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Happy New Year everyone!!!

My eyelids are drooping, so I’ll be seeing the New Year in by looking at the back of my eyelids very soon – but I wanted to quickly jump on and wish everyone a very happy New Year.  Thanks for your friendship and support throughout 2010 – here’s hoping 2011 is the year where all your hopes and dreams come true (all those that are legal, anyway!).  I look forward to spending 2011 with you once again 😀

As for stitching, I don’t think I got anywhere near reaching my 2010 stitching goals, and haven’t even thought about 2011 goals yet – there’s plenty of time for that tomorrow.  Here’s how I went with my 2010 goals:

  • Complete at least 3 of my existing WIP/UFO projects (Works in Progress/UnFinished Objects) (4 WIPs and 0 UFOs completed – technically I met this goal, but really wanted to include at least 1 UFO in there) smiley: embarassed
  • Complete at least 10 projects in the kits/charts stash pile (21 completed)
  • Complete at least 12 Christmas ornaments (minor fail with only 11 completed) smiley: embarassed
  • Complete the finishing of at least 12 items – either framing or actual finishing (excludes Christmas ornaments)  (12 completed from my ‘old’ finishing pile, plus 4 pillows with new Halloween/pumpkin finishes) 
  • Start at least one EGA correspondence class project (please note I didn’t say “finish” here LOL) (started “Gracie” stumpwork GCC) 

In hindsight, I actually did well with my goals, and met all of them except for the Christmas ornaments.  And to finish off the year, here’s a pictorial sampling of all those 2010 finishes 😀

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Happy New Year !!!


Just dropping by to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Hopefully you all had fun seeing in the New Year in whatever you chose to do so. Personally I joined the squillions of thousands of party-goers crammed along the harbourside in Sydney to witness the most spectacular fireworks display I’ve ever seen! It was a nightmare for me getting there, thanks to over-full and late trains causing me to miss my last ferry to Balmain, but a bus trip and short taxi ride later and I was joining my party group in time to play “celebrity heads” (which was a total hoot!), have a few drinks (OK, perhaps more than a few!), and a lovely dinner. My group had all been sitting in our selected position since lunchtime, but I got there late after working all day.

Anyway, I’m so glad I made the effort to go along and join them, and the fireworks truly were spectacular. The crowds were phenomenal, but I’d still do it all again next year given the chance! Here are a few photos of the fireworks at midnight, along with a shot of how clearly we could see the harbour bridge in front of us … prime real estate, we had, that’s for sure LOL.

NYE Fireworks SYD 2008_2009_4

NYE Fireworks SYD 2008_2009_2

NYE Fireworks SYD 2008_2009_11

NYE Fireworks SYD 2008_2009_10

NYE Fireworks SYD 2008_2009_6

NYE Fireworks SYD 2008_2009_8

NYE Fireworks SYD 2008_2009_7

and the piece de resistance for me … look at all that gunpowder going up … this little Annie was in childlike heaven!!! 😀

NYE Fireworks SYD 2008_2009_1

If you want to see a quick video clip of the start of the fireworks, you can check it out here! And if you have more time to spend and fancy watching the first 8 whole minutes of some spectacular fireworks, check out the You Tube video here 😀