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More Enchanted Mermaid

Been an interesting few weeks – I finally got to see a Rheumatologist about my back/foot/finger joint pains, and we think I probably have psoriatic arthritis – if it is, then it’s quite possible it is treatable with medication, which is wonderful.  It also seems that it can cause mood changes, so perhaps this has been behind my depressive episodes all this time?  The time-frame since my joint pains started getting really bad is probably around the same time, so it is quite possible I guess – I’ve had really bad pains for at least 3 years now.  Anyway I have an MRI booked in for the end of July, and then hopefully a week later I’ll get a formal diagnosis and I can start a treatment regime … I’m sick to death of feeling so crappy all the time, so anything that can improve my state of mind and pain levels would be just wonderful!!

In the meantime I’ve been spending a bit of time on the weekends stitching (no more time during the week now, seeing as I’m back to murderous commutes again) … I managed to put a pretty good dent into the stitching of one of the tail fins (or whatever the heck you call them).  Sadly I can see I’m going to run out of two of the Kreinik braids, so I have been “forced” to send away for a little order from 123stitch this week to get them replaced (which was shipped inside 24 hrs of ordering, bless them!).  I have to admit the main reason I put the order in straight-away was that I also noticed they had 25% off Christmas stocking kits and I’ve had one of those on my wishlist for months now … perfect time to suck it up and order it at the same time as my Kreiniks (plus a couple more threads off my wishlist).  I must say, though, I really wish they stocked Rainbow Gallery threads, as I have a bunch of those I need to order as well 😦

And just before I head back to bed for a Nana nap (I haven’t been feeling well this week, and my stupid flatmate woke me up when he came in last night then continued to talk loudly on the phone until 11.30pm!), I’ll show you a bad photo of my Enchanted Mermaid as she currently stands … I really need to find my camera cord so I can use my camera again instead of my iPhone, ‘cos I just can’t seem to manage a decent crisp photo on my iPhone (although that could also be because I’ve been uploading them to Facebook then downloading again to the PC hmmm)!!


4 thoughts on “More Enchanted Mermaid”

  1. The mermaid is looking fantastic! I just can’t get enough of Mirabella designs. And good luck with getting your diagnosis and treatment, I hope everything works out for you quickly, being in chronic pain with no relief in sight is one of the worst things a person can be put through.

  2. Hi Anne, I have had psoriatic arthritis for about five years, after having psoriasis for many years…… there are good drugs for it (different ones in Australia from in France, as I found out when I was in Tasmania, but equivalent), and they really do help with not feeling awful all the time.

  3. My husband has psoriatic arthritis and after he was diagionized and got the medicines he got feeling a lot better.
    Your mermaid looks super.

  4. Hi Anne, your mermaid is looking gorgeous, one of my favourites that I’ve had kitted for years now:) That’s good to hear that things are moving along with your health worries 🙂
    hugs x

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