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Let the beading marathon commence!

Thanks to a lazy weekend, along with a day of sickness at home I managed to put the final stitches into Enchanted Mermaid (inbetween bouts of sleeping) … which means the final phase of this project is ready to commence … the beading marathon.  I swear this gal is seriously drowning in shiny bling!  Aside from 33 packets of Mill Hill glass treasures, there are 3 packets of one colour of Mill Hill petite beads, and another 2 packets of another colour (plus a packet of a 3rd colour) … serious, serious bling!!!


Let the bling begin!!!!! 😀


I’m hoping to be able to afford to fly home to NZ to visit my parents over the next month or so, so this one will be going home to visit as well if I can get her finished in time … I think both Mum and Dad will go crazy over this one! 😀


6 thoughts on “Let the beading marathon commence!”

  1. Wow that are a lot of beads. Good luck with that and I looking forward to seeing her finished.

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