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It seems that Mum and managed to pick up some nasty bug from the hospital while visiting with Dad last week – Mum managed to get away with just a handful of grotty days, but I seem to have picked up the full brunt of it … after struggling with just a head cold and a head like a tap for a few days, I started getting chills and a slight fever at the end of the week … thankfully I’m just starting to come through the tail end of it and just have blocked sinuses and feeling a bit run-down.  It wasn’t the most pleasant trip home this morning because of it, but because I hadn’t slept much the last 3 nights I managed to nap through half of the flight, which was great!

We finally saw the surgical intern at the hospital on Thursday … after waiting for 2 hours we were finally told she had been taken into emergency surgery and could we come back again in 2 hours time, only to wait for yet another 2 hours before she was ready to see us!  Anyway they are saying that his surgery may not take place now until late January/early February, depending on the surgeon who’s going to be doing the operation.  He’s supposed to send Dad a letter with his new appointment, with the surgery to follow approx one week after that appointment … but we don’t know when the letter will be coming (some time over the next 2 weeks).  As it was too uncertain when the surgery was going to take place, and Dad seems quite stable with the diet he’s been following over the last week, I decided to fly home and go back to work for the next couple of weeks … then I’ll return to Auckland again once we know the surgery date.  In the meantime, though, I need to pull my finger out and get a new passport issued, as it runs out on 7 February!

So all-in-all it’s been a really crappy visit, truth be told … I have to admit it’s been a little bit stressful, as Mum and I haven’t been able to leave home and get a bit of a break and 1o0% relax, especially with all the uncertainty with Dad – he started to feel like a Jack-in-box in and out of hospital for the entire two weeks.  While I’ve managed to get an awful lot of stitching done, it has been more as stress relief than enjoyment, and a way to fill in time at home – unfortunately all the things Mum and I had planned to do haven’t got done … so hopefully when I fly over the next time we may get an opportunity to do some of those planned fun things, and to catch up with people I had planned to see this time …  It also means that my heart wasn’t really in my stitching either, and I managed to totally stuff up my colour choices for a Lizzie*Kate commitment piece I needed to do (a travelling pattern that I’d been holding on to for way too long).  I might try to put the final stitches into this one tonight if I get chance, but I’m not entirely sure whether I’ll be keeping it or not.  I want to re-do it entirely in blues, so I may see if I can quickly kit it up again and get cracking on it, as I want to get the chart into the mail by the end of the week at the latest.

To finish off this post I’ve decided to upload piccies of all the upcoming projects I have for 2013 as part of my new rotation … plus other commitments I have to complete that aren’t in the rotation officially.  Mind you, I’ve already replaced one of the rotation pieces with another one I just remembered I wanted to complete, so you’ll now see Eiffel Quaker added to the list instead of the Periwinkle Promises one – I’d originally wanted to stitch this while in Paris but we were out and about so much during the day we didn’t get any stitching time!  Rightio, without further ado, here come the piccies … you may also see more blogging again from me this year as I try to wean myself off Facebook, but I know I’ve said that before so I wouldn’t hold my breath 😉

Crazy January Stitching Challenge:

2013 part 2

2013 part 1


WIPs and UFOs 2013

SALs & other Commitment pieces:

2013 SALs and Others


7 thoughts on “Planned projects in pictures & health issues”

  1. Great choice of stitching for 2013
    Love the Paris Quaker, I’ve not seen that one before. There’s a nice selection of Nora’s designs there too. I do FB but it’s not as rewarding as blogging!!

    1. I agree that I miss blogging – I think I want to get back into it again this year on a more regular basis. The difficulty I have now is that I have a 1 to 1 1/2-hr commute each way from work and FB is a lot easier to quickly read and update – I find it hard OK to read blogs, but difficult to comment on them while I’m commuting just using my mobile phone 😦 I’d love to know an easy way to do that, I’d be back blogging again in a heartbeat 🙂 Thanks as always for your comments 🙂

    1. Thanks as always for your comments Karoline – I don’t blog as much these days, and rarely comment due to doing most of my reading while commuting now on my phone, so it’s even more appreciated that you continue to comment even though I haven’t done so in return for quite some time! {{hugs}}

      1. Hi Anne – I saw that you did the JN ornament A little joy – Would you be willing to sell a copy of the graph?


        On Sat, Jan 12, 2013 at 11:27 PM, Feather Stitching wrote:

        > ** > Anne S commented: “Thanks as always for your comments Karoline – I > don’t blog as much these days, and rarely comment due to doing most of my > reading while commuting now on my phone, so it’s even more appreciated that > you continue to comment even though I haven’t done so in ” >

  2. Hi – I admire your ambition – that would be so much for me to take on! I have a few questions. This may seem a bit weird but bear with me please. One, who makes those topiaries in you 2013 PIFs? Second, I see that you plan to do the trick and treat box by JN. Would you be willing to sell me the chart after you complete it?

    1. Hi Christina, I’m happy to sell you the JN Trick or Treat chart, assuming I meet my goal this year haha. Also, the topiary trees was a freebie offered by Passione Ricamo, but I don’t think it’s on their website anymore – it was also offered in one of the XS magazines, but I don’t have the issue details sorry. Thanks for leaving a comment, it’s greatly appreciated 🙂 Kind regards, Anne

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