesting to see how much got completed when I look back on 31 Dec 2011! 😀

And on that note, I think it’s time to crack open the Crazy January project bag, and pull the first project out for stitching.  I’m thinking of starting one of the smaller ones first, so that I can have an early finish … also the great thing about starting the challenge on a long weekend means I have 3 days of perfect stitching time to make a decent dent into 3 of the projects … all I have to do is work out which ones to start first!

Actually, I forgot I do have one other thing to share, which is for my Mum … here’s a comparison of my frangipani plants sitting on the balcony – please excuse the dead plants and empty pots in the bottom photo! haha.  Believe it or not these were bought at about the same time, from the same shop, and both get fed and watered at the same time … what a huge difference between the two!  I think the larger plant is getting more sun hours during the late afternoon, and seems to be thriving on it!  I do absolutely ADORE frangipani flowers, and have my fingers crossed the bigger plant will provide a few more this year (I got one whole flower last year) – I also really adore my geranium there, that was a recent addition to my plant family 🙂

Now, where’s Season 2 of Fringe to keep me entertained while I’m stitching??? 😀

7 thoughts on “January 1 and feeling good!

  1. Happy new year Anne!

    Good luck with the Weight Watchers. I joined last April and have lost nearly 16kg. I’d still like to lose another 2 to 5 kilos. I stopped going to meetings a few months back, and have actually done better on my own. If I didn’t do well I would quite often come home in tears (my poor DH!! lol). Anyway, I’m firmly of the belief that if I can do it then anyone can… so all the best.

    It is good you have a diagnosis for your health troubles. At least you know what you are up against.

    Good luck with your stitching and quilting goals. I’ll look forward to seeing your progress on your blog this year.

    I enjoyed your previous post with your 2010 finishes. You had a productive year!

  2. Congrats on deciding to make your health a priority! I know you’ll do well…that dinner looks yummy! I’m sure that losing a bit of weight will help your back too. We just got a Wii & Wii Fit…we shall see what that does to MY efforts! LOL

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