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Stitching update

So much for my fantastic stitching day yesterday – after pottering around and wasting most of the morning and early afternoon, I gave in to my body’s whims and ended up having a 3-hour nanna nap … which felt great at the time, as I obviously really needed it, but it wasn’t exactly conducive to sleeping when it was eventually bedtime!  So, at 10pm I pulled over the stitching frame and started a new little Halloween piece.  I didn’t get too far along with it, but at least it’s a start – even if it currently looks like a funky bright flower, not the four pumpkins that it will eventually be 🙂

Shelleen invited me to join her for a Halloween SAL on Sundays, and I have so many Halloween projects that I’d like to stitch, so it’s likely that most Sundays I’ll do just that.  So this is my Sunday Halloween SAL progress for the first week (although I don’t know how I’m going to stop myself from not stitching on them again until next Sunday – I’m kinda getting used to being a ‘one project stitcher’ … kinda … LOL).

I’m still stitching occasionally on my Heartstrings project in the lounge, with the odd row stitched here and there during the week.  I’m looking forward to getting the missing threads, though, so I can get further along with the embellishments on each row.  It’s an interesting stitch, this one, and it’s nice to be able to complete one little section of rows each stitching session.

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  1. This is such a great design, I hope you’ll get your missing threads soon. I stitched this years ago, did the Strawberry lady as well and now hope to do Santa one day.

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